He neglected my health, stopped having sex with me after he took a second wife

husband wife A woman, Kafayatu Sulaimon has dragged her husband, Rufai Sulaimon before Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, praying it to bring to an end her 16-year-old marriage to her husband.

Kafayatu accused her husband of neglect and being indifferent to her predicament. She further prayed the court if her prayer was answered to hand over their only child to her for proper mentoring and care.

Rufai who had initially refused to admit to claim later did. He debunked all his wife had said and stated that she betrayed the trust she had in her by having s3xual affair with two men on two different occasions.

Ruling after listening to the duo, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade stated that their marriage had broken down irreconcilably. Giving his judgment, he dissolved their union and ordered the defendant to be responsible for the upbringing of their son.

The plaintiff stated before the court that:”My husband was caring and he dotted on me before we got married, but changed immediately I moved into his house.

“I have a health challenge which brought about a delay in children bearing. I ran from pillar to post seeking for help but my husband felt unconcerned. I eventually took in and put to bed a baby boy. I was filled with joy, but this was short-lived because I got to know on the day of our son’s naming ceremony that my husband had impregnated another woman. I cried my heart out but he eventually got married to the woman.

“Since the sickness persisted, my mother took me to a herbalist who gave me a concoction to take while he instructed me to sleep with my husband on a regular basis and this I explained to him. The herbalist charged me N20, 000 for the concoction, but it was my mum and I who provided the sum since he showed no interest or concern in my plight.

“My lord, my husband intentionally stayed away from home all through the time I was taking the concoction which made it of no effect.

“He doesn’t care if my son and I exist since he took a second wife. I’m the one responsible for our child’s welfare. He never knew how much he paid as school fees as a primary school pupil neither does he know how he got admitted into the secondary school.”

My dad started having s3x with me at 12, I later got pregnant
“My lord, she’s a liar. I’m the one training our child in school, “Rufai said.

“It’s true I took a second wife, but I never shirked my responsibility towards her and our child.

“I also want to add my lord, that although I sometimes travel due to the nature of my job, I still ensured we had s3x on a regular basis.

“My lord, I stood by her as she sought healing for her ailment. We both agreed that she consulted an Imam who is my aunt’s husband for treatment. I was shocked and then mad when my aunt told me her husband was sleeping with my wife. I sought for an explanation from him. He confessed to me it was true and apologised but my wife denied it. She admitted to this wrong doing a week later and I forgave her after much plea.

“My lord, she again sought for treatment from another man and ended up sleeping with him.

“We consulted medical doctors and spiritualists over her health while I spent N180, 000 addressing it. My initial plan was to buy a vehicle with the money.

“I took another wife because of her adulterous acts, although I still gave her the needed attention.

“The day she packed out of my house, I gave her a reasonable amount to prepare soup before I left for work. On returning, I met an empty room, “he stated.

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