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A manager at a funeral assurance company is embroiled in a feud which has spilled into the courts with her husband after she allegedly made him listen to her having sex with another man.

The manager, Egnes Chingombe (48) is alleged to be having an affair with her husband Martin Jabulani Masuku’s friend of more than 20 years.

The woman and her husband’s marriage is said to have taken a nose-dive in July after the latter could not fathom his wife having sex with his friend and they went on separation. Their parting ways failed to rein in Chingombe and instead heightened her sexual escapades with her alleged lover.

Chingombe, a self-confessed sex lunatic reportedly left police details at a Community Relations Office during a counselling session at loss of words after saying that she loved sex so much.

She told the bemused officers and her husband that she still had five more years in the ‘game’ which she intended to fully capitalise than wasting them on Masuku.

Chingombe also made it known to the cops that she would stop having sex with other men after the lapse of the five years and thereafter go back to Masuku.

The confession is part of documents that were filed by Masuku at a civil court on 23 October while opposing a protection order that Chingombe had applied for against him.

The two saw it wise to take their quarrels to the courts after various counselling sessions conducted by Pastor Masuku of Glad Tidings, police officers and other counsellors failed to yield results.

In her application for a protection order, Chingombe said her life was under threat but Masuku produced damning evidence pointing otherwise which led to the magistrate postponing the matter to a later date so that he goes through the evidence.

In his papers, Masuku said: “On 20 September evening when I went there I found her with my coloured best friend of 20 years (name withheld) whom I had earlier asked to assist mend relations between myself and Egnes. They were talking at the top of their voices and out of curiosity I listened only to hear then beginning to have sex after which I walked away devastated.

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