What a way dis gyal deh a foreign a tour like artiste.met from this gyal reach a foreign is pure hotel room she a show .every pic pon instagram is she in a next town.u think d ppl dem nuh see d old white man dem weh u a pose up with a drink wine.u nuh learn try nuh go breed again cuz member wat did happen wit dutty mickey.dem young gyal yah nuh have nothing bout dem unno nuh fraid all over di place with dem old nasty white man yah.







  1. Sender she is only working at one of the oldest professions known to man-kind. She’s not gonna stop, she has bills to pay….

  2. Boy mi na lie some young gal oonu stumuccck strannnng badddddddd!! Mi rather clean people dutty place a collect mi little change dam open up to dem ya senior citizens ya no sa oonu goooooood!!

  3. I ask myself why a young girl, like dis one, dey wid a man old enough to be her grandfather. I come up wid 3 answers. (1) To offer him some small comforts (whatever that is) to make his final sunset years easier. (2) Fe done him money (3) Just having the satisfaction of attending his funeral.

  4. She is 25.young gal like dis how u feel in yourself fi a deh wit them old man deh look Pon all dat 1in the pic with u dat man old till it look bad and u well a pose up wit shame u nuh have.from mi see Di braces put in mi did a wonder who pay fi it bcuz mi know u nuh work nuh where fi afford that.Bitch unno sell unno soul fi any and everything

  5. At 1st I wasn’t going to respond to this bcuz it is so far fetched that I am convinced the sender is a sad idle person. So bcuz I am in the u.s and I am traveling to different states that makes me a whore. Really is it that crazy that I might b doing something productive with my time other than hopping on docks if the sender was fair in admitting that my instagram is open and that I am doing nothing wrong not that I need to explain to any1. Who are what age group of men docks I chose to hop on is my business.sender please go drink bleach while I sip on this clos de Roche

  6. It doesn’t show where u r doing anything productive if u were u wouldn’t be on here. If u r going from state to state hopping on senior citizens dick it defines that u r a hoe. Mine u no sip pon bleach instead of wishing it on someone else. U stumuccck strannnng!!

  7. Actually I am but bcuz u don’t advertise your biz ness ppl jump to conclusion. As I said before I don’t need to answer to any of of u. If I was in nyc going to dances would that have made it more acceptable. Kmt It’s my life and if I want to put my pussy and the Manhattan bridge and make the entire population of nyc sample it then it’s mine to do that with. My family and who matters know the truth so u all can continue to say what ever BTW u guys can look out for my wine, food and travel blogs launching in a few weeks I wasn’t going to say anything about that until the next few weeks but since I am just whoring down the u.s let me let u know y I am traveling and posing with winemakers, collectors, suppliers and back to drinking bleach u go genuine

  8. Wen I c confirmation I will publicly apologized, but for now u r a whore in my sight so prove me wrong.

  9. @stockychick it matters not what ppl think but just as how they can come on here to say what they want about me I have the right to defend myself. It’s not a matter of caring it’s a Mater of protection. Protecting my name and who I it might seem crazy but I don’t mess with ppl only for ppl to spread lies on me.these ppl don’t know me yet feel the need to use a public forum to spread lies and hateful words about me.

          1. From him name Uncle a big smaddy…but I like how she hop skip an jump pass that question lol…good luck ya mumma wid u blog.

  10. well….aaarrmmm…well……..i personally dont see di problem if yuh a roll wid some old white rich man….cause anna nicole smith was di most famous of all di age rangers……..but mek mi whisper inna yuh ears deh likkle bit….yuh look hot still and mi woulda dugu dugu wid yuh…if yuh deh wid a ole man and yuh want a bunna man come deal wid di ting fi yuh….yuh fi call mi…..

  11. I was Goin u tech I am not messing with ppl not out and about just living my life quite normal and to wake up to this crap.ppl sending in pics of me with colleagues and inferring that I am an escort. I am not about the hype life I don’t want to b discussed that’s all.if I am whore let God b the judge of that and not ppl who I don’t know. To the sender u r a sad person with too much time on your hands.i hope u gain all u were trying to achieve by spreading lies on me.

  12. Them dutty gyal yah love gwAn loke dem a somebody not a blog she a do i went on her page and all mi see a she all bout d place at restaurants bitch admit it u a sell crotches to the old white man dem.all fi u mumma must shame bcuz u nuh have no shame with u pussy selling…bitch go sleep bout blog who u a try trick


  14. i swear the ppl on this site hv nothing better to do..whoever send in home girl pic idle and careless…not because some of other girls a run den pussy red fi like plane ticket and food doesn’t mean she is. Unu too bitter! and so what if she feel like fi a fk old white man, unu a f**k broke black man and can’t even get a bloodclaat bus pass.

    unu low her mek she prosper, she can put anything she want on her OPEN ig page, clearly she an hide her life so unu stop speculate bout her and try find unu self a sponsor (unu probably not even have visa).

    if you knew her, you know that she’s very quiet, hard working, educated and cultured and has the biggest heart, no need to spread lies to bring her down cuz me sure if she did a go dance every weekend, she wouldn’t a swan so, but because she step out of the norm and try associate herself with people of class unu have something to say

    unu bitter and broke nu bloodclaat!

  15. @yostar y u so heated fi d rass gyal no is like u know har which 1 a di white old man dem run u.

  16. @yostar u bitter bad. culture has nothing to do with type…nu cuz u probably breed up and nu know a who breed u, don’t tek out u frustrations on her.

    if white, black, scottish or bloodclaat viking wan breed her…WHO THE F**K ARE YOU TO JUDGE?

    u sound dunce nu bloodclaat!

    she a young young gyal and big established white man want her, regardless a dem age…u nu see say she clearly a bring something to the table.

    you probably wouldn’t know how fi have a decent convo or speak the queen’s english and it a bun u…kindly “drink bleach” as the girl say fkn batta ears gyal!

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