1. lawd ghad she gone jook the batty again, the more she see bolt and him babe, the more she bolt and go bore the batty wid silicone

  2. but the man have Kasi on his snaps all the time in his house cooking dinner and all those things ………so yanique who ??

    1. Ooohhhh kay… u never see smoke without fire! That’s why the other day somebody fi Yanique over here a promote her snapchat hard a talk bout Spanish man. LOL. Pathetic.

      1. Him never put yanique pon him snap yet!!! All him ex girlfriend I see him put up say that’s his best friend… And he always be putting up Kasi #kasiwin yanique chin sharp like a razor

        1. Of course he hasn’t Yanique is the one going hard on HER snapchat desperately seeking attention.

  3. Yanique is a bird….. The only way she will take her eyes off of Usain is if a man/woman with a bigger wallet and name comes along. No matter how much fame you give to a bytch, they will always think like a bytch and never get refined and enlightened with regards to their approach and attitude. A bytch always phucks a man for hype which manifestes itselfs through money or attention. The way she’s Instagram THOTing she soon snag some SIMP D-list celebrity from abroad anyday now, most likely a rapper or bench warming athlete.

  4. He need to go back to Mizocann cause all now him don’t find one that look better than she. She a the only one I ever see mommy endorse.

    1. She was on his snap the other day. He hash tah “whenyourexosurBFF” . my man cudda neva have no ex as BFF but to each their own

  5. But yanique clearly stated she’s single BUT f***g Usain so what’s the point the gal never say she a look love errbody know she have couple of man a fund her lifestyle I really don’t think KasiAnn cares

  6. Mizzican was wit him frm d get go but a Suh dem dutty man yah tan as dem reach success dem Nu badda want d woman weh did deh wid dem wen dem Nu ave Ntn am soo soo sure mizy did love him Fe him him so confuse cause a bay garbage him tek up kaci a glenmuir mattress Yanique Nu inna did yah league yah

  7. Mizzican too regular fi Bolt mi love
    He got turnt out so freaks to him thing sad but true
    After the olympics let see who he chooses tho it might surprise everyone

  8. Kasi look so chuck up chuck up uppa top deh but her face pretty. Weh me a wonda is if kasi a go a rio cause with all dem deh pretty gal a brazil me nuh tink bolt wah kasi come block the pums ! Lol

  9. Him dey wid a lawyer girl name Sam for years now and she been keep quiet wha day him have her on him snap in the club a feel up her ass

  10. He should take her to Rio, mi prefer she get dem treatment deh that a female of a diff nationality, mi know it might soun annoying and stressed yes but, we jamaican gal dem mus can live some life too get some pampering too.

  11. Poor Yanique dats why all of ah sudden she ah chat bout she ah hire trainer fi tighten up har body,especially the cement batty weh she did ah try fi wine up Pon lava radio show… Bolt naw come back suh all she ah chat bout she nuh teck nuh slamming from January 2016 im naw backslide like some Christians.

  12. Yes Mitsy did love Bolt yes, during them times deh we use to roll, him did all engage to her. It was real love, no question bout dat. He was very very very kind to her, even brought her to 2008 Olympics in Beijing. She is extremely close with his fam, she’s just like family.

  13. The only woman that Bolt ever publicly acknowledge to the world was the white girl. All those chatty black women, he has never acknowledge. The other day he said he was in a relationship with a girl from old harbour but publish a picture of the two of you not on your insta page but for international press. I still see him dumping all them women and marrying a white girl when he is ready. That’s what they all do; convinced white women are a prize. Why else would he announce just a few weeks ago that he is attracted to Rhianna? He still is looking and still wants to play the field. It will be a shame because him and Kaci look good together but he will break her heart.

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