He threatened to stab me to death, take our child to motherless home —Woman

“My wife has turned herself into a nuisance in our compound and neighbourhood because she never ceases to fight. She’s always at loggerhead with everyone be it young or old and when she fights she acts like a mad woman. I feel embarrassed seeing her fight every now and then, while I’m fed up living under the same roof with her. I beseech the court to please separate us.”

Mutairu Oladejo made the above statement when he dragged his wife, Ganiyat Mutairu, to Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, seeking that it dissolve their two-year-old marriage on accounts of disregard and constant fight by the latter.

He further prayed the court if his prayer was answered to restrain her from coming to harass or fight him in his house and work place.

“My lord, though I’ve been married to my wife for only a short time, I wish not to continue with our union. My experience has been an unpleasant one since we got married two years ago.

“She was as gentle as a dove while we were dating but she suddenly turned into a wild animal after we got married. I have never met a woman as troublesome as she is. She has no patience and easily turns every mild argument into a fight.

“She wears a frown consistently and only feels good when she has someone to fight with. I often caution her on this embarrassing behaviour, but she always insist on having her way.

My husband is frustrated, destructive, woman tells court
“My health is deteriorating day by day because there is no peace in our home. Before I leave home in the morning, she will ensure we argue, shout on each other and sometimes fight. On getting home in the evening, we assume the same pattern of living.

“My lord, the embarrassing aspect of it is that she is taken for a mad woman in our compound and neighbourhood. I have been called upon on many occasions to restrain her from fighting or drag her in when she is involved in a fight and is almost naked, ”the plaintiff said.

“She’s defiant in nature and flouts my orders at will. She leaves home without my consent and won’t return until a week or two or sometimes more.

“I stopped her from hawking her goods because our child was just three months old but she got angry and moved her property from my house.

“My lord, since she left on her own volition she can as well stay out of my life forever, “he concluded.

I’m ready for divorce —Wife

“There is no sense in living with a man whose score is zero in carrying out his responsibilities. My husband finds it a task feeding me and our little baby who is just five months old. He leaves N200 as feeding allowance per day and expects me to prepare him a meal out of this which is one of the reasons we fight.

“He also stopped me from attending family socials which didn’t go down well with me. He turned deaf ears to me when I complained and tried to make him see reason. I, therefore, decided to attend a particular one held in the family without his permission. On returning home, he beat me till I fainted.

“My lord, he has on many occasions, during arguments, threatened to stab me to death and take our child to the motherless home. I left home because I knew that, one day he would make his threat real, “she concluded.

After he had listened to the couple, the court president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje adjourned the case till May 8 and ordered the couple to come with their parents.

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