They chanted anti-Donald Trump slogans. They flooded city streets. They gathered near the White House, disheartened and dismayed.

“Not my President, not today,” many across the nation yelled.
In cities from Boston to Los Angeles, thousands of demonstrators gathered Wednesday night in protest of election results that mean the billionaire real estate developer will be the next president.

As many as 5,000 people were at a protest in New York, police estimated. Among the issues being yelled about outside Trump Tower were immigration and other controversial topics from the campaign.
“I came out here to let go of a lot of fear that was sparked as soon as I saw the results,” protester Nick Powers said. He said he feared Trump will support stronger stop-and-frisk policies that would put many people in prison. He was worried that Trump’s victory would embolden sexist views.
Many of the protests were in cities with large Democratic bases — in Atlanta; Austin, Texas; Boston; Chicago; Denver; Philadelphia; Portland, Oregon; San Francisco, Seattle and Washington.
In Chicago, people walked down a normally busy Lake Shore Drive carrying signs. Many headed to Upper Wacker Drive, where a crowd was growing near the Trump Tower. CNN’s Ryan Young estimated the throng at a few thousand people covering the street for half a mile. Many were using a vulgar chant aimed at the President-elect.
One college student showed CNN a sign that said, “I still can’t believe I have to protest for civil rights.”


  1. he did not win the popular vote she did, that means more ppl voted for her than him, this is the same man that said the electoral college is destroying democracy, she how it benefitted him in the end. never in America has ppl protested a presidential election like this, let’s see how he works to bring together a divided, discontented nation like this.

  2. What will become of all this?? Will he still not be president?? Dutty Trump must be trampled on! but protestings not going no where! Dem need to stop and nuh badda let him let out nuh wrath on the country cuz he has the power to do such! KKK been a bit dormant we nuh need dem uprising!! people must get out dem feelings now and start think abt this man diabolical capabilities!


    1. Di people dem better make sure he does not enter that white house this is really the biggest disgrace this country a face

  4. wtf them gone with the legislature, judiciary, executive dem clean sweep the senate the immigration consultant just said there are certain things that’s illegal they cant do…but lets see, the immigrants on who’s back the country was build have suddenly become the underdog, its said only people south of border is hammered as immigrants white people from all bout (Russians) is welcomed cause of them skin color, me see that long time

  5. From a Canadian point of view, a lot of people in Canada are pissed off (myself included) at him winning the election. Donald Trump being the President Elect was the talk of the day, all day yesterday on the radio, TV, telephone conversations, newspapers, coffee shops, workplaces, banks —– everywhere!!!!!! The average person agrees that Donald Trump being President is like putting someone in a cockpit section of the plane, and telling that novice to fly the plane! Totally insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. See everything the dutty media say oonoo run with it… Boutique is-is celebrating Trump win… Stop watch main stream dirty lying bastard news… Right now Trump have a black woman gonna be Secretary of State…

      1. There are always some blacks who are so daft it makes you wonder. Is mainstream media alone showing the protests? Which president in history ever win and people took to the streets? Mainstream or no mainstream?? You are so dumb to think that media had anything to do with it and you are too dumb to get it. Whether the media backed Hillary or not, Trump is a dumb dimbobot who knows nothing, cant answer a straight question, knows no policies so many people did not expect him to be elected based on the fact that he is so dumb. The media has nothing to do with who Trump is.

  7. My question is, How many of these protesters went out to VOTE? You are flooding the streets but did not flood the polls? ohhh the arrogance of it all. He is already elected, when we should have stayed woke and march to the polls we did not.

  8. CNN (Clinton News Network) Bernie Sanders would of won Trump, but no Teefing Hillary rob Sanders… Tun round bite her in her arse now… Teef will not prosper…
    People fearing all kind of made up bulls hit being reported on dirty juncrows CNN… Same thing when Obama was elected the some white people were fearful saying Obama gonna do them bad etc… False information is a hell of a thing….

    1. They were racist and spoke that way not because of Obama’s track record but because of his color. No comparison but ur skull is that sick so I dont expect u to get it

  9. I can Met. This is America, one of the most racist countries in the world. When I went to work yesterday, to my disbelief,90% of the docs and big execs were appalled and 2 female docs walked out of the conf rm crying and they’re white. I see civil umrest in the near future. Trump won the battle but Di war NO ova yet. The election was rigged. A small part of me wants him to ruin american even thou, I’ll be affected too.

  10. OONU say USA is a racist country, yes it has been racist long before Trump, it is racist even with a black president… It is a racist establishment, now Trump come in the place to tear down the corrupt establishment, the establishment is corrupt in many ways not just racism… Bernie was going to do it but he is weak needed a stronger financed person… Half of Bernie voters voted for Trump cause they share some same sentiments… Hillary Obama Bush all owned by the establishment, Trump has his own money therfore needs not to give favors to the corporations in return for donations…
    Trump has a black woman lined up to be Secretary of State her name is OMAROSA.. check her out on YouTube or Google or whatever

  11. @anonymous 10:37am..every post you on cheering for trump,is what him promise you a seat in the house to lick off him orange balls dem.

  12. Lol yes Ms Met, big up uself still, hard to blame u cause the brainwash media have oonu a way!!! Time will tell still… U will see it was all lies about rednecks taking over, KKK taking over, and all the other stupidness u have been fed… Thankfully some black and Latino folks woke up in time to realise the lies and voted for Trump…

    1. If any brainwashing gwaan a trump brain wash me..His words repulse me but I do know that there are some people who cannot be repulsed.

  13. You see that 10 year old girl in 10 years I would date her….if Ivanka wasnt my daughter I would sleep with her…I am f**en sick to my core…..I hope to God that someone will reveal that the election was rigged because nothing else makes sense. You notice how trump very very quiet….unlike him….wonder why….canada immigration site crashed twice…..this is f**ken madness….I will be boycotting anything american…..mi wah america feel it…..eeeeeediot trump think putin a him friend???????????? DWFL…….Putin eyeing Alaska fi how much years and if eeeeeediot trump think we a go give him it he mek a sad mistake…….this cannot be real…2 kinds of ppl supported trump……hillbilly kkk dunce illiterates and the filthy stinking rich……this was nothing but a backlash for having a black president point blank period and also because Hillary is a woman….before trump go figure out why him act like him wah f**k ivanka and hate him daughta tiffany…..TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR THIS SAVAGE F**K RIGHT OFF.

    1. Well him was 24 when melania born :ngakak :ngakak

      Escort turn 1st lady and a crooked elitist turn predident Oooooo….the white house turn pit toilet and merika revert back to its core :travel

      Marie :kiss


  15. OMAROSA has been kissing ass and licking balls, but never in this lifetime will she ever be secretary of state. That’s willful thinking on your part. She needs to not insite riot or her ass will be in jail bedore she can say. I swear.

  16. America is going to be the laughing stock of the world. Reporting on his foreign trips and his speeches will be front cover Enquirer news for years. Racism got him most of the votes but watch the arms house when they realise that he will never be able to deliver on half of what he promised. Dem same ones are gonna turn on him.

  17. @ANON10:37 go bathe u nasty rass trump daddy was KKK he was raised by them god father uncle , the r#9 is put on the application fi black people their application’s are refused he was taken to court and fined, him say put black people at the back a the casino an dem no fe count him money, now HIM ON TV SAYING OBAMA IS A GOOD MAN


  19. From the 1st time him open him shity mouth we should stop this dogshit. Its a little too late because all this protest soon stop.

  20. We all r a little late. We should I have protest the 1st time him open him shit mouth bout him ago run,n when u sey him can grab women by the pussy, n when him dis Hillary on the debate him heading to most important office in the world to governor us. Omg help us all

  21. Unnu a worry bout Trump? Kmt him handlers soon muzzle him rass. Watch the puppet masters work. And yes mi is a conspiracist bcuz if him win with all the BS and “white power” fist pumping inna him front row it cudda only be from the powers that be. Yup them av an agenda and mi just av a funny feeling its the 2nd amendment dem a pree. Sir Barack was too soft, the mass shootings and killing of blacks never spark the flame good fi the civil unrest fi dem fling martial law pon the land. So unnu ago say Heavy u tek it too far but unnu look past the news and look pon the local news dem with the heap a military scenario training dem kip inna the last couple years cross merica. The heap a fema camp drills etc. But mi use to fi get called names and laughed at from mi a pickney. But most times mi get the last laugh. But honestly something smell fishy behind the scenes.

  22. Met mi love u, can u pls tell some ppl don’t come over here with the rubbish. Trump didn’t like OMAROSA but him didn’t want to come n say it n she was dramatic in the show so she last.he would never never use her as the coffee lady in the white so plz bout ( secretary of state) n if him use a Black person she would as a puppet to him jus to soften him to come across like him not racist which we know better. Met big up

    1. Mi nah seh nothing ooooooooo cause some black people dont like demself so dem go push up pan white people whey dem know dont like dem needa….As dere is a God I never know so much stupid people in the world. The person really believe seh omarosa could be secretary of state :nohope:

  23. If this was Obama get vote in and people say not my president you would a cuss and gwaan but because it’s Trump you support the dumb millenial protesters.

    Stop believe main stream media. Project Veritas, Wikileaks. Read and watch and learn.

  24. Congrats President Elect Trump. You stood and took the hits from social media, the talk shows, the mainstream news channels etc. They all mocked and ridiculed you, called you stupid, crazy and eveything else. Your supporters were also branded as morons and I think this was one of the main reasons the polls were so wrong. The media made you look stupid if you said you were voting for Trump,so these voters gave their true answers at the polls, instead of in an interview. And even now there are so many people saying that their questioning what kind of America this is and saying they don’t know how to explain this to their kids and stuff like that….. seriously? THAT’S DEMOCRACY at work ladies and gentlemen. It doesn’t cease being a democracy because your side lost.
    So why did Hilary lose?
    1. Some Americans were not ready to elect a female president.
    2. Hillary’s campaign seemed to be centered around telling people to vote for her simply to keep Trump out of the Whitehouse, instead of spending more time highlighting her positves and what she would bring to the table.
    3. Many people just don’t like Hillary
    4. Trump tapped into the forgotten demographic (the White Male). Remember them?
    5. Christians have been hurt during the Obama years and they were fed up. Their religious liberties took a big hit by things like ģay marriage, people losing their jobs or being sued simply because of their religious beliefs, Satanic Temples going up in certain places while the Ten Commandments came down and other things.
    And please don’t think that if I had a vote it would be for either party. Nope, my vote is for RASTAFARI. I’m simply thinking out loud here and trying to process this amazing event.
    Anyway, let’s see how his presidency unfolds. I’m interested to see if this indeed lines up with end time prophesies. Keep awake everyone, a whole lot of things are happening and only time will tell.

    1. You know Rasta a one a di most conflicted religions pan di planet because no one knows exactly what they stand for. Right now u have nuff batteyman whey a ras…just to show u the state of rastafar-nuff I. Satan worshippers were there long before Obama and will be there after him. Christians have become overzealous especially the ones that work in public office. If you are working for the public u cannot impose your religious beliefs on them it is just not right. Privately is another matter and the constitution was not written by obama and it is the constitution that gave them the right to sue. I will say it again, Trump is a clown, ADHD clown who cannot focus for more than 30 mins at 71 years old. He attacks any and everyone because he feels he is privileged to do so. He has shown pig qualities and lacks emotion and empathy. If this is who you are congratulating it shows why you are for RASTAFAR-NUFF-I. Pig seh mama why u mouth so long and she seh by and by you shall see..Rastafar-nuff-I have whole heap a I so you shall see that nothing that trump says he can do he will be able to do. Because he does not have ultimate power

  25. LOL…If you guys survived through Nixon, Regan, Clinton, Bush and Obama you’ll be just fine with the new guy too!!! Everyone please just calm down and recognize that he or she would have only brought more of what’s been fed to us all our lives….. My reality today and tomorrow will be the same as it was yesterday and during all the presidents that have come before..

    1. The new guy who does not know Aleppo which shows that he doesn’t watch the news but he so much enjoys being in the limelight. May God forgive me truly but I would want him ketch a nice heart attack. Trump does not have one good bone in his body.

  26. One time dem interview trump when his last son was born and dem ask him if him change diapers and that man give dem a look and seh no why would he. Someone who cannot relate pan a basic human level dem put fi represent people? Thank God for Pence cause at least Pence is somebody but trump is really a nobody in orange suntan spray.

  27. Based upon the founding fathers of these 2 nations USA/RUSSIA it is impossible for a woman to become president..Donald was selected and not elected and the whole inside system knows that..
    For the Rockerfellers and other important elites this is a game its just a very serious one. The elites control the Four Horse Men, which is the evil terrorizing the nations through banking/politics/warfare/media.

    1. Den Hillary who has been a so called ”insider” wouldnt know dat and know fi fi nuh run? Bwaay uno conspiracy theory dem tun right up. Russia rigg di city but it soon bus out

  28. Come on Met have some respect because i respect you..
    You know that the hair is one thing and the livety is the next..
    So to see a gay man with locks and call him a RASTAMAN IS WRONG..
    I kno u understand what I’m saying very well..
    And plz don’t disrespect no tradition or religion..
    Have some respect..Thanks.

    1. No, the hair shows the livity. People do not respect the religion because it has no path and no real direction. Do u see anyone going around with the jewish cap for style or wearing the hasidic jew hair do as style ? No and why? Because there is a level of respect and people would protest that religion..Not because they are white but because dem is a religion. What livity does rasta really have? Im not disrespecting them and wouldnt but they are not a true movement , someone can jus lock dem hair and seh dem a rasta there is nothing to show apart from that

  29. I am in now way a Trump supporter i was just making a point.
    Hillary is evil and Trump is evil so which is the better
    Its best we calm down and drink some coffee he will be the president for the next 4yrs..
    Not my fault mi neva vote one time inna mi life yet and it won’t happen!

  30. “I will say it again, Trump is a clown, ADHD clown who cannot focus for more than 30 mins at 71 years old”
    Yup thats true but he will also be ur next PRESIDENT for 4yrs if you live in the USA.
    Like it or not rasta christian muslim jew chiny indian black white latino.
    Im really sorry but its the harsh reality.

  31. There is plenty of claims but very little evidence provided. Again, we have no evidence that Russia was involved, other than the foolish attempt by the democrats to deflect attention from the wikileaks emails exposing their foul play. I challenge anyone to read those emails regarding Bernie’s campaign and then seriously tell me that the democrats didn’t bring this on themselves.

    It is too simple and convenient to blame the vote on ‘racism’. It is much more nuanced than that and branding people as racist when they have genuine grievances does nothing to win their vote or allay their fears.

    This new censorship of people by branding them as ‘racist’, ‘homophobic’, ‘transphobic’ or similar is a dangerous tactic and not one in keeping with the spirit of free speech. Not everyone will hold a view you agree with or agree with yours. That is the world.

    Crying like spoiled children will not change it. The millennial generation seems unaware of the real world and seems to live in a ‘like’ driven virtual reality.

    The reason Trump won is because the DMC went against their own supporters choice. If you want to be frustrated at someone be frustrated with them. All this marching in the streets is just foolish and misguided and won’t last longer than a few days.

    The people voted.

    1. I never asked u or anyone to agree with me, you said there are no claims to his racist behavior , I mentioned why I think he is. It is OK if u dont agree but dont try to discredit what I say ..opinions are opinions but discrediting facts presented/mentioned by someone is blatant disrespect and not only that it is infuriating and annoying. Trump does not support free speech so you should be used to that by now too

  32. Also Met I must say I am a big supporter of your site, but I find your comments about Rastafarians to be unkind and unfair.

  33. Yes jus like how u can just dip inna water and come up christian..
    lol..U have a nerve to mention the Jews that u know nothing about but you are so afraid to mention the Christians..
    Talk about the religion that u grew up with yes the same religion that rapes little boys on the pulpit,the same religion that promotes war,the same religion that started the crusade,the same religion that TRUMP FOLLOWS..LOL..
    Yuh site coming just like Trump..Bias nuh bloodclot..

    1. Christianity means followers of Christ and it has many divisions and religions for one..I know no christian who wear anything pan dem head permanently or semi-permanent. Jews were mentioned solely because they wear their cap/hat and wigs as part of their religion..I know no christian denomination that does that but if you did not see that as the reason why I referred to jews your reason for discuss is off. Trump like many christians can say who they are but dont display those beliefs . One of the greatest teachings of christianity is humility and contriteness so he is one big joke.

    2. Yuh cudda chump foam till u weak..Christians can dip ina water and come up YEPPPPPP..But rasta locks up and use di same bible whey we use fi tell we how fi dip and come up. Rastaism is a big fallacy sorry. Every sect have a means but if u meet fifty rasta they give u 500 different things…If they were a true sect batteyman wudden go tek up dem locks because di respect wudda tall

  34. Yes sure sweetheart go ahead, u are entitled to voice ur opinions and disgust of the USA next President Donald Trump..

  35. Christian means followers of means you and Chump a follow Jesus then..
    You can’t disrespect Rasta in no way shape or form aid yuh careless life..
    Have a good 4 years with the President.. Ur attitude tells where ur from!
    You can’t have a civil discussion,without mentioning batty man,which you do hit out against and promote at the same time..
    Plus its not all the time u have to remind me that u where born in the outside toilet down town when rain was falling..

    1. Rastafarians use the bible hence they are also Christians because they are following the teachings of Christ. Where one is born has little to do with if one fell on the head during birth to which seems to have happened to u. I just said that Rastafarians have 500 different ways and here you are disassociating rasta from followers of christ and rastas do read and use the bible…U see di big contradiction? :ngakak go on

  36. Met your site is usually fair but I feel you have lost perspective. You dismiss rasta and make negative comments about them, you say it’s your right to make comments about trump, well then it’s also others right to have their say and support him. You are trying to impose your view on everyone. Some do not agree with you.

    Promoting hatred and discourse will not help anyone least of all the jamaicans in USA.

    Also, if USA is so racist, why do so many black people flock there? I notice none of the so-called celebrities who claimed they were going to leave if trump got it, have actually followed through with their threats.

    A shame, as I am looking forward to Cher moving to Jupiter and Lisa Dunham getting lost in Canada.

  37. “Christians can dip ina water and come up YEPPPPPP”
    Are you ok?
    Yuh sound ignorant like dung a town pon friday.
    All the dip you a dip yuh can’t come up and sey YEAAAHH..Yuh only a come up an a watch and chat people business..A mussi yuh mouth alone GullyBopTize.

    1. I only repeated what you said and say yeppppppppppp/yes/ yeahhhhhh / yah because it seems as if u were mocking christianity when rastas use the same bible. It is funny..Dont call me ignorant please because it makes you look more foolish. As to me watching people business,its my watching of people’s business that brought the likes of you here..whats your issue ? :ngakak

  38. You seem to have no problem with homophobia but you complain about racism. This is a huge double standard. It seems that you are selectively discriminating.

    1. :ngakak I am being selective? It is really funny when some people see that they dont have a point how they start reaching and adding tangents to a discussion. If you want to say white people buying oil from Nigerians n calling them not racists means that you have blocked out slavery all together. White men bought/brought slaves from Africans that is where slavery began. Slaves were a commodity and oil is a commodity it has nothing to do with one’s personal perception of an individual but I dont expect u to get that.

  39. @ Met, I’ve been a dedicated follower of ur site from it started, but I’ve never heard you speak in such disregard about religion

    I think what you say about Rastas is disrespectful and inaccurate. There are those who exploit and shame themselves in every religion, look at Mormons who say black and white people go to different heavens.

    Religion/spirituality is any man or woman’s relationship with the Almighty God so we can’t write off an entire belief system for how some misinformed people choose to internalize and interpret the message.

    There are just as many confused Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Confucians, Atheists, Universalists, etc. as there are Rastas…so why so much vitriol for them?

    As fi people and dem religion, mi stay outta dat. Let Father God decide who Him a go tek and reject. Our job is to live in love as His Son has taught us.

    Wow…just wow! yes a dat mi seh…wow!

    1. I cannot converse with people who cant decipher what a line of argument is because frustration will lead to many different things. My opinion of rastafarianism is just that , I would never tell anyone not to believe in it and I do not and cannot decide who goes to heaven and who does not . I said the religion is contradictory hence the reason why it is disregarded. Please do not misconstrue anything I have said thank you.

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