A YOUNG woman was beaten to death by her husband of two weeks for not disclosing her HIV status and that she was taking antiretroviral pills.

Samkeliso Ndlovu of Tsholotsho died last week at the hands of relatives in Plumtree after leaving her matrimonial home when she fell critically ill.

She had settled with her husband, whose identity could not be immediately verified, at John Bhoyi’s homestead in Mathengwa, Plumtree.

One of her aunts, Sithulisiwe Tshuma confirmed to Radio Dialogue, Ndlovu was taking antiretroviral pills but does not know what took place with her husband during their period together.

Tshuma narrated how Ndlovu from Emgomeni area in Tsholotsho was taken to Plumtree by one village head identified as Lambard for employment purposes.

“Ndlovu left Tsholotsho with Lambard sometime around October and November last year. She worked a while for Lambard before he chased her away for unknown reasons. Ndlovu assumed work at another relative’s place where she worked, it is then she met her husband.

“She then told her relatives, she had found a man who wanted to marry her. She then left to stay with the man for about two weeks from 15 January to around 22 January. We don’t know what happened at her matrimonial home but she returned very sick,” she narrated.

Tshuma said when Ndlovu returned to her relatives place, she reported her husband beat her up severely.

“My aunt, at whose place Ndlovu had arrived brought her to me, as she was leaving for South Africa. She was such in a critical condition she could not even talk. She stayed with me from Wednesday and passed away on Friday.

“I informed Lambard who is the village head about the death but he wanted nothing to do with the body, he said people who came to the area should be introduced to him yet he was the one who brought her here.

“We then sent a message to Tsholotsho that Ndlovu had passed away,” she said.

Ndlovu’s uncle, a Nyathi said he and some relatives then transported the deceased’s body from Plumtree to Tsholotsho for burial.

“Back home in Tsholotsho, the elders quizzed Ndlovu’s husband about the circumstances leading to her death. Her husband denied ever beating her up but after some time he admitted. The in-laws were fined a cow and two goats while her husband was arrested and detained at Pumula Misison in Tsholotsho,” said Nyathi.

However, police spokespersons from both Matabeleland North and South, Inspectors Eglon Nkala and Philisani Ndebele said they were unaware of the issue.


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