So this battyman name Omar Yazif Young who now lives in Irvington, New Jersey leaves his girlfriend of 8 years who is currently pregnant with their second daughter.

This is the true definition of a F**KING DEADBEAT father. He walked out on the girlfriend of 8 years and forgot where he’s coming from. The girl help build him up make him could afford FI buy benz and bike to show off but the dog shit don’t take care of his responsibilities. All the p**yhole does his party every weekend and floss in a dance. The dogshit then take home b*tches from the club and pay FI f**k them p**y. Especially the gal from Poughkeepsie name Anna Palmer and one weh him use to f**k name Moya Dixon aka Moya Goodas who get deported back in December 2016.

11 thoughts on “YAZIF GUH MINE YUH CHILE

  1. Hello sender we over the Anna Palmer stories. Next time you see har just bawl out how yu feel cuz none a wi nuh bizness

    1. Same way suh!Anna Palmer need to summon Annie Palmer from the shadows beyond n give sender a box fi twist her face. Maybe then she will leave her alone.

  2. I’m all for parents taking care of their children because they didn’t ask to be here, most were made in fun. When some of these woman deh wid a man and paying for his lifestyle, rent, child maintenance, self maintenance, car payment, why do they think when they separate he’s all of a sudden going to become this responsible guy?
    These responsible have to be establish during the relationship. Unless he was a real man prior to dating you and just took advantage of a good situation. Chances are he will not help you because he knows you can hold it down. You did it when you guys were together and you can do it now. All if me a man, mi would tell you fi tek the money you use to give me and buy something for our child fi me.
    Bitch get over it, chances are he wasn’t doing it then, so he’s not going to do it now. Now he’s not with you he is worse, he being the worse. You should thank goodness he’s gone.

  3. Exactly Kimlyn Johnson such retarded chick who trying hard to get bk my man so silly stopped we dont care and am 100 percentage that dont give f**k am independent and nun what u say about me is all lies so why should i make u upset me lol u crazy and people OMAR YOUNG IS GOOD MAN WHO TAKE CARE OF HIS KIDS AND I KNOW THAT CAUSE AM THERE WITH HIM AND HOW HE TAKE CARE OF THEM SHE JUST PIST CAUSE HE DONT WANT HER AND HONEY U NEVER BUILD HIM WHEN HE CAN TAKE CARE OF HIM SELF AND WHEN HE HAVE HIS OWN COMPANY STUPID THE MAN TAKE CARE OF U AND U F**KING UNGRATEFUL BITCH THIS REASON MAN RUN FROM YALL SMH

    1. Dutty gal Anna talk what the f**k you know about my daughter and Omar. He takes care of his kids because your there. Bitch you only come around on the f**ing weekend Bitch and that’s when he makes him self available to you so don’t say your there with him because you live all the way in Poughkeepsie you f**king home wrecker. Secondly, she has to chase this nigga for his half of the tuition for my grandchild so talk about what you know trick. Smfh you think you winning and all but that nigga plays room for rent apply within. Every night him have someone else in his house that’s why he don’t answer when you call.

  4. Lol kimlyn gone mad seriously putting your mom into this obvious am winning kimlyn cause who with him now bitch i am get a life u low life puttin your mom in this u sick bitch we have to get u help thou callin me late at night when me and me man makin love see u want attention dont worry we going put it out there for u to talk more shit bitch its sad how u write your mom name into this pretending u is her damn didnt know u was that retarded u know what omar said bitch

  5. Low life bitch u and mother dont even talk u curse of mother she live canada mother who carry u for 9 months and u curse her off style her u dont see have no ambition bitch no reputation seems like u dont work bitch seems like i am your job lol but unlike me got a job i am CNA bitch dont need sell pussy going to class for my RN BITCH so all shit u make up bitch to get attention stop it u looking dumb

  6. Bitch what u need to do is take care of your bills man not doing it no more or help u pay rent when they repo your car bitch who buy u a truck bitch he did man take care shit u very ungrateful time u here waisting time go clean up dirty panty u have in bags for weeks stop call out of work cause u want lay bk in dirty house u nasty gal your pussy must renk lol silly bitch u run down man and all shit him saying about u met can i send in voice note and videos lol let me done this fake bitch all she have a me suck me man dick me a freak me plz me man have no shame in me game guess she mad she cant suck it again lol

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