A woman from Bulawayo’s Emakhandeni suburb is having sleepless nights after her neighbour allegedly drained blood from her child’s foot.
Edith Njabu is worried about what the neighbour intends to use her one-year-old child’s blood for, although the neighbour denies she victimised the child.
The neighbour, only identified as Prisca, was allegedly seen by Njabu’s daughter (4) draining the blood from the child and storing it in a bottle.
“On the day when this woman drained my child’s blood, we had a misunderstanding in the morning. Later in the day, she called my children when they were playing outside the yard and according to the older one, she used a piece of a broken bottle to cut her on the left foot. She then drained blood from the wound before letting them go,” said Njabu.
The woman revealed that she was shocked when she realised that her child was injured on the foot and the older one narrated to her what had happened.
She then confronted her neighbour.
“I did not understand why someone would drain my child’s blood and therefore I confronted her over the issue resulting in a fight. I wanted to report the matter to the police, but my husband said it was not a good idea to get neighbours arrested.
“Since the day in question, I do not have peace in my life because I am worried about my child’s blood. Something of this sort has not only happened to me, but I know there are other victims who are afraid to open up,” she said.
When Prisca was contacted for comment, she denied the allegations.
“No comment. How dare you listen to this woman. She is just hungry and wants money from you. She suspects that I am having a relationship with her man. What would I do with her man.”
Residents had a mini-drama as the two women exchanged harsh words in front of the news crew.

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