A LOWER Gweru woman stunned a packed Gweru court yesterday when she confessed to possessing two goblins.

Elizabeth Solomon of Pakama Village under Chief Sogwala made the sensational remarks before magistrate Vimbai Makora while testifying against her two sons, Boas, 56, and Simeone Sibanda, 52. The siblings are being accused of calling her a witch.

Boas and Simeone were remanded out of custody to April 20 for continuation of trial.

Giving evidence, Solomon said their mother confirmed to owning two goblins which she said she uses to cure her back.

“Of course I do have goblins but I don’t use them to bewitch people. I use them instead to cure my back and that of their father especially when trees start to grow leaves that’s the time our backs hurt most,” said Solomon.

She said her sons are wrong in thinking that she is the one responsible for the misfortunes they were going through.

Boas however insisted that his mother uses the goblins to bewitch people.

“She is the one responsible for our children’s sickness and she uses the two goblins. The goblins are always dressed in black clothes and have jewellery around their necks,” said Boas.

Simeone said their mother has never set foot at their homesteads for more than 15 years.

For the State, Pearson Muringani, told the court that during the period extending from December 27 last year to January this year Boas and Simeone went to the complainant’s homestead together.

They threatened to kill Solomon unless she treated their sick children.

“The two alleged that the complainant who is their mother bewitched their children. Complainant had to seek refuge at Headman Nyama’s place as the two wanted to assault her,” said Muringani.

He said Headman Nyama then took the complainant to the police where a report was made leading to the arrest of the two accused persons.

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