Doctor who made music videos in operating room facing several malpractice suits

SHOCKING VIDEO: More than 20 videos that were posted on YouTube show a doctor singing and dancing over unconscious patients in the operating room. She even cuts some for the camera! The malpractice suits she's facing, Monday at 5 p.m.

Posted by WSB-TV on Sunday, May 20, 2018

Dr. Windell Boutte’s website calls her “Atlanta’s most experienced cosmetic surgeon,” but a Channel 2 Action News consumer investigation discovered she also had plenty of experience dealing with malpractice cases.

Boutte refused to answer consumer investigator Jim Strickland’s questions about seven lawsuits against her, and more than 20 YouTube videos featuring the dermatologist dancing and singing around exposed, unmoving patients. Some show Boutte making incisions while she sings and cavorts to the camera.

One of those lawsuits was filed by 26-year-old Ojay Liburd. He agreed to talk to Strickland about his mother’s visit to Boutte’s Gwinnett County office, because his mother no longer can. According to court

WSB-TV records Liburd’s mother, Icilma Cornelius, saw Boutte for a tummy tuck and liposuction in 2016. It was weeks before her wedding and she was credits away from earning her Ph.D.
“She just wanted to be perfect for her wedding dress,” Liburd told Strickland. “She had everything going for her.”

She never got the chance to wear her wedding dress. After a more than eight-hour procedure, Cornelius’ heart stopped. She suffered permanent brain damage and will need care for the rest of her life


  1. I went to do my surgery and after seeing these videos I changed my mind. Heard her husband commits suicide because of several lawsuits

  2. Anon 6:52 why I don’t believe you, not that it matters. I have very good intuition. Something tells me you want to get rid of your fupa bad which you’re saving for, and after seeing this video. You’re not the least bit deter…call me Cleo!

    1. Since yuh wah know mi business bitch I went somewhere else and no bitch I don’t have to save fi do surgery because yuh man money pay for it.. now go drink bloodclat bleach.

  3. Bwoy this generation with the body change up shit.

    Mostly idiots with low self do plastic surgery. All they do is worship looks – usually uneducated and illiterate.

    Only an idiot would go into a room looking like this to do a surgical procedure.

    Can’t sorry for none of these fools who willing to dead for “looks”.

  4. I did surgery and no I don’t have low self esteem I had a belly that made it hard for me where it concerns jeans, dresses and anything fitted. I did lipo bcuz I wanted to be able to wear anything without my tummy hanging

  5. Throw away the doctor and license. Dam lunatic ..the state of georgia should revoke the licensure.

  6. This video doesn’t amuse me. I hope after seeing this, that all who were planning to use this doctor go elsewhere. Total clownery with zero professionalism.

  7. Some people are dumb as f**k and know nothing about the body. In some cases discipline has nothing to do with it, often after childbirth the muscles separate in a way that no amount of discipline or diet will fix. Only people bothered by people who get surgery are ugly ass broke f**ks that can’t afford it anyway.

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