He Head-Butts Me When We Fight; Almost Set Ablaze A Man After Soaking

A woman, Morenikeji Ayoola has brought a divorce suit against her husband, Ridwan Ayoola at Oja Oba/ Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Morenike, in her divorce suit, accused her husband who she married four years ago of battery and threat to her life.

She hence prayed the court to abort their relationship.

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In addition to this, the plaintiff appealed to the court, if her prayer was answered, to award her custody of their only child in order that she might take proper care of her.

Morenikeji told the court that:”My lord, my husband is a complete failure as head of the home and breadwinner. The only area he has constantly developed his skill and has been recording success is that of beating me.

“He hits me with punches and sometimes boxes me. At other times, he gives me head butt which often throws me off balance while I have twice lost consciousness as a result of its effect on me.

“My husband beats me on a regular basis and won’t let go until I bleed. I nurse aches and pain almost every day as a result of his beatings, “she said.

“My lord, he is irresponsible and has no shame. While our neighbours’ kitchen is constantly filled with activities which eventually produce mouth-watering aroma, ours is always empty and cold because my husband never gives me food allowance. When I ask him for this, he will become angry and descend on me with blows.

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“Any time he promises to give me money, he will dash out of the house early in the morning to dodge his responsibility. I have always been the one feeding him and our child.

“My lord, he has no shame and always demands for a large portion of food. There were times he would consume at a go, the portion meant to be served at two meals.

“He gets easily provoked and hell is constantly let loose in our home. When angry, he rakes and turns the whole house upside down. When in this mood, our child and I always make for a safe place.

“He’s always threatening to pour acid on me and I know he can do it.

“My lord, he once fought with someone in the neighbourhood and poured petrol on him. He would have set the man ablaze but for those around who restrained him. Being a witness to such inhuman act, I concluded that living with him is dangerous and therefore left his house with our child.

“I left without my belongings because he refused that I take anything out of his house.

“I pray the court aside, dissolving our marriage, to award me custody of our child and order him to allow me remove all my property from his place, “she stated.

“My wife is a troublesome and difficult person. No one can beat her record in this regard, “Ridwan stated.

“She spends meaningful time complaining and nagging and these I find infuriating. Nothing seems to please her and I’m sure if I cut off my head and offer it to her, she would still not be pleased.

“I did all in my power to provide her needs and that of our child but she remains ungrateful. I‘ve often told her the last thing I would do was to steal to satisfy her.

“She insisted we move out of my mum’s house and rent another apartment and we did, but she was still not contented. I acceded to her request because I’m always seeing to it that she and our child are comfortable and happy. She didn’t acknowledge or appreciate all the efforts I made in looking and paying for a new place. The moment we moved in, she started raining curses on me over a trivial issue.

“It’s true I poured petrol on someone and attempted setting him ablaze. I did so because I was pushed to the wall. The said guy is a nuisance who never ceased to provoke me, “he concluded.

The court president, Chief Ademola Odunade, after listening to the duo observed that their marriage had broken down irretrievably.

Ruling, he dissolved their union and awarded custody of their child to the plaintiff.

The defendant was asked to be responsible for his upkeep and general welfare, feeding, schooling and health service included.

Ridwan, was further mandated to give Morenike N5, 000 per month for food

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