6 thoughts on “YOU NOT FANCY

  1. Me did wear one $198 brassier one time go dance wid a high waist pants. It did look good, but a tru, bras are not shirts. I grew up and out of certain styles of dressing an now me wonder wha did a go thru me head mek mi used to do those despicable things SMH @ myself.

  2. Dem need to stop hate pon the girl only people dat don’t have nothing to do will do dis and unno can’t talk in her face so unno need to go sit down true she nah walk and how and f**k everybody like yall unno a hate pin the girl f**g hater

  3. Unno need to leave the girl alone true unno a try know her business and can’t and she nah walk a f**k Everyman a dance hall like unno unno a hate pon the girl go worry bout y’all life and leave the girl and her life that girl don’t trouble people she party enjoy her self and go home you because see her leave party wid man like dem hore that put her up

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