Andrew Davis, 34, of Kingston, Jamaica, faces the following charges: Leader of Narcotics Trafficking Network, Distribution of Cocaine, Money Laundering, and Conspiracy. Bail is set at $500,000.
Andrew Davis, 34, of Kingston, Jamaica, faces the following charges: Leader of Narcotics Trafficking Network, Distribution of Cocaine, Money Laundering, and Conspiracy. Bail is set at $500,000.

Philadelphia was the nesting ground for recently incarcerated Andrew Flippa Mafia/Moggla Davis after arriving in the United States. Davis, who was only 5ft 6 inches and a mere 130 lbs., was the leader of this party clique that frequented Jamaican dancehalls in various States in the U.S. The clique consisted of around seven men, their main women. Flippa Mafia, Roger Mafia, Kemar Mafia, Shaba Mafia, Teflon Mafia, and a few more. These men and women lived their lives almost Italian Mafioso style.
From a distance, it would appear that the Mafia women stayed home, and took care of the men, then dress up in pricy outfits at night to party. From tailor made suits to; Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Christian Louboutin in the later years. They were noted for their champagne showers and at one point Flippa Mafia used expensive champagne to wash his shoe while in a party.
It was said by many that some of the Mafia men were young men who Flippa Mafia paid their way from Waterhouse Jamaica to Philadelphia USA. Some came by boat, or other means. Allegations were that most of these men were hit men or had killed previously in Jamaica.
While Marsha, Flippa’s main woman in the states, counted mates/mistresses, one of whom had shared a home with her, Flippa counted Waterhouse arrivals. Shortly after some of the men arrived, they were incarcerated, so others were sent for to constantly replace those who were pulled off the streets by authorities.
Marsha was adamant about not leaving Flippa for another woman to have him because they were involved since High School. Flippa was bold enough to allow one of his women to share a home with Marsha, and it was said that, although she was quiet but deadly. A force to be reckoned with, Marsha, who had stuck by him after 6 outside children, had gotten in a fight with the miniature size Mafioso and had pummeled his head severe enough , that it needed stitching. She was not really as docile as she had appeared.
There was Jody,Sonita, Twanna-Kay, Marsha, and Hoika, all had children by Flippa while he was with Marsha. Jody, was the one who shared the home with Marsha, Sonita was said to be the main woman and this was sanctioned by his mother on video for the world to see. Marsha number two,Twanna-Kay number three and Hoika who came on-board almost at the end and took Marsha’s number two spot because Sonita had moved on and gotten married in 2011. Jody left a some time before and now lives in Canada; Twanna-Kay has also moved on and has another child. Hoika and Marsha were the main mafia women in the U.S.
Years before, Flippa was called to testify on a murder trial where two murders had taken place in his home in Philadelphia. Allegations are that some of the men Flippa had helped to come to the U.S , had gotten in an argument in a park and had decided to have a meeting off the streets to settle the disagreement.
It was said that after the meeting, two of the men ended up dead, one was upstairs and the other downstairs. Allegedly, one of the young men who was a part of the argument, went to the home, and the young man who opened the door, had a gun in his hand. Another went to the kitchen to retrieve a gun, another put a gun on the table, the one who opened the door did not know there was a hidden gun and he along with another young man ended up dead. It was said that Mr. Miniature Mafioso ran upstairs to retrieve a gun and one of the men who got shot, ran upstairs as well and fell victim to the bullet that was in him. Flippa, while trying to depart the crime scene was caught by police and charged with possession of marijuana and an unlicensed firearm. The shirt that Flippa had been wearing that should have contained gunshot residue was missing when the time came for the trial. While being cross examined, the lawyer for the defense asked Mafioso about the shirt and why he was not curious as to where the shirt was. Mafioso responded by saying that he has many more shirts where that shirt came from so he was not worried about it. He was also asked about his immigration status and was said to have responded that he was married. The lawyer then asked who Marsha was, Mafioso responded by saying that, Marsha was also his wife, sources say that the courtroom exploded in laughter. It was said that, the trigger man was not well liked among the men so a universal decision was made to testify against him.
The young men responsible for the deaths of both young men eventually went to prison and Mafioso remained free with the other young men who he had brought here.
New recruits meant hard work and more money for Flippa, a breast job for Marsha along with fat removal by liposuction and more champagne showers. Many onlookers wanted to live the life. Young innocent looking girls were recruited to become mules one of them was caught on two occasions and was deported.
The internet’s convenience and popularity gave way for Mafioso’s lifestyle to become visible to many Jamaicans online, here in the U.S and Jamaica. His popularity grew, Jamaicans all across the U.S regarded him as ‘’The Man’’ and began flocking in droves to his parties, seeking out his friendship. Scammers, career thieves, professionals and girls with above average looks wanted to work for him. Mafioso began to feel invincible. The power he had not achieved in Waterhouse, many years before, when they had attempted to stab him to death without recourse , was slowly being built.

Money was flowing so much so that Mafioso’s own sister Shawna’s boyfriend was accused of robbing him years before. Men came up, got locked up, the empire went on and Mafioso still had not spent a day in jail for the gun charges years before. The streets in Philadelphia said Mafioso had contacts for everything, contacts for going to Jamaica from the U.S, contacts for coming to the U.S and contacts from Canada to the U.S. Some of the men that had little worth stayed in jail without help from Mafioso while others who were hard-core criminals had top notch lawyers, all paid for from Mafioso’s pocket.
From a distance it would appear that Mafioso spent the bulk of the money on himself, the cars, the jewelry and the suits that were more expensive than what Marsha wore. He appeared loaded and in truth apart from spending lavishly on himself, Mafioso had to fill a number of men’s commissaries ,for men to come, provide for his children, ‘’flossing’’ at nightly parties and support his gambling addiction.
The more people flocked to him, the more he had to prove that he had it all and could do it all. In 2010, Mafioso took a trip to Jamaica. He purchased an apartment for 10M JMD and shipped two vehicles from the U.S. In Jamaica, everyone wanted a piece of his wealth; girls flocked to his apartment, shedding their clothes with the hopes of getting money for what they gave. Men volunteered to be his body guards hoping to get their own stash of cash. Flippa enjoyed the attention and also found a comfortable gambling spot, while his younger brother, Kemar Davis, who came to U.S after him, stayed behind and learnt the ropes. Money had to be sent to Mafioso on a daily basis to feed his gambling habit even though it was said on the streets of Jamaica that he was making money from his being able to help people come to the U.S. But, Mafioso gambled from sunup to sundown, sometimes after his money ran out, he would borrow money from his friends and continue on but he never left until his pockets were dry. Marsha sent money, Mafioso spent monies.

0 thoughts on “MAFIOSO PART 1

    1. HIM stuck a England. Deh pon instagram a look Gal everyday.. Now that this happen him nah look back yaso.

  1. Hellooooo Metty, It dey ya…licking my lips….more, more, more…..send it on. Like watching a blockbuster movie

  2. Metty!!!! Yuh du up dah one ya wicked!!! Mi never want it fi end!!! I LIIOOOKKEEE the run down.. Mi find out nuff new tings! Yes Mama…

    1. u tink a u one…………. a doe know when a gwine finish write at allllllllll because a nuff…all whey happen ina ja since last year n now

    1. N-I-C-E!! I was about to say the same. I see a book in the making….Jamaican Dancehall Mafiaso….Their Wives, Mately and The Drugs Connection.

      We want Part II quick quick!! Excellent piece though…Kudos to you. Mi serious about the book ting. You have all the pieces from your site, just need to string them together in a coherent fashion like you did above. Any way to attach photos of all the baby mamas? :ngakaks

      1. i gwine look fi dem because one a dem did have all one name tshirt wid him initials pan it and it seh sumting like ” ad se mi sumting good” i a go look fi dat pic

        1. And pics with the girls he sent to jail too. Met , u have tea on everybody except one of his girls. Always heard dat bout him. #confirmation. Everybody know he dress than Marsha..dwrl! U a hot mess

  3. Evening Met n Metters. I remember when d youth did dead in a d house a Philly. Everybody did surprise when Flippa come a road and d rest a man dem still in a jail. A from dem time deh mi start hear informa thing call pon him name

    1. If u think about it…the story still not add up…all the trouble he got into ova the years..and walked…only for this to happened…it still fishy…u wrote it well though…who was the one Marsha yell wife to at the pool party in Miami

  4. Met you funny bad( Why you had to include dat him clothes dearah than Marsha’s). Di ppl dem ah road kill har wid dah talk deh. Dwl

    Mafios him brite bad, him move enn mistress pan Marsha.. A wonda a how and when she find out it was har mate.
    Di ppl dem seh Marsha always beat him but mi did think a joke cause Marsha cah even utter a good strong word di way how she fragile.
    On a serious note a nuff thing Mafios endure, look how him fat, and him survive stab up.. A wonda weh di man deh weh do that now? Mmmm
    I know in my heart him feel safer in jail dan a road yah now. It is like a tunn a stress offa him head. Him new problem soon begin cause nuff man in deh weh did loyal to him and him tunn him back pan dem..

    Where are the kids and Pauline?? I hope the family stick together now..
    So how come him sis Shauna hardly get mention let alone land ina Merickka mi know dem and neva hear bout she.

    1. ask anybody bout him sista weh name shawna dem will tell yo, same madda and same fawda!! a inna wah day mi start see she round dem again

  5. Afternooon, MET, that piece ya bad an well written, sounds like a RollingStones article. Da part yah had me rolling,”Flipa Mafia, used an expensive champagne to wash his shoes while in a party.” I died at the ostentatious foolery of it all, this miniscule mafia mascot too much. MET run the rest, mi nah wish u carpal tunnel syndrome but it too good.

  6. Well written and full of facts..funny how shawn always runs away just in time.’soon after shawn sharp left ny for Philly the new youk champagne ppl aka queens empire was dismantled by the Feds

  7. Metsy good work the saying that goes “the higher the monkey climbs the more him ass get exposed ” is so resonant right here it’s not funny bredda
    Right now mi know him woulda pay him right hand wid a broke pocket person like mi self ya cause right now mi own whey no come wid price FREEEEEEEDOMMMMMMMM
    Flip just gwaan reminisce u hearrrrrr

  8. Met you wah no wah sooo sad. Mi hear seh Marsha left Flippa and go a MD go live, before she had baby #2 . Flippa neva stop bawl and cry and badup everybaddy till him find har. Mi hear seh di bwoy weh married har di fuss time did wah har up and she meck chu Mafios she leff di bwoy and affi start all ova again to end up wid nothing. Dolphin influence har meck she leff di bwoy and tell har bout him coulda pay smaddy fi dweet. All now she stuck.. Marsha tried to escape Dolphin but couldn’t I guess he had the key to her heart cause him always get back in no matta weh him do. One thing bout dolphin no baddie cah pass dem place bout Marsha dem get fired and dismantled if dem try dat. One of Philly’s famous hot gal learned this the hard way… Mi still confuse if a desperation meck him even meck Marsha fall ina dah entanglement yah cause him rate har .Mi no know if a chu dem did rape har when dem come fi robb him and he wasn’t there to save her, If that guilt is forever on him to stick with her. He does have a special love for her tho butt him have a funny way of proving it to her. Mi loss yah, cause dem go chu a whole lot together, dem undastan each other that’s all I can say.

      1. Is what you not saying Met.., ???
        Was Sonita his original and Marsha teef him? no man di way how mi fass all dem fass all dem bashment yah miss mi. no mam mi wah si a pics of all the mafia wives in order of their rank.. So Sonita enjoyed the time and di wine while Marsha is doing the crime. No bwoy cah meck me run no risk fi keep him…you mad.

        :travel :nohope

      2. Good afternoon Met and JMGers. I feel bad for her if she indeed got rape. I don’t know what she was thinking still been with that midget. Now this is an article to rival any. Good job Ms Met, very well articulated and factual.

  9. :2thumbup Ms Met that was very very good and mi never want it fi end. No sah Marsh put up wid it, mi a wonda if shi did know sey the gal is her mate and still allow her to live wid dem. Mr Mafioso yuh likkle but yuh tallawah. This is perfect for a book as most said and a movie. I will definitely be tunning in on this one all when mi inna class mi a guh glance one or 2 time fi mek sure mi nuh miss a dang thing. I have a feeling seh Hioka and the hispanics are going to turn on him. Mi just have a feeling seh Hioka is working with the FEDS dem, becausen sey mi cannot understand why dem let her go with ROR for conspiracy. Ms Met I will be present. Keep up the good job

  10. Excellent job Met, this is not only a good book, but it would make an interesting movie, mek mi si which role mi want to play, hhhmmmm………Marsha, that’s right, the girl that counts the money. Marsha is on sneaking devil, uno think it easy fi guh round and collect them knie a money deh? man fraid never mind a woman, is one bad piece gal that, I can bet u any money she well strapped when she a mek her money runs dem. guh deh Marsha, excuse, fi get u cyan guh deh no more. :kr


  12. Afternoon met an metters good work met i think you should start your own documentary as well .wonderful piece of investigative journalism met

  13. Mi DEFINITELY woulda interested in MET going more in depth pon di Marsha & Jody part of di saga!!!

    I nominate dis fi name “Di Flippa Files”!!!!!!!!

  14. But met if them can get bail how comes none a them don’t get bail or is it because they don’t have papers why?

    1. Dem have papers. If Feds took all… Where r they getting 100k/bond. If so, she would have been home.. I still believe it witness protection front. Just like a lifetime movie.

  15. This article is so badly written. The sentence should read: Seven men AND THEIR main women.

    “Marsha was insistent on not leaving Flippa for another woman because they were involved since High School”

    Now can someone read that and tell me what that mean. Was she Gay?

    Who the f**k wrote this? Poor ting.

    1. will try to correct the first sentence u mentioned but if you are short on encouragements in your life you can have some or mine

      1. Ignore please. Wouldn’t be surprised if this is not one of the ex-matety. 99.999999999% positive feedback and one eediate comment. Somebody toe gets mashed?

    2. That is so very rude, you can correct someone without the disrespecting factor. FYI!!! I have seen seasoned reporter with way more incorrect sentences than this, and they have people who reread and correct. I am sure you are not perfect yourself. GTFOH!!!!!!

    3. State Side, go and have a seat one side and stop being a prick. She made a few grammatical errors and so f**kkin what?! The lady stay up til gad knows how log fe put this piece together, prolly all a type wid ar yeye closed fe try get likkle shut eye, so try yuh bes fe see the good in what she’s done and stop behaving so ingratefully… Oh btw, correct my grammatical errors too…. ASSSSHOLE!! :fuck: … Lemme finish reading and then comment and question..

  16. boy flippa came from nutin to something–den wen back to below nutin. the good ole boys will tek all whey him crock fah from houses , land, cars, businesses–ALL ASSETS–THE REPO MAN DEM NUH EASY…confiscate ALL HIM TINGS NUH PLAY WITH UNCLE SAM–HIM NUH MEK JOKE FI ROMP.ALL GOOD TINGS MUST COME TO AN END AND MOFIOSA BOSS AKA FLIPPA LIFE GAWN WID THE WIND. SMH

  17. Ok JMG I have one question to ask. How comes I have not heard any mention of Keisha Jaguar. She was one of his chicks too and they had a nasty break up.

    I wonder what she is saying about all of this. Why mi have a feeling say she a tell people inside info on the operation

    1. She not important because u cant tell who a tell lie from who a tell di truth..Him se a because she dis marsha..she se a because a some battey argument..people seh a because informer meet informer ..keisha story is a book itself

      1. State Side, why don’t you fill us in on Keisha Jaguar… Since you so conveniently noticed she was not mentioned…. :nerd

    2. Yes , run Kesha Jaguar..2..haven’t heard much about her since father and she went into hiding…then turned up in

  18. great writing. this all sound surreal 2 woman living in the same house countless outside kids marsha must have loved that leperchaun

  19. Kelly and Owen name nah call up dem run money too Owen take Keisha gangsta money for flippa, Sexyshauna know say she did some running too

  20. Ms Met, if you don’t mind I would like to know how he got started in the game or who influenced him? Does he answer to a BIGGER boss? Mi deh yah making my own ‘scrapbook’ on this. I guarantee yuh seh dis is history in the making and mi want fi have a piece of it. I remember when the Dudus and men from the shower passe file did run and people talk up, I hope a suh dem come talk up causen sey there must be more that maybe Ms Met don’t know.
    Ms Met I would like to know about Ms Jaguarrra too, I remember one time mi guh dance (teif whey and guh) a Jamaica around 2000 I think it was one of Willie Haggart dance and mi si Ms Jag up inna di video a cuss some gal talking about how ‘him nuh want yuh, a me him want’,maybe it was Marsha or Sonita mi nuh know.

  21. bwoy dem bitter bad and woman see all a dat and still did a try get involve with the midget bcuz if all a dem tings deh mi affi do fi keep 1 man mi gone.all tek rape jesus christ mi woulda lef no man no worth all a dat

  22. Never short on giving and or receiving encouragements. If I thought for a minute that that is what we were here for then defiantly, I would give some but as I can recall, this is definitely not the forum for that.
    I have read articles, posts and comments where people are trash talking others all the time. Friends belittle and slander each other. They put people’s personal business on here so others can degrade them. So me reading this post and commenting that the writing is atrocious is tame compared.

    We can dish it but most times than often we can’t take it. Funny!!! I will continue to read and laugh at the ignorance of my people and when I see fit as you suggested, I will.

    1. One thing..When you step on the pedestal of correction be sure you are not in a place to be corrected. You purposefully commented what you did because other people had the opposite to say and fine you were correct and thank you because I read over and put another word in place…but u write a few lines and mi nuh tink u know whey u write nor have you checked the spelling..but lets not go there because Im too old to be petty. Mi tell u already se when u come on and try fi hide and mek u remarks go sort out ur children whey u doe even know dem location. Yuh upcoming trial fi di how much pound a weed and u likkle flimsy front whey cannot hold a cock fi more dan 12 months… Memba u always ina mixup and sake a di 150 lbs a weed u find church..God is not to be mocked because if u neva know jail u wudden find him. No ambition no destination waste. When u run ina di good morning topic whey mi did tell u? Bosslady :travel

      1. And on that note Ms Met Goodnight off to class suh mi can graduate in 2016 and become the Lawyer I ahve dreamed of since the age of 2 and nuh haffi JUGGLE like Marsha and the rest of concubine dem fi beg NUFF monaayyyyy. I am out :tkp :ngacir2

          1. ————————————————————————————————————


      2. shellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllinggggggggggggggggggggggggggsssssssssssss…Savior Divine! mi shame an anno mi

      3. Wooooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A right yah suh just too noice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup!!!! now if that is not the dis a de year I dont know what is. Boss lady guh find yuh kids…….

      4. Buuuuuuummmmmmmmbbbbbbbooooooooccccllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!! :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer

      5. r**scla*t now!!! dem go f%#@k round di moderator weh knw everything bout yuh. not even a name yuh cudnt hide bakka…a so it go…seem like yuh book smart but yuh never knw she wudda find yuh…so it go…try again…lol

    2. It seem to me that the deposits of ur asshole are being lodged into ur head hence ur name should b shit for brains wat correlation does ppl “tarnishing plls reputation” has with someone making a grammatical error deep dark tretch out battyole who the fack r u? You can’t even turn out a proper sentence so how u reach here a make noise bout one sentence look here go play in traffic n free up the wall SHITHEAD KMFT

      1. chuet doe pay har no mind just tell har what di people dem seh bout har is not a lie infact dem doe se di halffffffffffff :maho

        1. A brite she rasssss brite cause Flippa tawk it out him mout say if dem have a fire sale n a sell Keisha fi a penny him nahhhhhhhhhhhhh bloooooodclaaaaaattttttt buy cause a waste him woulda a waste him money Keisha u crash like the cayenne n him nah try fix u biotchhhhhhh

          1. Oh lawd a nuh she dat ooo :ngakak di person whey type have a exclamation complex and someone point it out to mi..if u notice the comments she made prior to the last one she uses the exact amount of exclamation marks ,,EVERY SINGLE TIME! dat is how mi ketch har di time dem pan yere…a nuh kiesha because fi har spelling wudda worse….das y she drop dem ina di last comment..u typing done gi u whey :ngakak

    3. But that’s why ur here 2 right. Some of u take some of these stories too personal, unless it is. I’m quite sure JMG entertain you from time to time too. Just run with it

  23. ThThem lucky every body typo met a regular me typo that no biggie the story sell off.gif up tin over. But at the same time I wish nothing bad on them. I pray that the judge may be lenient but Jersey is not nice. Don’t go to Jersey with it I tell U they don’t play over there wrong state.

  24. Ok, this is funny for real. It’s not only those two sentenses. The punctuations or lack there of and some of the grammar are very juvenile. I really thought this was written by a reporter and copied by JMG. That is why I commented.
    Now as for all the other statements in your reply, that is so far from the truth. Stop pretending you know who I am. You sound as dude as you write. Anyway let me get off the Government’s computer.

    1. mi nah tek back mi comment mi nuh business whey u waa seh bout whey mi write but when u a go talk bout not forum for this and blah blah mi haffi really get low fi bless up u bad lucky under/below and not a above ground parts…thats why mi get outa line.. ppl comment dis and dat bout u because is gwaan off a di government computer

    2. So when u say government computer r we suppose to shake r something first off criminals have no access to government computers unless ur typing from the prison library FOH bout government computer

      1. You sound as “dude” as you write????? As I said earlier GTFOH!!!! You are trying to be relevant eh nah wuk. Guh find your kids…Wooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeee!!! You are barely literate trying to show off yuh chink self pon de wall..WTF!!!!

  25. How do you come here, correcting someone’s grammar and punctuation usage when you are making the same errors while you post? This makes no sense.

    1. what dont mek sense a how she come pan a forum or slander and a go claim se this is not the place for encouragement

    1. Not todeh cause yuh nay jus seh yuh haffe log offa di people dem govament computa? Why yuh wasting wi time ma’am? :nerd

  26. Let’s not allow her to derail the conversation. Of all the things to take from the “article”, you decide to nit-pick at grammar. If you can understand what it is saying, why stress something as pettya s punctuations? This is beyond JUVENILE and STUPID.

  27. these wanna be intellectuals u know what mi notice dem always come on this site come flex them supposedly intellectual muscles we the people have read the article and love it so state side dash out the article weh u write fi d times or newsweekly mek we see nuh or the article weh u win the pulitzer prize for nuh mek we assess it

    1. Yes but she doe have no muscle lef fi flex nor is she an intellectual… what bun mi a why come somewhere whey u feel so negative about? Mi nuh get that

  28. Ok, this is funny for real. It’s not only those two sentenses. The punctuations or lack there of and some of the grammar are very juvenile. I really thought this was written by a reporter and copied by JMG. That is why I commented.
    Now as for all the other statements in your reply, that is so far from the truth. Stop pretending you know who I am. You sound as dude as you write. Anyway let me get off the Government’s computer.
    Ok, this is funny for real. It WAS not SIMPLY those two SENTENCES, the punctuations, or lack THEREOF, and some of the grammar WERE very juvenile. I really thought this was written by a reporter and copied by JMG, this is why I commented. Now, as for all the other statements in your RESPONSE, that is so far from the truth; STop pretending you know who I am. You sound as (DONT KNOW WHAT YOU WERE TRYING TO SAY) as you write. Nonetheless, let me get off the government’s computer.


    And that my dear, is how one constructs a proper response, when trying to berate someone about grammar and punctuation. Learn when are where to use commas, and semi colons, etc. And know when some words should not be used, OKAY?
    DOn’t think for a second that because people sit here day in and day out and laugh and type in PATWA, it means they are not educated enough to see the errors.

    1. ******CORRECTION*********
      Met ah weh di rass ya chat seh?

      – And that was all she simply had to say in order for her questions/ comments to be received in a non-offensive manner

  29. Dwlll munchie y u on here interrupting ppl reading? U nah go rest up fi round robin later?? Lmaoo move now man bout government computer kmt!!!

  30. Met a way the cool face man change like a green liz look how him get darker already , am wondering who can send him a bottle of Moet for him to wash his face cause it look oiley . In part two met mek sure yu put buju song in it______ things change yu no see life hard,,,,,,and mek sure yu turn it up loudddddd mek him rest a friend dem hear it and mek we see if them will learn any thing from it.

  31. Met on the real the Kiesha and flippa story ah something and I won’t talk bc the way Sharon did stab up Kiesha and almost kill her should have been enough to humble her but that is not possible. Shit all Tracey champion fear the likkle dolphin the guy really had some links.

    1. I remember! Since everyone se mention har mi a go put it..memba him kick dung tracey sister n she go a him party all host…I dont think a did fear :shutup:

    2. Met, ALL a dem weh sleep wid Flippa did ah Transport.. Flippa ah work dem both ways. Dem stayed around for the hype and they really got nothing but chump change and a quick lay in return.

  32. Met for whats its worth I thought you did a good job writing this, as for a book etc blah this story is always the same either they get locked up or killed. Kids left alone THE END rinse, repeat. The drug game (coke) specifically is so 90’s courts is given out triple digits for $hits and giggles. They sentenced this dude here to life plus 130 years lmao <– yes worth about $35 million US flippa and them were small time he should have chilled move easy make his money and bounce. Maybe just be quite when I saw him throw the money in air I said the party is over it's gone to his head.

  33. Met I like more please and tonks….

    di rhode scholar who feel di need fi gramatically correct u , do u ting mumma kah a no Pulitzer Prize u a write fah

    A common sense entertainment

    ** waiting for more***

  34. met! big up great job… mi nuh cum a gramma sch when mi cum pon pink wall.second of all mi granny always tell mi sey every thing u do in life good r bad cum wid a expiration date, so i think this is the expiration day for the mafia/mogglers..ppl lets focus on the topic cause mi caan wait pon part 2

  35. Goodnight Met! Excellent writing and very entertaining! I am in agreement with those that have said this story could be a movie. This whole situation was just a ticking time bomb waiting to explode…which it has. No excuse for Marsha to be wearing cheaper wears than her Mafioso, if it was important to her she could have bought what she wanted she was handling the cash money.
    Can’t wait for the rest of the story, bring it on!

  36. So this dude was bringing people to the US illegally for the sole purpose of working for him and when they get locked up he would just get a ne batch of people :cd that’s human trafficking.

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