Woman, hubby’s sugar mummy fight over pubic hair
A storm is brewing in Mzilikazi suburb in Bulawayo between a woman and her husband’s alleged mistress whom she accused of shaving and keeping her husband’s pubic hair when she was admitted to a local hospital.

Tariro Shumba, who was later blessed with a baby boy, is accusing her rival, Patience Phiri, of trying to bewitch her husband Searchmore Madzikanda after she ceremoniously terminated their illicit relationship.

The pubic hair saga is said to have reached fever pitch last Monday when Phiri and Shumba treated residents to free drama as they fought and threw stones at each other with Shumba saying she would not rest until Phiri releases her husband’s pubic hair.

It is alleged that trouble started when Phiri passed by Shumba’s house and insulted her leading to the two to exchange harsh words before it degenerated into a fist fight.

“The fight started when Phiri who seemingly wanted to provoke her rival Shumba, went past her house before she started shouting at her and the latter retaliated thereby drawing other residents’ attention,” said a neighbour who preferred anonymity.

It is reported that after exchanging harsh words, Phiri got angry and threw stones at Shumba who also fought back.

When reached for comment, Shumba was fuming, claiming her husband has been having an affair with the ‘old lady’ Phiri and since the time they fell in love he started abandoning his family, taking care of his sugar mummy.

“My husband has been having an affair with this ‘old lady’ Phiri since the time I was four months pregnant and my husband did not buy any preparation for the child as he was busy enjoying with his mistress. When I asked her why she was having an affair with my husband she told me that I don’t know how to bath. That’s the reason why is going out with him, she said. She further claimed that she knows how to bath and that’s why she dated younger men,” said Shumba.

The married woman said she wanted her husband’s pubic hair which she said was shaved by the ‘sugar mummy’ when she was in hospital.

“When I was discharged from hospital I found my husband’s pubic hair shaved and I am demanding it back from her,” she said.

The man at the centre of the storm, Madzikanda, said the affair ended four months back. he however, could not be drawn into shading more light regarding the pubic hair saga.

“That affair ended four months ago and the lady you are talking about is a married woman,” he said.

Phiri spat venom when our news crew visited her for comment. She was a ‘woman of no nonsense’, she could not even entertain any question but kept on shouting at the reporters.
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