0 thoughts on “YENDI’S LITTLE SUGAR…………

  1. they are both 2 lovely cute little girls

    but i dont think they look alike

    maybe only the chubby cheeks

    Chino makes pretty babies

    wonder who will be the third ?

    Him and Yendi nah get married again ? dem did do big proposal ? i dont memba

  2. it would be she looks like her big sister Peighton…

    and no she don’t don’t see no resemblance at all.. P tek whe everything from chino.. Izzy resembles jahcure n kamila baby to me..


  3. @Anonymous 9:54am if Yendi was as bad as people said then maybe is Jah Cure baby. You’re right she looks just like Kamila’s baby and not Peighton.

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