Met yakini a go hard wid da guy ya pon insta from wah day…His Instagram pg is open so u can attach the whole image and comments if need be its his 4th pic…Sir Leash control ya ooman! She all over IG trying to get in a next dudes pants…


Wow u look like you belong on the cover of a magazine @lord_sebastion

lord_sebastion@masholywood your too kind lol

msshollywoodSee mi ah stare ysh @lord_sebastion dwl! No sah u look good bad! Gots mi memorize! I cant believe all now


0 thoughts on “YAK YAK WAA YAK HEEN?

  1. Dem caan even gi di likkle poomps ah rest! LAWWWDDD! Mek di leash sperms drain out first nuh? Geesh!

  2. He look ok but he could be better it looks like the buttons looking to pop but to each its own she like it I love, go what u want my girl lol

  3. Bust out a big dutty laugh…she move from Sir to Lord…what next Duke..No sah! sir leash please to return that crown (turban, head piece) I think it’s Lord Sebastion time to reign…

    Drap a grung a skin out….woooiiieeeee

  4. Good afternoon one n all
    Does any one know the next partay jiggly body scamini is gonna b at I would like to buy every water in the building fi see if mi can OUT THE RASSSSSSSS THIRST n scamini call this # 1800 Poland I have pre ordered a yr supply of water for ur thirsty horny ass u caaaa wait n meck dog leash pass thru u system likkle cause if u skin is any representation of u hole that rass hard fi firm back gwheyyyyyyy man n go spend time wid u pikney cho

      1. Metsy :peluk
        This Is my busiest time at work from now till thanksgiving so mi check but mi no really tawk but mi deh ya man

    1. :peluk Chuety mi ask fi yuh whey day, welcome back.
      Some a dem gal yah worse than man. Mek yuh front and the hole air out first before yuh welcome a next man worn out gal. And when people chat unuh like dog unuh same low life come chat bout a your front. Yes wi know and thank God causen seh if yuh a dash out your front suh imagine whey yuh wudda duh wid mine. Guh spend quality time wid yuh children and stop run dung man whey probably don’t want you. I hope him read JMG and si how yuh duh Dog Leash when him refuse you ole vagabond nah nuh shame harlot.

      1. It is are here :peluk thanks love
        Yakini a look a man fi pressure dog wid but scamini unless u have one more insurance fraud big money fi get go siddung cause him no WANT U kmt

  5. on behalf of sir dog leash i would like to say thank you to this here gentleman for giving the woman something else to focus on and leaving me alone…….

  6. Scammie u thing is time fe u try b a mother to u kids and rest u soggy body from Man U body no tire from running it down I don’t know how man can look at u after u pass trew the hole dancehall men make sure unnu put on ten condom cause that bitch stays with stds

  7. so wait nuh dutty chipsy dat a england, unu think him a smaddy a ol shit dat me fi tell unu… wolf in sheep clothing. since him grow da piece a furr pon him face and cant afford the bleaching products like one time mek him nuh look too crawny now.. his file been done rinse on here anyways so maybe some a unu nuh recognize a who..

  8. This chick cant get a break, if she shit unno no wha she nyam the day before…seems so pathetic and over board now..Are you people going to watch her for the rest of her life and comment as you see fit…Some of you pay more attention to other peoples life than you do your own….

  9. met you know say a wha day me a say yakini mussi a behave herself? but look at this dwl.. she say he got her memorize me did think a hypnotize :ngakak :ngakak look like a di new slang dat met you have got me memorize after reading flipper story :sup2: you see di kind a man dem want? no from me see him me know say all a fi him money weh him get go in a clothes and boot see di man weh mek dem body jump deh!!!! just swag and dem fall head over heels

  10. Him look too gay fi mi. Mi nuh wah no man wah bleach and him clothes wayyy too tight. Yak yuh need fi guh rest yuh tyad body unu love man too much. Yuh just have a public break up wid the Dogg now yuh gwaan look another man yuh might have to take care of. Yuh need the whole Hover Dame yuh thirsty much……..Gosh!!!!

  11. As an old fashioned Jamaican man I feel sorry for my people. This nigga looks like a straight battyfish. The women look fake and filled with self hate.
    We are a lost people. We have people sellling poison to their own and spreading hatred and violence internationally. The men are not men. They are more fashion oriented than the women.

    Our male leadership dies in the cycle of violence trying to live up to a shallow fantasy lifestyle meant to attract lost little girls. The only thing we offer to the world now is sex, drugs, and violence.

  12. den a really bloodclaat chipsy scamini a gwaan suh oba…picture sure does wonda cuz him stay very bad live nd direct oba de great side a british walls.

  13. Him more desperate than her when u look at the comments under her pics so maybe she a return the love.. seem he has a lot to give after reading his bio… btw he pvt his pg now however scamini kept reading his bio over and over again she keep checking his whole profile a she fi name leech! Chipsy u fi mine yuh jacket wah hopi gi yuh and stop look gal pon internet u past u sell buy date! Yuh fi come bk a ja wid yuh fish self bore neck and bore cock mek da fish dem get excited again

  14. If a few people up top didn’t say who this was, I would never have recognised him!

    NO, I do not know this guy, but I have seen him on some videos and I agree with the somebody up top who said that in this pic, he doesn’t look nearly as crawwwny as he usually does, but bleach out is bleach out an will never look good.

    Anyways, if that is really Chipsy, I’ll post a link for you to see just how grim he looks, how show off, hype & fool he is…oh and how his complexion changes from bad to worse

      1. morning metty jmg metters all ppl 🙂

        from yesterday mi a luk an peep mi naaaah tink a chipsy! di way ow him crawny :hoax2 chipsy him face did full a pock mark an ting

  15. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=z0sNn3htFGQ

    No words! Smh

    @ Met, so is not just me then. I can’t believe that’s him, nor that this girl clear in USA, business all over, just finish a disaster of a relationship really is trying to look any man online, worse still him!
    Met, you ever see him with the fox round his neck acting like a presenter?..

    Make me find it so people can have a laugh and really see who this woman is cyberslinging her noony at

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