My wife is fetish. She stripped herself naked and cursed me in the middle of the night. She later took my name to an herbalist whom she instructed to kill me.”

Wife: “He reneged on his promise to meet a pressing need of mine. I asked the herbalist to bind him in chains spiritually so that he would be tormented and be in pains. I didn’t wish that he die but that he wasted away gradually.”

These were parts of the testimonies given by a couple at Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Kolawole Faseyintan had approached the court, praying that his 15-year-old marriage to his wife, Olubunmi Faseyintan, be dissolved on the accounts of troublesomeness, lack of care and blackmail by the latter.

The plaintiff added that the defendant was fetish and that she took his name to herbalist with the intention of killing him.

Kolawole thus pleaded with the court to put a stop to their relationship and grant him custody of their four children.

He further appealed to the court to restrict her from coming to fight him in his abode or work place.

Olubunmi refused that the court separate them.

The defendant admitted to taking the plaintiff’s name to the herbalist. According to Olubunmi, her husband disappointed her when he reneged on his promise to her.

Olubunmi told the court he only asked the herbalist to torment her husband, and not that he should kill him.

Kolawole in his testimony explained: “My wife is an ingrate. I dote on her and do all that is in my power to meet her needs but she’s never contended.

“My wife’s welfare and that of our children have always been my priority. I buy foodstuff for the home on regular basis and see to it that our children’s education do not suffer despite the high fee charged in their school.

“Olubunmi refused to appreciate all these because she’s hard to please.

“She is troublesome and has refused that I have rest of mind. Olubunmi raises dust over every issue and seeks every opportunity to fight me.

“I took ill as a result of the stress she made me go through everyday but she showed no concern. Rather than care for me, my wife became harsh towards me. It was obvious that she wished me dead.

“My lord, my wife took to blackmailing me and succeeded in denting my image. She gave me a bad name before our family members, friends and neighbours.

“I once caught her in the middle of the night cursing me. She stripped naked and was pointing to her private part as she cursed me.

“I moved out of our home for a while so as to have a breathing space but she took to monitoring me.

“My lord, Olubunmi, of recent, did the unthinkable. She took my name to a herbalist who she instructed to kill me. I have the recording of their conversation here with me as evidence. (He presented it to the court and it was played to the hearing of the court president and other members of the jury).

“If my wife can go to such an extent, then my life is no longer safe with her.

“I passionately plead with this honourable court to end our marriage and grant me custody of our four children. I don’t want her to influence them negatively.

“I also appeal to the court to restrain her from coming to fight me in my place of abode or work,” the plaintiff pleaded.

“My lord, I pray the court not to dissolve our union,” Olubunmi pleaded while giving her evidence.

“I never planned to kill my husband. I sought the help of the  herbalist to deal with him for failing to make real his promise to me.

“He was constantly providing for his other wife but chooses to neglect me.

“I asked him to buy me an item very precious to me. He initially agreed but later reneged on his promise and started giving me excuses.

“I felt bad and cheated, which explains my reason for approaching the herbalist for help.

“My lord, what I told the herbalist to do was to afflict and torment him. I wanted the herbalist to bind my husband in spiritual chains so that he would be in pains and gradually waste away.

“When he is experiencing torment, people will think it was the handiwork of his first wife.

“My lord, I didn’t plan that he should be killed,” the defendant said.

Giving his judgment, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade, dissolved their marriage and granted custody of their first two children to the plaintiff and the last two to the defendant.

The plaintiff was asked to give the defendant N6,000 every month as their last two children’s feeding allowance.

This, he stated, must be carried out through the court.

He was also mandated to be in charge of their education and health care among others.

Both were asked to maintain peace.


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