1. Did he just say “Abayyy”…..Mi raasclaat. Hear him all start talk like Chin. Fi all who did a say him seem humble….well it looks like Chin f**k or suck weh di humbleness. Di hype is shining right through. Smh. It’s a pity. Chin tek up dis man an tun him ina one poppyshow cause right now him look high a f**king kite. Him betta don’t go on Sting and act like that. If Ninja really said “No Sting” ….mi nuh blame him. Going on Sting to perform against dat right there would be a step down for Ninja. I’m not saying Gullybop nuh have lyrics but good lyrics and a bad attitude don’t match. Tek ur head outta Chin pusst Gullybop and see what’s really going on. You’re feeding HER HYPE…..not YOUR CAREER.

    1. Cita, humble mi bloodclaat!!!…dis man is so transparent ah fool like…ah come ah talk bout Ninja Man geem crack ah mash up him life; did anybody put ah gun tuh him head ah force him fe duh drugs???..same hype weh mash up him life back den aguh come full circle ah mash up him life again cause him nuh know nutten bout humility…NUTTEN!!!…Cita, fe all we know, she might ah feed feem hype as well :siul :siul :siul…self destruction at its best…again!!!…di jancro dem soo start circle roun him…

      1. Yeppie u so right. But him is like a puppet on a string. And not in a good way either. The man they saw fixing the broken fan and dj-ing is the man the world fell in love with. Where has he gone???? Cause mi a look look look an cyaan see him. :cystg :cystg :cystg

        1. Cita, all mi ago seh is Chin is ah smart fuhcking girl…I would neva want smaddy like she roun me when times are good nor bad, cause she is in it for self gain…I coulda si if she was honest an seh yea mi si di man ah gwaan wid tings suh mi decide fe hop pan board cause mi si seh him have potential ah mi wa geem ah try ah clean im up and ride out wid im, but no..she ah jump pan board like ah love she love im plus already pregnant??????..nuh wa day him jus get ah buss??

  2. What ah way dis fuchking crackhead ah come hype up himself allav ah suddens DWL!! *maybe that’s still the crack talking* :hammer :hammer :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  3. What a way him get hype, gully bop we not gonna hear nuttin about u as soon as sting done, and as for chin, it look like man really did done pon all u, for a pretty girl u don’t have nuttin bout u, ur nasty.

  4. Frighten fe di Chin when Chin look like she cyaah even stand im bloodclaat; girl, it is written all ova your face, your body language says it all, you are extremely uncomfortable around him but I will give credit where credit is due…you are a very VERY smart girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

  5. Mettyyyyyyy…mornin….mi luv yuh…….bop sey ninja a liad fi di year…….ninja unbalance….mi caan baddaaaaaa….ninja yuh matches box wet an nah strike…..look here bop leave mad ninja alone plz…….mi caan laugh nuh more…..

  6. Mettyyyyyyy…mornin….mi luv yuh…….bop sey ninja a liad fi di year…….ninja unbalance….mi caan baddaaaaaa….ninja yuh matches box wet an nah strike…..look here bop leave mad ninja alone plz…….mi caan laugh nuh more…..

  7. Giving him a few months caaz him nuh have no lyrics him rhyme like a little 5th grader it’s just the sting hype sorry fi him when sting dun

  8. No man Gully Bop a get too bright with it now d hype a get to im head. Me did rate him when him just buss but now me no know. Dont dis d elder Gully Bop memba where u a come from cos u can go back there afta d 15 mins of fame done so enjoy it while it lasts. Leave Ninja Man alone him a veteran inna d clash bizness n d man dont inna ur class. Such a pity cos u can c dis man have a substance abuse problem das y some ppl haffi stay where dem dey is not everybody caan handle fame b careful Gully Bop:)

    1. Him ah behave like when matey wa war wid wifey but wifey naah piss nor spit pan dat!!! waste of time and energy..Mr. Gully Crack Bop, Ninja Man naah look!!!!!!!:ngakak :ngakak

  9. This really annoy mi inna d morning yah. Dis yah mad man go do interview acting like a f**king idiot. And dah nasty gyal deh. A better she put har mout a grung dan pon gully bap mout. Eeeeewwwww. Bout career

  10. And is him first start call Ninja man name. Maybe him did a look a hype offa Ninja name cause if him tell ppl him know Nunja him would get more ratings. Then all of a sudden him start diss di Ninja???? I listen Ninja interview OnStage an him come a loooong way in terms of interviews. He spoke very well and intelligent and every ting him say mek sense. Gullybop soon turn Gullyflop if him nuh careful. Smh.

  11. At minutes 7:11 to 7:19 it nuh look like she a “discretely ah wipe are jaw? She put up har hand as shia laugh and den d hand mek way to ar jaw n a wipe. Unnu look fi mi por favor. Also, the “interviewer” mek Bop run d entire interview. Das not how it goes son smh

  12. Gully bop u are jus the next cliff twang and rosie. They all went to sting and hype died after sting. If him mek it pass April ill be shock. Try go voice 3 song or write some song fi keep the money breeze blowing caz as money done, Chin ur smooth skin like a light bulb ooman goooooonnnneeeeee no return. If she really a breed, child support coming for you, look out fi it.

  13. The sad thing is, with the proper professional management team. He could have a fairly successful career. Now this parasite come along, not bad looking and poor ole Gully head get giddy and before career start, him ago mash it up. Gully look like him have the I Q of a gnat. And easily led astray by someone with basic intelligence.

  14. Mi did think GB was humble calf…a guess him figet bout di milk and all. Too much hype..smdh. Well is who hengrage who now? dat gurl, dat gurl Shauna, u si dat gurl, dat gurl Shauna…..She going to be di death of that man “career” God forbid, but larks man. Guh lid dung and chill fi sec..So tieherrrrrd of it now.

  15. mi no care bout him love, she cyaan tek wah herself bout mi love di country man story … big up gully bop bop stop focus pon ninja man build n do you mek good music mek people happy

  16. name one dancehall artist who did focus pon di hype life who have something now. my yuh build n learn from di past do good music stop mek diss eediat gal get inna yuh head. nuff people a wait fi seh you seeit anadda hype monkey. yuh old man yuh get a second chance put it to good use or yuh ago fall harda next time guh get yuh family together. dass why di marley dem a tek all a dollaz di rest a artist dem a pick up di cents dem.di world a watch n wait

  17. Da bwoy yah ting too lean up n shaky……. how him a taak a gwan like girl so….. dah bwoy yah luv suss too much….. mi nuh wish bad pon nubady, but da yute need fi know himself….. him fi know seh him nuh buss, him nuh big n him n nuh star. Him frighten fi gyal…. an all dem gyal deh ting soil fi life… nubady else nah touch dat agen..
    So Gully Bop, gwan do yuh ting, but jus kno seh yuh fi stay humble to di ting…. jus role eezy, yuh jus staat eat food.. MET, big up yuHself n havE a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!

    1. wah she have pussy gully bop can get dat ever night now as much as him ugly and look crack out yuh no how much gal would a f**k now… big star a sting, have number one tune pon radio nuff a yuh a chat bullshit would f**k him 2

  18. can somebody explain this please: this is what i dont get within my people as in the Jamaican culture. why as a artist so call buss, he or she a look somebody fi war? ex: gully bop never buss off war but him a look war wid tommy lee, alkaline gage, now him live pon ninja man. why dem just cyaan entertain wid out look fi war? just mek good must and if someone step to yuh, fix dem business

  19. Exactly anon 9:29 I agree with you. This interview sweet mi so til the poor lil interviewer could hardly keep it together the way how GP did a gwaaney gwaaney.. no sah this shit was hilarious as fuq..Thanx for the laughter Met.

  20. Shauna should have never gotten pregnant that was not smart because the whole world can c that is Gullybop ah lone in love their relationship is unbalance (not Ninja man) Shauna luk like shi in a lot of wants!

  21. Dem not even wait fi see what lies beneath all dem deh pan is lights camera baby wedding ppl ah grudge dem him nah guh cheat Shauna bady smooth ah nuff gal want him gfoh what type of artist is this?

  22. But Shauna has a son that lives with the son’s father. She only get do yute occasionally. It must be bad when you see a child live with the father and not the mother. So who is gonna raise this one. And by the way…..she a breed and a smoke. Cause I see pics she take the same day that interview do an mi could swear she smoking. Kmt. One set a poppyshow di 2 a dem. Kmt

  23. gully bop big up yo self gwan do yo work me artist and shauna big up to don’t let people get you down you a gully bop manager so what a your life and a fi him life burn up all haters don’t let them get you down gully bop and shauna

  24. I am a Jamaican, but sometimes I am ashamed to say that because of how some of you behave. MANY JAMAICANS NOWADAYS HAVE NO CLASS _ SAD BUT TRUE! You all need to calm down and stop behaving so invincible and great. We are all humans! Somebody mentioned that Shauna has no shame to be pregnant for Gully‚ĶSO WHAT if she is pregnant. I am happy for them if so. Isn’t he a man, not a dog or some other animal. Stop the envy and the NEGATIVITY and be glad for people when they succeed, if you COVET it shows how small you really are!!!

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