1. Mi love how dem don’t read ntn weh post this side,however him suda hashtag few names more so Apple cuz a fi har phuckry mek him put this yah status up.

    1. Dwrln…yu right, but me think a de ugly chip up chimmy face robbas who provoke it worst. It say $23k it a wear when har assests no pan out to a nickel.

      1. Chip up wahrahhah? Chip up chimmy? You mean the enamel one dem that Me granny did have up unda har bed? You know what? Between you and Met today has been one of the best EVA. I know for sure I peed on myself from laughing. This is too much :ngakak She say the Robbas lady face favor chip up chimmy, for ALL who memba dem chimmy a Jamaica it is NOT a pretty sight when it chippy chippy and you still a piss in a it. YOW? GOOD BYE.

  2. But Phantom yuh damn outta order mine yuh mek Apple send out more receipts enuh….robbas can’t out duh har yuh mad apple over all spending is…..

    ☻ Dress-$6,091.56 tax included
    ☻ Shoes-$2350.05 tax included
    ☻ Belt-$2,095 plus tax
    ☻ Accessories-$2,500 plus tax (earrings and all)
    ☻ Bag-$20,000 plus tax

    suh come correct is not Robbas bada him as much as she did, wooiieee mi badi,mi caan bada wid de broke nd famous yuh know.

  3. He’s Bitch ass nigger cause is nuff ppl have them house already & just decided to wear expensive clothes & boot . Him watch ppl too much not everybody a scammer thief bout ya ‘ some of us really wok hard & sav so u can’t say everybody that post shoes & clothes is worthless Ina America .

    1. Says a dancehall zutopeck, From HIM to YOU who is in the dancehall as well, Unuh no shame? expensive clothes and boot is not for food stamp holders and people who live in a section 8. Leave him alone, He is one of unuh and he is expressing what needs to be said.

  4. I nah fatten no bloodclaat designer pocket. Designer weh nuh know how me eat or drink, or if mi anus even a work fi push out di refuse. If is was me dem a wait pon fi set on pot white squall teck dem. I not even guh movies in cinemas too much no more, mi guh weh it’s free. Frugal living a dweet inna 2016. Ongle big plan mi hab is a luxurious vacation wid me and di lady weh birth mi, dem places deh mi spend mi money, building lifelong happy memories fi those mi care bout.

  5. The most sensible thing I’ve read since the whole boasting and bragging about them see-queens ballmayne…man kimm possible you have said it all this evening.

  6. Dougie is only saying that because his man Bready died and he can’t afford the hype life anymore.

  7. Lol so a nuh one year yet since di biggest dh celebrity dead? So how come them nuh go put up him statue at his grave for his anniversary of his death? ( one big life size one like bob Marley) Still laughing about how di people dem grudge him fi him Christmas tree and teef it from him.

  8. If me love Dougie one more time….me coulda kiss him pon him mouth fi deh one yah (although he is not too much into the ladies)…..REAL TALK YUTE

    :kiss :kiss :shakehand2

  9. If have yet to see rich people who worth billions post about their wealth,wardrobe and cars.
    Rich people don’t post their business.Declare your educational accomplishments,bank statement,titles or your legal earnings for the last 10 years.

  10. Dougie move yuh stink mouth Bloodclatt yuh wish you Could do it like Apple and Robbas ah true yuh cann do it that’s why yuh days done dougie

    1. So what like dem? If dem did use to anything dem woulda neva so nuff….frighten motherfvucking Friday! They are retarded actually and you must be too….coo pan Robbas criminal record alone….FOH. NOBODY CAN BE JEALOUS OF PEOPLE WHO COME BY THEIR THINGS THROUGH CRIMINAL ACTS. ATLEAST THE MAN HAS A LEGITIMATE JOB YOU ILLITERATE DONKEY. MOVE FROM YASSO MAN! Bloodclaat dunce! What the fvuck are you defending bih?

  11. If you’re a criminal in pretty boot & shoes stop brag…just wear the shit and shut the hell up….that’s what real rich people do…they do not try to show off or talk about the price tag sewer rest degenerate invalid you!

  12. Dougie well said; however, me see you a take trips all over the world, and yuh man bready don’t have a headstone. Him use to make yuh live good!!

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