VYBZ KARTEL TRIAL: We were attacked over missing guns, says witness

Published: Tuesday November 26, 2013 | 7:46 pm 0 Comments

Barbara Gayle, Justice Coordinator

The prosecution’s star witness at the Vybz Kartel murder trial has testified that he and Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams were attacked by the entertainer because they could not account for two missing guns.

The witness was giving evidence this afternoon in the Home Circuit Court before a 12-member jury.

Kartel and four others are charged with Williams’ murder.

The witness said on August 16, 2011 he was called to the home of co-accused Shawn Campbell, more popularly known as Shawn Storm, in Waterford, Portmore St Catherine.

He said when he went there he saw the Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

The witness said he heard Campbell telling ‘Lizard’ that Kartel wanted to see him because he had not seen them since the guns went missing.

He said Campbell made a call and put ‘Lizard’ on the phone.

He told the court that after that he went home and Campbell and ‘Lizard’ later turned up at his yard in a taxi.

The witness said they were taken to Kartel’s house in Havendale, St Andrew where they were met by another of the co-accused, Andre St. John.

He said Kartel was in the yard and he told them to go inside the house.

The witness said Kartel questioned them about the missing guns.

He said he told Kartel that he and ‘Lizard’ were planning to buy back the guns.

The witness said co-accused Kihira Jones held on to ‘Lizard’ from behind and he ran into a back room because he feared for his life.

He said he never got to lock the door because Campbell and Kartel forced the door open, held on to him and then took him back to the living room.

He said while in the living room, he saw ‘Lizard’ lying motionless on his back and on the floor.

The witness said he saw Jones bent over ‘Lizard’ and St. John standing beside him with a building block in his hand.

He said two other men were also in the room.

The witness said he felt that he was going to be next so he ran to save his life.

He said he saw Kartel following behind him but the entertainer was bitten by a dog which was in the yard.

He said he saw Kartel hopping towards him and saying he needed a taxi.

The witness said he stopped a taxi, placed Kartel in the car and took him to hospital.

Asked by the judge why he took Kartel to the hospital, the witness said he feared for his life.

He said that night he went back to Waterford where he was told by Campbell not to tell anyone what happened to ‘Lizard’.

But the witness said he told anyone who asked as he was not trying to hide what happened.



  1. It look like di weak case a tek vitamins …any who di yute seh nah hide weh happen…………..Yute in di words of Kartel…”Seh weh u feel seh!’

  2. U do d crime do d time ….the money your making in prison should surely go to the grieving family u wicked son of a bitch

  3. This is what I was looking to see… Mr. Weed showed up very commendable!!
    The case is looking very strong, lets see what happens on cross examination.

    Buenos Dias a todos.

  4. Mi sorry but this witness haffi go come better for the prosecution to truly benefit from using him. This story sound fishy. First of all he say that he saw someone over Lizard with a block and he seemed motionless. A man can get knock out for awhile that no mean him dead. Secondly, why when him did a run weh and kartel get bite by the dog him decide to turn around and put kartel in a taxi. Thirdly, why did he need to put kartel inna taxi- it sound strange that the other man them see the boss a run him down and don’t run behind the boss. Thirdly, why the other man them never carry kartel go a the hospital. Fourthly a rass man man weh you think just participate inna the killing of your friend weh you fear and a run weh from fi save your life you tek it up pan your head fi address him dog bite. Fiftly, he had time to be in conversation with Sean Storm about don’t mention bout Lizard when he should have been avoiding them period after the incident.

    Now we have to wait to hear when Kartel and the rest testify. Because according to the so-called forensic evidence the dude was shot to death. And this witness has not said anything about a gun.

    Hyperthetically speaking they could say yes their was an altercation he was hit with a block, but then they sent him away. Where did he go? Well no one would have known and considering that he was a known gun carrier, maybe he went somewhere where guns ere and he was.

    If it is true that the bones were found in the burnt out house, then their would need to be answers- but clearly from the testimony of this witness the answers cannot be found from his interrogation regarding such a situation.

    1. dunno which forensic evidence that but they had found blood and brain matter in the house and I was saying from jump that he was beaten to death..the police knew that

    2. @ Talk_Di_Tings. even if God came down and tell u that kriminal kartel is THE killer, u still wouldn’t believe it. Did u figure that they can pull records from the hospital to see if he was indeed treated on said day for a canine bite? Could they look at the cameras from the hospital to see the behavior of both of them while awaiting treatment? OK, let’s put all the shenanigans aside and assume the witness is lying and nutten no go so. What is an entertainer operating in the business of selling and loaning guns? let’s be for real here. were those guns for Hunting birds? I really don’t get it but then again we’re talking a corrupt judicial system whereby the jury as well as judge and prosecutor could be paid. Yes, i said it “paid” i wouldn’t be surprised if this guilty as sin man walks. Afterall the jurors might be in fear of their own lives. Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm.

      1. Well Met me no one hundred percent remember fi be honest but I thought they had stated that he was shot and killed.

        You Miss. Patsy Kline you see Kartel a give me none of him big money – mi just a go offa the evidence presented as a street lawyer. If him do him crime him fi do him time although all today me have day off and no new kartel fi wine up to pan me broomstick when me a clean.

        Even if they pull evidence that he indeed went to the hospital, it no change the fact that is strange fi a man weh you think can out you life a run you down and you turn round help him. If a did me me woulda thank God seh the dog bite him rass.

    3. Firstly kartel would run after him (weed)because he himself would want to also get out of what was goin to happen next …….kartel knew the other men were goin to finish him off (Clive lizard williams)if he wasn’t dead already…….and obviously the others men had to stay behind and clean up the mess………..(dead body of lizard)

      Secondly I would have put kartel in a taxi also…….because wen u are in fear for your life…..especially in this situation. I would have put him in the taxi 2 say well am helping u (kartel) so please save my life because as I know u have the power to…..taking the circumstance which have jus happens.

      Thirdly we all know kartel is a minuipulater…… he ran after (weed) on purpose so that he could be taken to hospital so that he could indeed have an alibi so when they did eventually finish off lizard…..he would be no we’re to be seen in the picture.

      Fourtly why would you go to the hospital for a dog bit that would eventually link you to a crime scean………….he kartel also had to think quickly as his house was eventually going to become a crime scean………so him going to the hospital would eventually give him an alibi away from when the actual last moments of when Clive lizard williams succumbing to his injurys as he was beaten to death.

      And MET……I know all of our metter agree that we are dealing with a very manipulating man… he only cares about him getting off this case……he couldn’t give a shit about the other four men that were involved.

      And yes I was also a diehard kartel fan that is no longer.

  5. What this like to me though is that KARTEL will be free
    But his friends will be locked up! That’s what I get because he still didn’t say KARTEL did anything .. Then him tek KARTEL to hospital watch ya … The man just try kill u dawg .. Can’t badda


  6. Oh Gwad Almighty, and to see these young people idolize this man Kartel. Lock him up and dash way the keys, what a wicked person? and who knows how much people him killed and nobody no find them. I hope the family find peace.

  7. Well there seems little doubt if any atall that lizard was killed/murdered in Kartel’s house, as for Mr Weed he was unsure if he was going to be killed as he decided to make a run for it, but then (strangely) stopped looked behind and saw Kartel limping from a dog bite and decided to assist Kartel in getting a taxi and bringing him to hospital…Question: if your running for your life would you stop and help the perpetrator?
    Or he was unsure of his instant fate, as it seems kartel them was not going to kill Mr Weed causing Weed to be indecisive if to run or not too run…

    1. a jus di influence he had on them..dem grow up wid kartel so the prosecution has to really prove that part..lizard listen to him rather than his own sister so a jus di levels but God nah go mek him walk free..wicked

  8. And look how dem kill him to so coldhearted dem need fi get hanged n in prison a write book n all dese tings like him a human being fackinggggg wicked evil creature

  9. Afta seeing wat happen to lizad di witness seh him run cause him tink a him next, suh how him went from running to get a way from kartel, to aiding kartel by not only stopin a taxi feem but also follow him to di hospital ?

  10. Talk di tings my sentiments exactly !
    Weed will have to come better I don’t hear the words KARTEL kill lizard dead gun in the same sentence !!! Grow up or not a bitch or nigga try kill or supposedly ITS A WRAPPPP a gone mi goneee a cudda Breda siesta mada fadda listen mi he don’t make sense why would u help KARTEL n he had like 5 other niggas there with him can help lmfao lizard u shouldn’t sY that boo .. I think weed helped being lizard there him a sell out please !!!!

  11. Omg freaking auto text is a bummer!! Pare foolishness mi jus read grrrrr!

    His story not right .. Where were the other men !!!!

  12. LOL..WEED MOUTH OUT FI SET KARTEL FREE AND LOCK UP DI REST A MAN DEM ..memba sey a jamaica deyso name so any card can play I’m just watching the movie to see what will happen..

  13. mi nuh si how him a go really set Kartel free when it happen a kartel house and him call kartel name more than three times and implicate him…people still feel seh kartel a rock star …when he is just a hard rock …kartel a go prison ..and kartel life is down hill from here..because if that young man dies ….even if a nuh kartel kill him a fi him name a go call

  14. Real–im just saying because if a man wha kill u and u a run and di man get dog bite yuh have time fi stop taxi and tek di man go hospital really? why yuh neva continue run to the police why yuh tun round tek time fi stop taxi put man inna car follow man gone a doctor..
    All di odda man dem si sey him run to and just leave cartel alone fi run him down,and him must stop di taxi a di gate and di rest a man dem huh rush him and di man dem leave him fi bring cartel go hospital?
    Him need fi come better did him statement dats why pusey ask him sey ‘why him stop’..

  15. Bare in mind sometimes the truth can seem unreal, he could be telling it just the way it happened…My conclusion is Mr Weed was not going to be killed by Kartel & thugs at that time, however he did not agree with what happened and freaked out running away while being unsure in his daily life if he was next or a matter of when/if they will put a hit on him as he is a witness who might talk because Lizard was his close friend…

  16. cartel can also say he never returned to the house after going to the hospital…the statement he made is f**ked up even if a so it go fi del yuh caan talk it so because yuh wi leave loop hole fi people get way yuh haffi tell all lie sometime did duo truth fi mek it effective the right way,so a him fi watch him mouth and be careful because yuh wi have all the details as a witness but if yuh huh know how fi talk it and jumble up yu self yuh don’t have shit..

    1. no no..God above all things..if he is not convicted here God will do the rest so he does not have to lie the truth is the truth..dont worry about it

  17. yuh do di crime do di time i don’t give a facck wha happen to cartel because mi huh name shanty or slim all mi caan sey if dem a put him way put him way good cause a rasssss if him touch road..
    if dance lock up fi 35 year a huh nutted dat mi wi gwaan listen 2 chronix and jah cure…

    1. My problem wid him is this….u a do u music deal wid it but nuh gwaan like u waa include badness and run the streets and kill who u tink fi dead..him have enough talent fi keep him busy why that couldnt satisfy him?

      1. Di likkle yute dem ina him group dem a get beating di gyal dem a get sex and beating one get rape GTFOH …God nuh sleep a nuff and God know a nuff so we shall see

  18. good morning met,metters,peepers nd others….

    why wud he turned back after running for his life tuh put the same man who a run him down tuh kill him in a taxi…deh suh av mi a way

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  19. yes it strange seh him tun back n help kartel all stap tacksi n ting all mi can seh is di yute REALLY LOYAL TO A FAULT!!!!

    ***continue watchin n readin*** :nerd

  20. a muss him name shawty him really tek time fi stop taxi and pamper man gone a hospital..kartel must did a grind him ..
    him put him self inna shit hole because did man dem can sey him help fack up lizard to..
    wait watch wha a gwaan.

  21. Weed is a rass,because di whole a dem use to kip up fakery di whole a dem fi go prison..KARTEL/WEED/SHAWN/ST JOHN and di next one all lizard fi go prison LOL to set a dogs shit dem a nuff Yutes dem corrupt and when the yute dem didd a get beaten pon di camp di whole a dem did endorse it,,Pusey fi send di whole a dem a prison and fling way di key a deep sea..LOL…FACKKER UNO

  22. ow em run out fi a second time? why tek yuh perpetrator to di hospital? lissen mihhhhhhhhh nuh yute cum bettah dan dis oooooooo caw wi nuh wah skartel fi walk

  23. Wah mount a f**kry him talk wen addi lawyer dem dun cross him , him gwine wish him did run weh…..weed naa make not even a ounce a sense smfh.

  24. The average non- working ghetto yute cannot buy a gun. I kno wthere is a true and living God, Kartel did a do way too much and acting like him a Savior and master of all. Everyday dog has his day.

  25. sense out of nonsense Kartel know where him live and all him family members. Like Met say them grow up together and this man has empathy so him decide fi help the demon filled Kartel. In helping him a hope and pray say Kartel will remember that and save him life. God is a mighty God do good and good will come to you. do evil and you know the rest. Every last one of them will reap what they sow.

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