So Mrs.Suzanne word on the street is that the little baby girl you just had belongs to none another than the one and only Jermaine”Crybaby”Palmer!!!!!So come on Miss Firm Production Promo Queen how true is though??Enquiring minds want to f***!!!!!!Who is the father of your child??And if he is the father of your child how come you can stay posting him on snapchat wishing him the best of health….wishing him a speedy recovery…….wishing him all the best but you have yet to visit him in the hospital or bring him a bouquet of flowers or get well balloons??Last but not least how you haven’t introduced or let Jermaine meet his daughter as yet??When is Lisa go meet her granddaughter??You ain’t moving right at all??And how you haven’t contributed anything to Jermaine’s go fund me account!?!?!?!?!You have the gift of gab so please kindly to talk up!!!!!!!



      1. PP, everthing!
        Poor sentence structure, incorrect punctuations, kmt, and her idlers argument.

        The man is in the hospital (theif, wrong place/wrong time, misfortune,whatever) meanwhile the lady is living her life and caring for her child. Why is this sender concerned with the lady? She sent him best wishes on SnapChat, so leave her be!! Why are you asking about gofundme donations right after you admit that the lady has a newborn? Sender is clueless!! The lady could rightfully be solely concerned with the care of herself and her child. Having a baby is expensive and stressful, especially if a single parent (even with family support) so why the b@mboR@ssCl@ut this sender don’t find something better to do than drag people into bullsh!t with “hear say” argument? Bun mi fi dem man.

  1. But this female look like 50? Sender please to send a better picture. How old is this Crybaby dude? What a mix up.

  2. Ok I’m a bit confused her, this older woman have a baby by this Crybaby guy and I’ve seen pictures floating around of him and he looks like his mid 20’s or early 30’s so what is he doing with a much looking older lady and she having baby by this boy!!! No she must be in the somewhat same age bracket, maybe she live hard life and the age got to her or something, there’s no way this woman have baby by this dude, but could be true though she could be in her 40’s perhaps… But in any event congratulations on your new bundle of joy…

    1. Believe it or not, You have some OLD FOOT out there trying to relive their teenage years so what they do, They pry on the little boys, worthless MOFO them be. You can tell this lady in her old age. Nothing cute about this right here, it is becoming rampant in our community, It sickening to say the least. I have a Son, I cannot tell him where to push him thing but I tell you, These females so thirsty even the Baby on the breast them giving Kratches with hopes these young men will be with them.

  3. This big old stay bad woman stand up in a party every night a hold up flyer she f**k down all a dancehall raw till she breed and dont know is who breed har worthless bitch she all a walk and beg just to keep the baby shower a chicken links the jerk man feel sorry fi har and jerk some leg quarter give har so mi dear u put the jacket on crybaby because u think him have rich nigga problem so now that him a look him from gofundme who u going to put the lill girl on the next runner up kmrt u worthless fi a old woman and yes we all know and laughing at u

  4. Met……Come on….. There is no place on planet earth that is more ratchet than the philly dancehall scene lol. If the philly people were to start their own pink wall it would surpass all the ratchetness for the whole island of Jamaica and every other dancehall area abroad lol. Philly mix up is on a different level.

  5. Miss old lady u clean up the puss shit dem and clean the dirty nasty house that hanna seh sick har off when she was staying with u before u put the baby in there from the hospital grandma u dont fraid the lill gal get sick mi shame fi u

  6. Mi really waan know how and what di woman do is any body business or concern. Obviously unu vex or jealous or just need fi get a life. It’s really sad how unu live like crab inna barrel, that is why as a people we can’t reach no where because unu chat unu one another to the point of disgrace. “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. ” Nuff a unu a chat and need fi look into ur own nasty lives and clean up unu thoughts and grow up. How are we going to be an example to di youth dem when we jus as lost. Unu fi do better man.
    It’s time for change
    Time fi stop watch and chat things we nuh concern unu, and focus on things that does. The senseless violence, scandal, covetousness and badmind is taking away from us Uniting and beating the odds that are already highly stacked against us.

  7. Suzie suzie suzie girl I see you typing above girl but let’s be real you should have been more responsible you know all that etiquette you always telling people you have calling the police on people dance and club is your hobbies both you and Michi boo cause y’all were friends at the time you are the biggest informer in Florida dancehall scene and its just your six a clock come now threatening Lisa culcha to mine the baby now the Daddy is in the hospital fighting for his life and your gonna need dna cause who you don’t sleep with

  8. Nasty gal how u fi put u belly pon crybaby when u did a undercover f**k down di place ,suzie u can’t even pay fi u rent the Appartment ppl did a evict u nasty rass u did a fi walk and beg di $500 fi pay dem so a big old woman like u if u couldn’t find $500 fi u rent how u plan fi tek care a u ” firm promo princes NASTY OLD GAL

  9. Met can u please put this back at the top because this nasty gal a come try start shit wid lisa bout she want money fi baby when she know its a big chance it don’t belong to crybaby bitch go DNA test dancehall

  10. Well, I was a friend of Crybaby for years…I really thought he was a good person, but he stole thousands of dollars from me and told me he’s not paying me back. So I have no comment on the baby issue because him have nuff gyal a road..but him is a f**n thief.

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