A woman, Bashirat Adetunji, has sued for divorce at Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Bashirat stated in her suit that her husband, Yenusa Adetunji was irresponsible and troublesome. She added that he stole her N30,000.

She prayed the court to dissolve their union and grant her custody of their four children.

She further pleaded with the court to restrain him from harassing or molesting her in her house or work place.

She stated thus: “My husband, in our 15 years of marriage, has failed to prove he’s the head of our home.

“There were instances you would expect him to take actions or decisions which would prove he’s a man indeed, but he dodges and pushes the responsibilities to me.

“A shop near us was burgled and sewing machines were carted away. The police were informed and a house to house search was carried out in the neighbourhood.

“During the search, my sewing machine which was handed over to me by my mother was seized by the police.

“They refused to release it even after I presented the receipt. I expected my husband to step into the matter and ensure its release since I have a proof, but he disappeared from home. I gave up on retrieving the machine from the police after parading the station for weeks.

“He later returned home and never gave an explanation as to where he went.

“As a fashion designer, since I had nothing to live on after the incident, I went to work as a house maid and was able to save a reasonable amount to buy another sewing machine.

“He never cared to know what job I took up and never made any attempt in helping me get a new machine.

“I was the one responsible for our children’s welfare and education. He never considered these his responsibilities.

“He again abandoned me and our children for more than two years. He didn’t disclose where he was and didn’t call for those years.

“He later surfaced with tales of how he travelled to Saudi Arabia to learn Arabic.

“A few months after, he brought home a woman whom he introduced as his new wife.

“He came back with the intention of borrowing N10, 000 from me.

“I refuse to oblige him. He became angry and fought me.

“He destroyed my sewing machine and beat me blue black.

“He also went away with my N30, 000 savings.

“He came back the following day while I was away from home and took our children away with him.

“My lord, I’ve had enough of his maltreatment, please, separate us.”

“I’m also no more interested in my union with her, “Yinusa told the court.

Giving his reasons for acceding to the plaintiff’s claim he said:

“I left for Saudi Arabia in 2015 and I have just returned. While away, my wife turned herself into a whore and slept with young men in our neighbourhood.

“I was given reports of her altrocities on a regular basis.

“On returning, I met our place in disarray and our children looking uncared for.

“This was my reason for taking the children away from her.

“My wife is a liar and an ingrate.

“After her sewing machine was seized by the police, I bought her a new one at the cost of N90,200. She added N30, 000 to make up the sum. I still have the receipt with me.

“She was once pregnant and developed a problem during pregnancy.

“After thorough examination, it was advised that the faetus be removed. The cost of the operation was N150,000. None of her family members rendered a helping hand. I had a meaningful amount with me which belonged to my customer. I spent this on her surgery , but I was later locked up in the cell by my customer for three days because I couldn’t make a refund of his money.

“After I realised and got back home, I met my wife, her siblings and friends watching film in our sitting room.

“Few minutes after, she came to ask me for feeding allowance. I was annoyed, but I tried to control my anger.

“Again, she was down with cancer few months after she had the surgical operation. I spent a fortune as her medical bill.

“My lord, I should be the one asking for a divorce, but I have tried to persevere all these years.

“But since she has prayed for it, let it be.”

Giving his judgment after listening to the duo, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade, ruled that their marriage be dissolved.

He granted custody of the last two children to the plaintiff and ordered the defendant to pay N6,000 monthly as their monthly feeding allowance.

He was also asked to be responsible for their education.

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