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Shaggy tells US radio station


Dancehall artiste Shaggy says he is a lesbian. According to the artiste, who was addressing a question about homophobia in Jamaica during a recent interview with Sway on US-based radio station Shade 45, Jamaicans are not violent towards homosexuals.

The interviewer asked Shaggy if the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community was making any progress in Jamaica, and he replied: “Sweetheart, let me tell you something, you are talking to the number-one lesbian. Ain’t nobody love more women than me, and I am Jamaican so I represent for all the lesbians right there. There has been a movement; I am leading the movement for lesbians,” he told the interviewer.

Gay crime

The artiste also made an attempt to clear up misconceptions about Jamaica’s approach to homosexuality.

“There are a lot of gays I see in Jamaica who are openly affectionate. You see, Jamaica has a stigma where people feel like we are the greatest gay bashers in the world; that is not the case. I live in Kingston, and there are a lot of gay people in Jamaica, and nobody is walking around killing gays. If you look at the statistics, there has not been any killing of gays in Jamaica. The only killings you hear is gay-on-gay crime, which is crime of passion. So don’t listen to the propaganda and be misled … have you been to Jamaica? You should visit,” Shaggy said.

Shaggy was on Shade 45 promoting the single I Need Your Love, which already has over 21 million views on YouTube. The veteran, who was certified six times platinum in the US for his Hot Shot album, also advised other artistes to spend their money wisely.

Your chic

“What the f%$@ are you doing with a 13-bedroom house when you know half of the time you are touring? You are paying for the house, you have five maids and about six other caretakers who are eating your food, driving your car, swimming in your pool or even sleeping with your chic. You are not creating wealth, you are creating a liability,” he said.

The artiste admitted that he wasted money in the past and owned over 15 cars at once. But, he highlighted that he learned from his mistakes.

Dancehall artiste Shabba Ranks faced a similar question from an interviewer in the ’90s during the peak of his career.

However, his answer led to his own demise after he was branded as a homophobic artiste by the gay community and lost several endorsements.


  1. NOT TRUE Shaggy…nopes…How many gay ppl died in Jamaica in the last 2 years…Shaggy mi undastand why u ansa so anyway…gotta protect ur career

  2. shaggy a betta yuh just pick a side cause dat mean say yuh bisexual if yuh no have no stance pon the gay agenda kmft bout yuh a lesbian

  3. Jamaicans have become much more tolerant clearly, if not they wouldn’t be in the House of Parliament, the gullies would be clear and Pluggy would ah dead long time.

  4. Stop Shaggy a speak di truth
    Love his response about money because plenty people not just dancehall artist live waste money

  5. @ Marie did he not answer that by saying gay on gay crime ( crimes of passion) and outside of that I believe a gay gets killed when him pass certain lines… Example..u dress up like gal n go dance pon a man weh straigh..or like the video I saw on YouTube weh when men go buy sex dem trick the guys give them the blow jobs and then reveal to them that they r gay and other times try to blackmail dem…so if u provoke people of course anything can happen when a man gets angry. Other from dat Jamaica full batty man a parade inna dance n everyway so therefore he’s correct.

  6. Mek Diana King move har bumboclaat and gwey, me realized say you cant have an opinion if it is anyway dofferent from theirs.

  7. If Shaggy could afford di life style him would a live it cause him pauper like Mi self ya him a lick out both 5 helper a how much car if u work and can afford it live life to the fullest. Most people cannot speak how they would truly want to cause dem ya people ya run the wurld and they will do anything fi done u if u dis dem so u have to be a hypocrite. Wen him di have little money him wear shoe worth more than 5000 a have lavish party every second. man work hard fi him money him live anyhow him r she wants to once dem a Wuk honestly. Shaggy gwey cause u waste fi u money that no mean sey everyone a di same, if mi have money mi a live a lavish life cause if Mi no enjoy it summaddy ago enjoy it fi mi.

  8. Genuine, did he not state that “he learn from his mistakes” of spending foolishly.
    Money or no money how much bedrooms could you sleep in at night time. I agree with him.

  9. Funny how ppl did lick out pon Beenie wen him try appease the gay community…buy Shaggy gets the praises 4 going the same exact thing.

    1. Shaggy isn’t appeasing the gay community n doesn’t have to. What he and Beenie did are two different things, Shaggy has no anti-gay songs or homophobic lyrics

  10. Poeple have no sense.., Shaggy aint bruk his song boombastic alone can pay royalty fi a lifetime do you not see how much commercial and TV show use it Shaggy ……

  11. Well said Shaggy. I hope some of these DJs take a page out of your book even with your Bustamante Hospital project . U have made that place special for our kids love you .

  12. So, Shaggy says that “he is a lesbian”, which interprets that he loves women. Well, I’m NOT, and will never be one either. The only box I’m eating out of is a box of any cereal (Rice Crispies, Cheerios, Lucky Charms). Also, I like his comments about not spending your money foolishly. Good advice, because it doesn’t matter how many pairs of shoes you have, you can only wear one pair at a time.

  13. I concur with Shaggy, Jamaicans are not going around killing gays.The amount a gays and lesbian deh Jamaica is a shame. Most of them are openly gay, Jamaicans are more tolerant . If we we were killing gays the gully a New Kingston wouldnt have any of them living there. Not to mention the amount a lesbian that’s there and nobody not troubling dem. Most of the times when a gay person is killed, they are usually killed by their lover.


  14. The primary reasons gays or killed in Jamaica are: gay-on-gay crimes, a gay man pretending to be a woman and provoke a straight man, or a gay man molesting a child. Jamaicans don’t care about them anymore, only when they get out of hand people hurt them. I saw them in the carnivals and all the parties so not a soul a pay dem any mind.

  15. I personally know him and shaggy far from broke…him invest alot a money in jamaica and him have a nice rass house a ja but haven’t seen him since the wedding, shaggy is a millionaire he aint short no meals trust me him still richer than nuff rapper

  16. Show me one instance where gay molest child. Nuh the very straight big tone man dem deh kill off the likel girl dem?
    Look man he said one ting right ” Jamaicans love to pretend that they are the biggest gay bashers”
    And is true nuff ppl come on her and talk hate and have families and frens who openly gay. That to me is a problem within itself but it personal bcus mi don’t like hypocrite.
    When unnu see the gay man dem deh cuss you ppl laugh and carry on but then go on social media talking bout raeee

    We love preach badness to ra$$ much. Das why the likkle goal who fight in a McD was heading Jamaica. Obviously Jamiaca is now involve in criminal tourism crime get promoted than the beach dem

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