Reports reaching THE WEEKEND STAR are that dancehall artiste Chino, whose real name is Daniel McGregor, and his beauty queen girlfriend, Yendi Phillipps, have called it quits on their relationship.

After a much-publicised pregnancy, which was announced via social media, the relationship between the two has seemingly come to an end.

Sources close to the couple have confirmed with THE WEEKEND STAR that the two are no longer an item.

Both parties were given a chance to comment on the matter recently and they didn’t confirm or the deny the speculation.

Rumours about the couple’s split began circulating late last year, but when THE WEEKEND STAR approached them about the issue, the couple didn’t say much.

“Where did you get that information from? I am in the middle of something right now and I cannot comment on that,” Chino said before hanging up his phone.

Former Miss Jamaica World (2007) and Miss Jamaica Universe (2010) Phillipps didn’t take up our offer to comment on the split but stated that she was not interested in talking about her personal life with the press.

“I want you to stop using my number to ask me stupid things,” the beauty queen said.

In 2012, just months after announcing Phillipp’s pregnancy, Chino also released a track titled Miss Universe, seemingly dedicated to his then baby- mother.

Phillipps also set tongues wagging after she was seen on the popular morning show, Smile Jamaica, sporting what appeared to her fans to be an engagement ring.

With reports that the couple had split, THE WEEKEND STAR perused their Instagram pages where it was revealed that they were not following each other. Images which previously showcased the couple in happier times had also been removed.

The couple welcomed a daughter in September 2012.


    1. Not a fight. A SHE did a push him fi fight Rosie fi har child. If indeed dem break up (which look so) not in di least surprised

  1. I saw dis coming long time becuz it was a mere one night slam an she get ketch….no love wasn’t there atal from di begining…all she need to do now is keep har legs close and love and care for that beautiful baby girl and see to it dat him support di child.

    1. I don’t know why yuh giving advice…did she ask for any? If the woman wants to fux that is her business, bout keep legs close. The girl is fine as hell and that pusc need fi run, not close.

    2. Keep legs close? Well from what we know about the beauty queen dat might nuh so easy lol…well maybe she did change fi Chino, of not then lets hope ahe does for her child.

  2. Oh Chino tek dung all the photos he had with her off him insta, so did she only leaving one.

  3. Yendi stress afta she have di baby she jus maga so, but she sey ah reggae aerobics and exercise mek she slim so. :maho if dem not together anymore it’s life, ah so it go. She jus ah fi kiss more frog till she fine ha prince :nerd

  4. I notice that the ring is also gone off her finger nowadays and if pictures are really removed, it’s either some kind of a publicity stunt or it’s true. Let us see

  5. Mi sorry fe hear say dem split up still. Dis just goes to show that a breaking up can happen to de best of us – from de likkle humble ooman who quiet like a mouse, to de famous beauty queen who is well – known. What is to be must be. Nah tell nuh lie, mi kinda see dis coming still. Hush !!! It hurt Yendi and Chino, it hurt, but life goes on.

  6. but mi tink dem lef already ..mi too previous an a yesside mi a look pon ar pic wid Asafa and a seh dem DID look good together ……………..

  7. Me no sorry fi har stall. She did a gwaan like har shit a Mek plantain tart. And Rosie less than she. See it deh, now she is just a baby mother like Rosie.

  8. Afternoon metters and Mumma Met.

    But seriously, is anyone really surprised that they broke up? Even Stevie Wonda coulda see dat she did more INTO Chino than Chino was into her? (Who remembers the Jamaica Observer hurry-come-up Interview wid Chino’s face looking blank/bored/disinterested into the whole ting, rarely speaking, and face offering a slightest puzzled look when di interviewer ask bout marriage?)

    Yup…this was expected. Surprising though how their “love” and the whole pregnancy was like the second coming and was much ado (about nothing) and the break-up was oh-so-quiet that is just now Star a realize dat dem mash-up, when chances are dem mash-up from long time? :siul

    Well I bet after this Ms. Yendi will cool har foot regarding publicizing relationship matters, and as for Mr. Chino., a bet di next time him tek a gyal/sidepiece/one night him mek dem sign confidential agreement. :travel

    I wish them both well. Di two a dem can find smaddy dat suit dem quick quick. This will be a learnt lesson by each. Yendi can get any guy she want, and Chino can get a certain kinda gal whe will tolerate him bare-back-buddy :cool

  9. i am WILLING to bet it had to do with her wanting more………….like a big public announcement or wedding ….a so beauty queens galang …arrogant or else

  10. :ngakak :ngakak yes man god no like ugly ..memba wid rosie anyways she will fine another man soon, :ngakak :ngakak

  11. How Chino manage mek Yendi slip outta him hands? The word on the street is that one month ago, Chino McGregor, and beauty queen girlfriend, Yendi Phillipps, have broken up over alleged infidelities, but not by CHINO, mi hear say ah him suspect say ants inna him milk and ah search through phone so SHE KICK HIM OUTTA THE HOUSE.
    After this big much-publicised pregnancy, which was announced via social media, how this one ah go play out over Facebook? Mi hear say Yendi throw him outta the house. What a way Rosie gone back to ground zero?!!!! Rosie man lef her and the club Barbee rounda Barbican pap down . WHOI, THIS HOT!!!!! PS> A NUH ME WRITE DIS A FINE ME FINE IT PAN 876 site

  12. I don’t like how they have decided to handle the media when things nuh good. When they were expecting a child and oh so in love, they both invited, courted and insisted on the media and journalists to broadcast their story. Now when things gone sour, Yendi was really rude to tell the journalist, “I want you to stop using my number to ask me stupid things,”. That is not right. You want publicity you have to accept it in all forms.

    Even on this site, I didn’t realize how much work media and bloggers actually do. Recently I was on a layover in a country that was several hrs ahead, so to ease the boredom I was reading this site. While it would have been graveyard hours in America I noticed new stories being put up. I said to myself, but Met nuh sleep?

    As public personalities, Yendi and Chino should have been more respectful in their responses. Just last year Mother’s Day she reported in the Flair that she would love to have another child this year. So if Flair call her now and ask her that question, what? She plan to cuss them? Smdh

    1. So far the breakup is speculation. If they are having a rough patch in their relationship then she have all rights to say that…we would turn around and call her a liared if she say otherwise…lol

    2. Yes man mi sleep but tell dem :ngakak —.People believe it doesn’t take dedication and precision .. When Yendi ketch di 2nd f belly she run a hype ina di media bad because she know she n Rosie did cool so dat was a bag a guilt why she did a hype…u and people polite out a road dat nuh gi u no excuse fi run in pan dem man/fbuddy…but who was Chino fi really tink sehhhhhhhhhh Yendi was gwine keep it low fi him? Chino memba all a Nannyville Yendi end up! Nuh principle

      1. I just fainted without my hanky…MET! Nannyville? Har leg dem nu long fi nothing a tall…what a long reach down de mountain…lol

        1. mi sehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I already send out fi hear what railyyyyyyyyyyyyy guh dung because all when belly did reach I hear seh one digicel man did velllyyyy upset because he thought he was furder up in line________________________________ my good male fren whey nuh talk bout people did haffi revise har file wid mi to how he was shocked whey him hear from di man dem…some a dem a body ina clothes but dem a nuh NUHBADDIEEEEE

          1. When Asafa tink a him one did a gi maxfield and htb him get a piece a awakening and a neva 9 nite set up

          2. lololol……..she true to her “Ms. Jamaica” title…….lololllllllllllllllll

            BTW, when people who don’t discuss people start wash and rinse info you know yu getting good laundry…dwlnnnnnn

  13. Met mi a watch d flex bout a month now…. Yendi stop wear her engagement ring longtime, all Chino posts on instagram of her come down n him highlight Rosie baby way more than Yendi’s child on instagram

  14. Met to weh me hear is that when the phone search him fine picture and message in dere ohhh!!!! woiiii!!! Clearly this girl yah have a problem! same story everytime!! The cycle continues !!Look next man while she deh with one! Same way she did deh wid the guy weh keep ultra and all lib wid im and a tek asafa under the quite and bap! she eventually lef utltra man yard and move straight inna asafa yawd! Dis girl yah need some guidance me nah lie!!!

  15. And Yendi if u a run in an read dis you know seh a nuh lie me a tell pan u dawlin! As a matter of fact I am being really nice to you cause me coulda all tell the stories from when u used to go school a farrin!! Stay deh gwaan like you nice!

  16. MET al when she lef the ultra man fi asafa she guh back go bun asafa with him! there were even pictures of her a back it up pan ultra man inna club that were quickly deleted I guess before Asafa coulda see dem

      1. another uptown Firestorm brewing……lolol. @ Listen good hold on to you IPad and airport seat dawling….HEH Run it!

  17. mi caw believe dis nice pretty brown skin good up hair uptown girl (sarcastically speaking) nuh hav no puxxy principle?? a lie unnuh tel pon di ppl dem gud up gud up babymotherrrrr (melissa vice) :nerd

    1. Yea miss bitter. Browning and hair mad yuh doe? Lol. Always find a reason to show your insecurities eeeeh. Awwww bwoi. Nobody naw talk bout skin and hair but you run een wid yuh nuff self. You no have a man to go massage. Get di whip cream and strawberries and go deal wid di man. Although you so bitter you probably single.

      1. :ngakak
        y grudge wen it sell a shop? brownin sell inna bakkle, hair sell pon line, insecurities fix by therapists, man sell inna di community fi free, whip cream/strawberries sell a shop an single a wear now :cool

        fi a man yuh bittah gainst ooman an dem mout like yuh wish yuh did hav puxxy yuh neva cum yah widout “try” style ooman, a weh yuh mummah deh? try gwaan maama man :cool

        1. em eva see who nuh seem, a tri hawd fi live up to “har” name weh “she” add a di enn yuh nuh seet oooooooooo :hammer

  18. u kno tifa hav one new song a talk bout any man leff get tie. inna one a di verse dem she a talk bout how har ex a beg her back an want up har body. please nuh tell mi seh a chino and yendi she did a throw har word pon…what a stress!!!!

  19. Di way dem du up Rosie when dem did ah try tek whey di ooman pickney. Pretending they were a stable couple an not a one night stand whey get ketch. Do unto others as you want them do to you. Today fi you tomorrow fi mi……now two single mothers, two baby mothers….blessings on the pretty pickney them though Chino.

  20. Rosie a throw shade out raaas neatly and ladylike …. .pure innocent posts bout r daughter bday …..taking the hi road … sweet mi u see

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