60 thoughts on “YANIQUE LOOKS LIKE?

  1. I honestly thought this was photo shopped until I saw she posted this on her page. This body looks like it hurts. She had to have had more work done. This is not normal at all. Its probably hard as a rock.

  2. The only thing yanique can pass in a is dress. She look very awful in jumpsuits and bikini. When she in a jumpsuit she look like she have on a big wet diaper.. in a bikini she look worst. Smh.. mumma u need to do a revision on those surgeries. It’s too much and no longer not a good look.

  3. Is that her tummy tuck scar in pic 2. No yanique you not curvy you one burger away from obesity f**king clown bitch she look hard and nasty and her head look like it don’t belong to the body

  4. Ewwwwwww surgery gone bad. They ruined her hips and thighs. Look at this girl who used to be known for her curves! Look like professor klump madda

  5. And still many are going to say she look good and “WE” badmine…I saw her at drinkers paradise last new years eve in St.Ann and she looked a hot mess and even then, she was NOT this big. SHE IS A SURGICAL and PROCEDURAL DISASTER AND PAINFUL TO LOOK @!! YUCK. She’s a sight for sore eyes.

    1. Saying that she’s a sight for sore eyes means she looks good and you’re happy to see her. Wrong expression mi love.

  6. Good Morning Met, Metters, Peepers nd Others….

    She needs a page outta Stacious book on how to tasteful get something done and exercise to keep it toned up…Yanique don’t look good at all

  7. Look like dem big shine blow up balloons, like those with letters and numbers, why did she wreck herself like that? WAAAAAAY O.V.E.R.D.O.N.E. Can revision surgery really correct this deformity

    1. This isn’t something gym can cure.

      Sad to tell you fans, but I don’t see her being around long. Yanique, you fronting while you health deteriorating.

      You foolish black women won’t see old ago and for those who will you’ll be the nursing home clowns :hammer .

      1. Actually the gym CAN help but I dont think SHE think she needs it. After she spend ALL that money to transfer fat she would be very worried about losing it in certain places.

        Everything need maintainence.

        House, car, infastructure, people. How well you take care of yourself is maintainence. Wash your face, brush your teeth, lotion… You hear how man complain sey some woman is HIGH Maintainence…spa, facials, mani, pedi etc.

        Eat well, do some pushups, situps, squats and cardio to maintain but its always so easy to go to the doctor.

        1. No! it cannot do a thing to adjust what’s happeningto her.

          That stallion thigh will only get muscular and more deform. I’m not going to call the medical term that will be her….somethings me won’t put out into the universe because my opinion of her isn’t personal, more on the surface because she’s a public figure.

          Good luck to her.

          Instead of black women uplifting their generation and communities dem busy a use nazi science fi destroy dem self.

    2. Gym where!? Gym can’t fix that none at all…..look at where her thigh, crotch area & hip meet….where is the crease where the pelvis &hip join…weh it deh? She look like she mek outta rubber….dem legs a walk from fi har knees…so what she need is a brand new surgeon to correct that! Gym whereeeeeeee?

      1. The lycra tights make her legs and pelvic area look weird but, she would look so much better if she lost weight.
        She can be curvy without being obese.

  8. Yanique look like di big blue barrel smh I can’t even tell if that’s her back or her front, Yanique yuh stay very bad god know you’re a hot ass mess

  9. Yanique wanna be a Kardashian so bad the same illness a tek she too. See Kim go do batty reduction wah day after the fat start multiply in her backside. Same thing happened to K Michelle and it’s happening to Yanique. Stay deh, plastic surgery is not as glamorous as they make it look. See that Tiffany girl weh dem say get the full body makeover, her face looks like it hurts when she smiles.

    1. Come here come talk to me cause I was wondering about Tiffany. When mi come pon ig and see this gyal yah body I was like WTF cause from wah me memba her in person she had nice skin but she never shape good. She never have the baby yet and she look chubby and puggy.. mi see she do the breast but I was wondering bout the baddi..cause there is no way that natural

  10. Everybody run go do surgery, that body doesn’t look normal. Jamaicans over do everything, she couldn’t stop with a nip and tuck. Most of them look awful and abnormal, people r not suppose to look at u and automatically know u had surgery, dumb. Them 2 followfashin, the Kardashians have big $ and dem look frig-up because of 2 much surgery. Poor woman like mi self need to invest in a gym membership and stop dashway money

  11. Surgery is all the rage now! Look what Rebecca did her body… blow up her breast and whatever it is that she did to the bottom area me.nuh know. Just no! She pretty doh!

    1. The only surgery Rebecca had was to her breast and of course she does the waist training. Her bottom area is photoshopped but, she’s still pretty without looking like a blow up doll.

    2. Becca has the same push out pelvis area that yanique and the kardashians have. It’s from injecting fat to the hip area to create a shape. They need to understand that fat travels in the body and it goes from the hip to area near the pelvic bone because that’s a natural place to settle. It looks weird AF. Dem need fi stop it!

      Becca is hanging out with that Croatian girl who had an entire face and body makeover. Soon see Becca do her face and shave down her chin too. Dem sick!

      1. Fat does not travel in your body. Where you naturally gain it or lose varies from person to person and where you INJECT it varies from doctor to doctor.

        Fat is a CELL where your body stores excess energy stores and is also used for organ insulation.

        1. Fat does in fact travel and Settle when you inject it in a place where your body doesn’t naturally store fat. Case in point where women inject fat into the top of their ass for projection or into their hips and later on the body absorbs it or it settles into another place. That’s why they have to work out or do micro current to keep it firmed up.

          1. Her body is not the result of fat transfers. All of her weight is perfectly distributed unlike Kim Kardashian and K Michelle who both have uneven thighs and a$$ cheeks. Yanique’s problem is she’s too big. She needs to go on a diet to slim down.

  12. She did look so uncomfortable in the outfit on the videos is like all she a do a pull up the panty so her navel don’t show.

  13. Yanique since you’re reading the comments, I will say that I think you’re a beautiful and intelligent woman and you should put your intelligence on display more instead of your a$$ and breast.

  14. Well if Jmg’s resident quality tester (@realjohncrowbelly) sey Yanique plump,ripe n juicy then it ain’t no biggie or Tupac deal. OverRipe mango still can eat as long as it nuh too fluxy.

    Gwaan through Yanique,you can get IT!!

  15. Yanique if your face was not pretty I swear . Mama you did stay good before why u destroy ur body with these implants .

  16. I know why some commenters are mad…because when women like Rebecca Monifa Tiffanie enter the room u become like chopped liver…so the only thing you can draw for is them body fake..but these girls are very proud of their bodies as u can see they always have it on display. Dem spend dem money just like oono spend money pon fake hair eyelash nails push up bra all types of illusions…the only thing stopping NUFF girl from run go do surgery is cause dem bruk like dog hungry a kill dem. And i will have u know these girls can take ur man on them worst day so ur unpopular opinion doesnt count for anything. As for Yanique…well..I don’t think it looks good but so far it has been accomplishing something…which is getting people to talk and pay attention to her. So hate it or love it she is making it work for her.

    1. Hold up – No one is mad about Rebecca!!! Tiffanie who? and Monifa is a newbie that could pass for a tranny. These girls look like every other girl trying to get a come up an dem affi show off dem body because that’s dem bread and butter. After Rebecca get flap by Anniekay years ago in all department she was determined to find fame at ANY COST and that’s what she did!!! But har long pum-pum weh Met use to point out still look long and not very appealing. My man is very picky and even if him tek some that some extra wear an tear pan fi dem puss not mine. Girl Bye

    2. Neither Rebecca Monifa Tiffanie or Yanique can tek my man. Me nah say dem caan get slap, cocky nah miss dem. But tek? KMT. Rebecca ever have a man weh own her yet? Or Yanique? Gweh yah.

      1. So true an every other month she in love and find har true love DWL……..some of dem weh a run een need to understand that yuh have naturally beautiful, no excess needed confident Jamaican girls over here commenting because we love di tea.

    3. Hope you just as positive when a bloodclot tek dem life like you say dem can tek a gal man. Death because a vanity is forever a fuk and man is temporary !

      Bitch! Yanique unhealthy and it a show pon her ass as sure as an embolism is coming.

  17. What she seh about Rebecca ? Oh please! Seems like something wrong with her bcuz every man she fall in love with Never stays with her. I remember Becca , flat chest, not much hips and no batty. Suddenly batty and hips , she becoming addicted to plastic surgery, and it’s starting to not look good. It’s too much now.

  18. No one said anything bad about Rebecca in fact I said she and Yanique are both pretty so is Monifa but, I don’t know Tiffanie.

  19. Zum? Only three man wid money inna Jamaica??? Why di same man name nuh stop call wid dese women? When it’s not Zum, a Bolt. When anuh dem it’s Money Mike. Crise man

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