11 thoughts on “YOU BETTA STOP

  1. No kelly u getting ahead of urself now. Go hire a good chef fi the taste bad food weh unu selling people and chill

  2. She nuh betta stop! Nuff a dem betta stop!! kill nuff a dem dead out yah dem a celebrity!!! Dem betta thank the lord for instagram!

  3. i saw a girl try to leave a party and catch a flight right after ..she was beeping at the TSA stand. he asked her to take it off and put it on the belt . she refused ….hmmmmmmm……..

  4. Kelly go sit your stinking ass down and stop mek mark suck u . You are in is shoes every day and a him other woman buy it lol

  5. I memba kelly from portmore bus stop days quiet girl upon till she reach sixth form, i was so frighten wen mi hear and si shi ina crew to backside! Naa nuttn bad to say still.

  6. I really don’t see the similarity unless it’s just the sequins. She looks nice but maybe should’ve chose a diff pic to be compared to. Her life still she looks ok

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