UNCERTAINTY surrounds whether or not veteran deejay Ninjaman will appear on Sting — the popular one-night reggae/dancehall stage show — which is set to unfold at the JamWorld Entertainment Complex in Portmore, St Catherine, on Friday night.
The ‘Don Gorgon’ confirmed his withdrawal from the annual show and told the Jamaica Observer that his decision was based on threats on his life over comments made regarding Internet sensation Gully Bop in media interviews.
“Mi deh a studio yesterday and a bag a Grants Pen man come fi gang me and mi jus’ jump inna mi car and drive away ’cause mi nuh inna dat deh life,” said Ninjaman.
He said that prompted him to inform his management team to return the money paid by the Sting organisers.
“I’m no longer affiliated with Sting… I’m not on the show ’cause violence is not my style, war is not my style, disrespect is not my style. Entertainment is not my style,” said the deejay, who is known for his biting, on-the-spot lyrical prowess.
However, Sting boss Isaiah Laing is declaring that he has no official report that Ninjaman will not be appearing on his event
“He’s still on the show as far as I know,” a calm-sounding Laing said in response to the Observer’s queries. “All the required money has been paid over to the artiste and he is expected to be at JamWorld on Boxing Day,” he continued.
But Ninjaman is adamant that he will not be on the show.
“Dem a try draw me back inna the ting but me nah take no more disrespect. Mi a big man now. January 24 mi a 49. Mi done with the careless life. I’m moving ahead steadfast, mi done with Sting. Even if them give mi $200 million mi nuh want it.”

38 thoughts on “YES MAN….NINJA SAY NO STING

  1. “Dem a try draw me back inna the ting but me nah take no more disrespect. Mi a big man now. January 24 mi a 49. Mi done with the careless life. I’m moving ahead steadfast,”…Best decision dat yuh coulda eva mek Ninja Man, very proud of you..doe mek dem draw yuh out nor drag yuh down tuh fidem dogshit lowlife good fe nutten level…deal wid dem differently *aaahemm, clears throat*.. :heart: :heart: :2thumbup :kiss

    1. Dem too lie…I see people a talk bout Gully Bop and Ninja used to do show…This is a lie mi never see him before ina mi life other than these days..Ninja would not lie or hide it say dem used to work or dis him..Is dem call Ninja name first and lie fi mek problem

      1. Metty, me ago sit back ah watch di ride wid Mr. Gully Bop…Ninja Man neva mash up im life…ah di crack cocaine mash up im life, ah dat mi ah seh!!! can you blame ah man fe your own poor decisions and downfalls, when ah you decide fe light up di coke? ah smoke??…come ansa dat you fuhcking coke head junkie…as much as mi love mi Ninja Man, him coulda neva go me NUH coke fe smoke..NONE!!!…cause me woulda know seh dis aguh mash up mi head ah fuhck up mi life, and that is just not a risk that I am gonna take for NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!…but mek im gwaan man, but for his sake, I hope he’s coke free and rehabilitated *clears throat agains* :siul

          1. Dat uthafuhcka prolly sold everything he owned *including his teet dem* fe feed him coke habit…GET THA FUHCK OUTTA HERE AND MISS NINJA MAN WID DI BULLSHIT!!! :ngakak :ngakak

  2. Met: a joke ting, him fi move him rassclaut bout change man,, suh Kartel a wicked man and Ninja a saint?????????Sting a musical war,,him a try change up di ting,,Joe a tell Ninja nuh fi clash and just perform cause him a try spite Laing,,Gully Bop and Ninja use tuh par,,and Ninja seh pan iriefm dat Gully get di coke from him,suh something wrong fi seh dat,,if Ninja clash Gully Bop di only looser a him,Gully Bop seh Ninja a him friend and juss a musical ting,,but Ninja diss him hard,,suh of course di man dem fi show him seh,Grants Pen man a back Gully,, Jamaica way!!!!!! again people,, Sting is Clash,all of a sudden yuh waan water di ting down,nuh body nuh waan see Ninja perform,,straight war,worst mi a sneak back inna mi country,, War War!!!!!!!

    1. Suh if Ninja Man had access tuh cocaine,* as many in the industry do, let’s keep that in mind*ah who tell Gilly Bop fe guh sample it ah get hooked????

      1. Giddy Bop, come ansa dat fimi PLEASE!!…cause as far as me’s concerned, you a ddi wuss kinda smaddy fe deal wid cause yuh nuh tek responsibility fe your poor decisions suh yuh quick fe blame ah next man…

  3. Ppl igle een man. Grants Pen man dem nuh hab nutten fi do? Look like dem nuh hab gun peas fi shell and sorrel fi sawt out dis Christmas.

    1. Yow Troston. Stop gwan like u no c say a try dem a try bait up the gargan and the man dun have mudra case ova him u expect star fe clash Wid star apple.u a 13 youth dat mean u know the legacy way ninja have inna dj bizness. How come dippy bat a talk bout lyrical war and meck some little punk from grants pen a try and u know say if a did one time a gunshot fe gunshot.

  4. Same suh 13. One bag a igle man a try draw di Gawgan inna dem fukkry. Ninja a try beat a case an di new boss have him close. Ef a one time gunz out and poppin.

  5. Have we forgotten the GREAT* Ninja Man.Look how much people him bad up and disrespect,violate and call out fi war over the years and the one time a man call him out him a ball like baby it seems like him figet how him spread him bed..
    Did he?
    I think this is about his 3 or 4 murder case b4 the courts since he was born.
    BUT HE IS CRYING LIKE A BITCH because grants pen and wackle pen dawg dem page him cause him a run off him mouth 2 much..
    Thats why Kartel baxx him dung him chat 2 much.

    1. No its you have forgotten..U call name a who Ninja disrespect…Ninja go pan stage go clash he was never a man fi walk and dis people especially if they dont trouble him..That is a lie..LAING does the same thing every year him pick an artiste fi violate…yes he can say clash but dont walk and spread lies pan di man that is out of the game..His cases what do they have to do with the music though? Him never mix that and his music yet

      1. Where u see Ninja walk an dis artiste?? smh nuh dweet speak truth dont twist half truth with lies…Laing time up now he is now being seen for the crookedness that he is…Ninja never do a betta ting

        1. Attention some people ah look but dem need fe guh look it elsewhere LOL!…big up yuhself Ninja Man cause imitation is the best form of flattery…

  6. Nuh real badman nuh bizniz inna dj war, a som likkle hurry com up hype looking ass niggaz dem deh….ninja have him murder case a gwaan an him si seh di system change up plus wah happen to kartel unu tink di man a fool fi teck bait up?

  7. and I will say again Laing was one of his bigger supporters when he was totally cracked out..
    About 8yrs ago Ninja Man was totally f**ked up living in St Mary him have bar bill from Three Hills to Port Maria no good tyres on his car or good clean clothes finger nails duty like boot, mouth chaka like dawg,plus him frowzy,NO LIE**its the same wife wha him beat up family use to tek care of him and I’m not asking this i know this.
    So humble yuself ninja man ur not different from Gully Bop u guys are two poor youths that with talent that rose to fame maybe u did it first or whatever but the fact still remains.
    Really and truly yuh can’t hype Pon gully Bop or Laing.
    Dont mek di benz fool yuh a taxi mi si dem a run a italy and sweeden and remember sey Wid all di money yuh a dash back Laing house is bigger than yours and its in a more prestige area..

    1. okro tee what ninja do u? u must be a part of gully bop clique cause u going in hard on ninja. at the end of the day like it or not a ninja man the people dem a sey! and gully bop na stop nor top dat!!!

    2. are u talking about the same family weh tek weh di whole a him tings n run weh cum a farin cum a live big life? about 8 yrs ago (not so sure if the time frame) u cyaan tell mi ntn bout dat cuz a deh suh mi did live…kmfrct…him beat Keisha yes, n yes him fling di kid through the window, him wron fi dat but a wa him personal life affi do wid music…kmrct…

  8. Okro ask laing which artist put the most money inna him pocket!from cinema one days till when ninja did coke out laing did affie help cause laing know a who was him money cow.which other artist laing did a go fly go America go pay 1/4 mill bail money far, cause if him no deh a sting no money naw go how laing fe a send mad man fe go clash legend.tell laing doh be ungrateful cause him did always need the ninja more than the ninja need him.

  9. Listen mi!! Ninja just fraid di Bop because Bop promotion nuh normal. Him fawod fi him entry alone ago flatten sting and him have di likkle sample lyrics dem wa can give ninja a run. Laing a f**k monkey or someting because nuh care how sting look like it ago flop something always come up ina fi him favour which him afi grab and run wid it a yeartime. If mi a promoter mi ago do do same. Ninja know laing love him and a just and know seh nuh man nuh rush him him too F-ing liee

  10. OK so since laing so profusely good. Okee tea r whatever u name. Or not wondering y so much artist nah do him show. Noo Beenie no bounty no Anthony b no sizzla and the list goes on. Can u really try bad up n force someone to clash u if u don’t want too. This f**king scrawny gimmicks man get a lil buss from Jamaicans n come a call up everybody name like a big crotch gal

    1. First Laing did not want to pay Ninjaman what him ask for…Then him pay it and as soon as him pay it a Gullybop dat start run wid Ninjaman name like Laing bed and a tek out Ninja money wha him pay pan di situation..Dem say Laing weak him doe know wha fi do right now :ngakak
      Okra Tree , I glad Laing have a house all a di money dem whey him tip offa di pay whey di artiste dem fi get

  11. this come in like when you a child and them put stone in the middle of your hand and some one hit it out of your hand and who ever the stones hit thats the person you should fight.
    badmanism, bullyism, if you come test me, i must not back down or resist you or that person will be called a sissy. tell them to clash over issues thats affecting black people all over the world instead of lyrics talking about suck you mother, suck you puxxxxy.

    1. true words. dem fe clash bout poverty illiteracy man a batty man gal a lesbian drug addiction mental illness poor dental hygiene. i agree

  12. Laing help which ninja dat? Dah blogga deh mussi a imagin tings lol a years ninja a work sting fi free….. poor ppl take dem last guh spen a sting a year time an mi Neva si Laing inna nuh garrison a spen back money inna nobody dance yet, nuh artis nuh like Laing, not one loll

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