6 thoughts on “JAIL

  1. Yes Met Goodafternoon ova yah suh ah di foundation,yes we all know things and time change and technology evolve but what about people like me along time mi deh yah and more while mi nuh inna di ig ting,Met everybody ah seh Pinky but ah Met ah di foundation name,please nuh leff out whea di foundation start from.

    1. So true n a bare lil pissn tail. Wen met join ig a dear dream a gwaan over there. Dem use to cuss met how she mixup n how dream better n dis n dat. Now dd a copy all how met write r caption n poor we ova ya a get kick to d curb.

  2. Parents, don’t do this to your child(ren). Self-fulfilling prophecy is a hell of a thing. Big up Met & the original Metters.

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