Vendors fight over water from corpses
In a bizarre case of trying to increase sales and the turnover rate for their businesses, two Lobengula street vendors fought over dirty water acquired from dead bodies (corpses) in a local funeral parlour, which they use to attract clients.
The two who were identified as Viola Tshuma and Molene Hadebe, fought a fierce battle, after Hadebe, took a bigger portion of the dead corpse water before the arrival of her colleague.
The two vendors, who are said to be close friends, acquired the ‘evil water’, from a certain funeral parlour along Hebert Chitepo Street in Bulawayo, for their daily business.
The water according to other vendors who were present at the scene of the fight, is usually sold to vendors and women, who use it for different ritual purposes. It is also used to tame husbands from being harsh after discovering that their wives are going out with boyfriends or cooling their tempers in order for women to rule.
Vendors who were also interviewed revealed that the water which would have been extracted from the funeral houses after a dead body is cleaned, is also used to wash fruits , like, apples, peaches and tomatoes, to lure more business, as the water, calls more people, like those who would have attended the funeral.
According to several vendors in Bulawayo, a number of undertakers are selling water from dead corpses, and they make ‘good money’.
However, the two friends were arrested, and charged with public violence, before they were fined and released.
Asked to comment on the situation, Police said that they haven’t received any formal complaints from the community to verify the authenticity of the issue.


  1. This is the exact reason why disease spreads. Where you going with dirty dead corpse water to wash fruits? Sigh!!

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