IN what could be a mortal blow, a Bulawayo man’s sex life had been apparently (put on hold after he reportedly received six stitches on his manhood following a dispute in which his wife allegedly attempted to sever it.
Seth Kanyauro from Pumula South, who feared to have been rendered impotent after his wife Beauty Dube held him by the private parts and repeatedly pulled his “bedroom gun”, claimed that he was now receiving treatment for his wound at a city surgery.
It emerged at the Bulawayo Civil Court where Beauty was seeking a protection order against her husband that trouble started after Kanyauro strangled her before he attempted to axe her following a heated domestic dispute. Beauty in a bid to defend herself, violently grabbed her husbands privates until he reportedly passed out.
“She is accusing me of abusing her but instead she is the one who abused me. I had six stitches on my penis which I received after she viciously attacked me. I went to a private doctor who stitched me. I am in severe pain because of my injured organ.
“As if that was not enough after damaging my manhood she took my money amounting to $900 and deserted our matrimonial home. She left during the night when I was at work and locked our children in the house saying she was going to her parents’ house. When I went there the following day her younger sister told me that she never came. When I reported her to the police that she stole my money she cried pleading with me to withdraw the charges saying she was going to assist me in paying rentals and our kids’ school fees,” said Kanyauro.
His claims came after Dube had claimed that he was habitually abusing her.
“I was married to Seth but I left him to stay alone because of his violent behaviour. He had beaten me on several occasions and once threatened to axe me. He is now coming to my place of residence making a lot of noise, harassing children and my maid. He is also coming to my workplace asking my boss to fire me saying I stole his money.
“Turning to the incident which he claimed I damaged his manhood, we were fighting and I was acting in self defence after he strangled me and threatened to axe me. What happened is that at the height of the dispute he locked the bedroom door and picked up an axe which he attempted to strike me with. In a bid to defend my self I quickly grabbed his organ and that is when he got off from me pleading for mercy,” she said.
Presiding magistrate Marylene Mtshina granted the protection order which barred Kanyauro from verbally and physically threatening Dube before she ordered the two parties to go for counselling for eight weeks.
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