That fan had you for breakfast, lunch , dinner and supper my friend. Mi shame fi u..She seh Marvin nah own yuh but yuh up up wid fi him owning









  1. So nabaddi no see the curvy diva yaniquecurvy Saturday pan snap chat a snap Mr Usain bolt yard? Shi and 2 girl all Inna him shirt. Kasi where are u mam?????? A di diva man

  2. That woman was just too nuff. Come off the girl page. U can bet she’s a wife weh man no come home at night. Why tf she going so hard.

  3. Suh met unu nuh see yaniquecurvy diva pan snap chat up a Mr Usain bolt house? One hol day shi n 2 girl Ina pool n all him clothes. Miss Kasi where r u? Who a bolt wife

  4. It’s because of foolishness like this why these young girls feel it’s ok to be a side chick. It’s now become a must for ur man to have wife n mate. What kills me is all the owning shi a own dat man not moving or going nowhere. Everytime shi try pass her place the WIFE shut it right down. Couple hours later u see him fling up pic wid wife n child bout I love my wife n family. Bwoy the life dem live I don’t grudge dem at all. Carry on a u sey matey time now.

  5. LOSE OFF OF NICKEISHA. Instead of f**n with dis waste man go help you and your crew get more booking out of the country. SHER ah di progressive one. :cd

  6. But yanique fly go Dominica republic last week guh look fi har Spanish man I saw it on snap chat all a show hicky weh the man give har

    1. @SaranWrap Same so on another post they’ve been ranting about Yanique and Bolt on Snapchat. MET needs a “FANCLUB” section. Yardie can be the APPLE FAN CLUB President and CHICA can be the YANIQUE FAN CLUB President.

      1. Mi think yuh on to something lmfao… but Yanique fan club ah tek it new heights now…Met ah ignore dem but dem relentless to bbc….dem ago from post to post weh nuh have sh*t to do with Yanique an ah request story….probably all send bout 50 email by now weh goodly reach in Met spam or trash can lmfao….YANIQUE FAN CLUB….SCRAM! BEAT IT! KICK ROCKS! Wi nuh interested in Usain pump up plastic concubine…one of many at that…nobody care …we did bored di other day why we even comment pan di last post weh reach up!

  7. After nickesha nuh look like she care….Mi feel it fi di likkle ediot wife cause a many a proof she get cause dem use to hide it an now it naw hide…All di battam man proof she get an still nothing but can’t blame her she is just trying to hold on to her oat and I understand that but sometimes every ass is not worth kissing….and nickesha all I can say is betta yuh did tek man weh nuh married cause a piece a bloodclawt curse an salt deh pan married man cock weh nuh nawmal yuh ago wish yuh dweet

  8. these biscuit head nigga bitches will never learn. willingly to reduce themself solely for a dick and hype. what kind of whore made these heifers. no integrity, no moral, no character. its no wonder very other race of women are superior to black women because you have no value system. anyone can easily f**k a black bitch. the man is married and you have no shame, no class, no matter what, you have to put yourself out there for a married dick. real ghetto gagging beastie bitches.

  9. To think someone would defend this behavior dumbfounds me..For marvin at that who is allegedly gay, NO MORALS OR CLASS Nikeisha no have…THERE IS FAR MORE TO LIFE MY GIRL..

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