This man had destroyed my life at a very tender age. I was fifteen years old when he introduce me to his gay lifestyle, He was my mother good friend, So he used to come at our house very often,but cut a long story short,it wasnt really my Mother he want,it was me.Me nava know sa hood coulda go inna batty and feel so f***g sweet.My virginity was talking by him,and up until this day i am more attracted to males then females. When i found out that i was not the only guy he was f****g,they where many others. I couldnt sleep,i could eat,i couldnt go to school. Its like this man take me and left me all alone in a wilderness were there is no food or water to drink.I did not know anyone else who is gay. Some people may understand how i was feeling at the time. Who feels it knows it. But somehow i get over it.People this is my part of story with Steve Ricketts. Atlease i have a say because i was one of his victim


  1. Wait deh stick a whoo0000le heeeep a pin! He felt sweet cuz hood guh ina him ass?? :nohope no wonder a pure battyman a pop up bout the place! So is not really likes, its the feeling they get from ass sex! wow, thanks for the clarification.

  2. “Me nava know sa hood coulda go inna batty and feel so f***g sweet.” Deception in its natural form.

    Mi did have a fren weh try anal sex and de ooman glad bag buss to rahtid, til she ah just anal entrance fe she…punny get less and less visit (s). I can’t forget the excitement she create when she experience d it. All wah try covert me…BUT…mi just kindly tell har say my anus was designed for my bodily waste to exit NOT for sex organs to enter!

    Constipation HAWT no rass an dat “pushing” I controlled. But to have some force dem hood in ah mi batty fe pleasure :marah str88 gun shot!

  3. Look at that..”mi nevah kno seh hood couldah go innah batty and feel so sweet”. Well I’m glad you put more light to this man..I always knew he was a faggot.. But why you waited so long to bus him bisnizzzz..was it shame??. I hope your safe without the monster.cause for some reason that monster loves gays more than anything..I hope one day you can stop practicing that ritual of dating men. find out and live God’s purpose for your life

  4. Morning! Me is a staunch defender of childhood molestation victims, BUT YOU me spirit cannot seem to strike empathy for at all.

    Me no like fags worst if dem down low and act like gal. But from all that you wrote you were a willing participant and not a victim. Victims no proud a de depravity setup on them.

    1. :thanks2 Yuh seet Phantom. Sometimes I don’t like to say what really in my heart enuh because I don’t have time for the cussing…sometimes. This bwoy just strike me as someone who will soon (if not already) molest another boy, hence my comment to him. I won’t say he was willing, because the law is clear – children under 16 cannot consent, but my spirit not taking to him.

  5. one of the things about abuse victims is the confusion between being violated and them saying it felt good. poor boy, how this man manipulated and mutilated yuh battam, praying that you get some healing and you don’t turn from victim to abuser also

  6. Let me reiterate.

    I hope you see the counselling/therapy that you need so you do not victimise anyone as this man did to you. Get help from sound, credible source – not another false ‘man of God’. It sounds like you are far gone in your sexually & I’m not in the habit of judging that – but do NOT victimise other boys like you were. Wishing you God’s grace & his ever-present guidance in your life.

    1. Dat gone a lead. There will never be any therapy cause the person wouldn’t give twenty phucks about that. The tone of the post conveys all that…to me.

      I believe Senda have someone him a condition to make up fi the feelings him did catch when him think him was the only ’round pussc’ inna the batty bishop life. And him a tek man wid things.

      Senda do leave me gender alone and fully conform to you feelings. Same how u did feel a how women feel when man deceptive.

  7. Wha kind of f****ry a battishyt ya a promote bout wha sweet him?!Go Sym straight n come off a this yuh slimey bugga!!Sym agen!

  8. This is ONE of the reason I don’t have one bag a people run in and out my house, Because of MY KIDS! It’s always a friend or someone who is close to the family to take your kids virginity and to introduced them to this ish. PARENTS, especially single mothers, Stop with the Dick, Tom and Harry in your kids life, If you are a HOE keep the men away from your kids, And my Kids don’t do sleep over at people’s house, NO WAY. To this poor confusing Soul, May you find peace. We as parents need to be conscientious of our Kids environment.

  9. The man seh it sweet him n him never know how to find a nex man bcuz only him him know du that mean seh him still a du now cuz it did sweet..not a victim him just want piece a batty fame…lol

    1. Apparently you not wise enough to know that a child has to be led to the right path, this child was a victim whether he enjoys it or not , its child abuse in all form. So its ok for your man to sleep with your 15 year old daughter if she enjoys it. And if she falls in love with this man she is no longer a victim. We have to be wise and protect our children from beast like these. Majority of gay men were sexually abuse by men in their volunerable a fr e.

  10. The damn disgusting cretin need to realize shim sufferring from Stockholm Syndrome smh. I blame ur likes head mumma though so she fi go SYM,suck ur granny n ur great gran.The whole generation of ur careless mummas.Go Sym agen n agen!

    1. Yes I blamed his MOM. He was 15 for crying out loud! My Son is 15 and everything you ask him he would say “Mom I don’t know” Teenagers at that age is trying to find themselves, They are confused about everything, Even DINNER, Real talk. They are STILL BABIES. This stinking dutty man knew what he was doing, He knew at 15 this poor Soul don’t know his head from his foot. Yes it will sweet him when he got it in His ass because HE DID NOT KNOW BETTER. Parents are suppose to protect their kids, in this case, the worthless MUMMA is Jancrow dog. Yes we cannot hover over our Kids at all times and IF they are gay there is nothing you can do about it BUT TO LOVE THEM. However, in this case, This young man was introduced to batty doings by a sick bastard.

    2. This wha Royal point out yesterday. De none ambition having rucks whey GOD bless wid fertile wombs.

      Insert a boy child into the female role in ‘Dancehall Queen’.

      1. Yes PP, The worthless fertile wombs that is running rampant in Our society. I wish I could blame the sender for the “Hood tekkings” But I can’t, it is clearly he was not protected by His mom. We as parents introduce Our kids to certain environment, They look up to us to guide them. Hence there is always dinner at my dinner table with my kids, this open communication with them, a simple how was your day and how was school, Then it gives them a certain relief of trusting Me as a parent. The lack of parenting and these parents who wants to be these kids friends. These Fertile wombs who put their teenage daughters in grown women ish and exposed their Kids to grown folks with sick mentalities. To the Sender, I hope you can go and get counselling.

  11. Well I would like to know what part if any did his wife plays in all of this. Was she one of those licky licky woman who remain blinded to his outrageous lifestyles and never reported her pedophile husband? If she was aware of his evil doings and did nothing about it then she should also be held responsible for his actions too and send to jail. No sympathy for these people who abuses their privilege and status in society to cause harm to the young and defenseless. Karma is a real b—h. Now she have to deal with backlash of his sinful actions.

    1. I’m here asking the same question. Mind you he had 2 sons. Which happened to be with him when he died. So you tell me this can’t be the first time she’s hearing about this. Worse the video I seen with him beating the young man. I had to look twice to see if it’s really him I hear cussing dem dutty words. Then go stand up and try preach the word of God. Just sick

  12. That is what PEOPLE deny, that most of these gays were molested/pleasure/raped as a child. So the GAY AGENDA loves to tell us that people were born gay. While some are clearly born so, most are not, they were touched, but ashamed to say it. Molestors FI DEAD.

    Responsible people, GUARD your children, no sleepover, no uncle, pastor, cousin, friend alone with your kids. And when them say you crazy, tell dem yes. Not because you want go somewhere, DONT LEAVE you KIDS!!!!!!!

    1. For starters: No goddamn SITTING ON LAPS!

      Stop FORCE unu kids pon people! Bout rass manners! That manners fi everybody is bullshit and it use in conditioning techniques in the Caribbean. A no everybody kids like by innate instincts.

      F**k that come give me a hug bullshit by persons who love brace dem crotches and don’t know when fi leggo!

      As old as me be these Pervs try me with that hug and buddy brace up whey me have fi push dem off and say no hug me again…fist thump is now appropriate fi all class and quarters!

  13. @ anon 10:26 15 year olds don’t kno that when a man wanna push his dick up his ass it’s wrong??? Like seriously?? That must be a slow f**g 15 year old. Because the things these kids are exposed to right now, when we were 15 we never did kno Dem shit deh.Mi have a 14 year old at home and trust an believe him kno that’s f**king wrong an disgusting. Mi remember when he was like 5 and we were on the subway he sees two guy hugging and he turned and ask me why are they hugging because it’s wrong, I said why is it wrong ,he said because it should be a girl and a boy hugging not two boys. And he was a baby then, so dont come tell me a 15 year old nuh kno wrong from right.

    1. No need for the curse words Sweety, My 15yr old is in all honors programs in High School, I as a parent make sure that MINES is not exposed to things beyond HIS years. He is pretty much into school. He knows what is right and what is wrong, however, remember when we were growing up and we were told about peer pressure? Teenagers? Yeah? It doesn’t matter how they know what is right from what is wrong, their young minds are very influential and some grown people use it to their advantage. Again! We as parents should protect Our kids and the Mom in this situation did not protect hers. I pray that your 14 year old does not get side track from what is right and wrong. Teenagers are STILL babies in this parent eyes. THANKS.

      1. Needle that is why the Law says in Jamaica that a 15 year old cannot give consent to sex. (16 is too young too. A young impressionable boy, in the arms of a charismatic, older, wealthy predatory stood no chance if he did not have another adult to stand as a buffer to this bishops buggering ways. When I was 15 I thought I knew everything, it was only later I realized how little I knew. The first time they had sex, that was rape, it may have felt good, because sex if done right is pleasurably, and that is why he was confused( nuh ask mi how he found pleasure in first time anal sex)must sex abuse victims feel ashamed because sometimes they report that it “felt good.” So they feel guilty and revulsion at their reaction to being violated.

  14. Sender, I’m interested in knowing for intellectual curiosity why at the tender age of 15, you did not tell your Mother what this man did to you, so she could have had him arrested? Or, is it because “mi never know say hood coulda go inna batty and feel so f…..g sweet”. So, in other words then Sender, you are complaining now, about what you permitted?

    Sender, you didn’t make a report back then, but you claim to be a victim now. You ain’t fooling me with this one! You get no sympathy from me, because you allowed it! Sender, you, the Bishop, and all of his batty followers are a toxic cesspool of gay anal orifices. Y’all full a shit!

  15. So true mifedup it sweet him then an it still sweet him now …nuff a dweet fi di lifestyle Dem envision inna Dem head or see on tv so they will meck man dig out Dem ass fi it.

  16. I’m still on the fact that this man said him Neva know it could so sweet. You know is some real sick people out there. God heart must hurt too see what the world he created has come too. Very sad.

  17. The sender is clearly trolling unnu fool-fool homophobes. Too many contradictions in this ridiculous post to take any of it seriously. He set up the beginning of the “story” like he was giving us the impression that this man violated him and brought shame to his life; then switches the tone by bragging about how great it felt…. Don’t be fooled by this idiot. Jamaican people see any form of “batty man” story and get one dimensional in their thinking with regards to conveying disgust and in turn throw logic out the window when they sound off. This is a phuckry story I feel, set up by some troll with a fishy mind.

  18. A child my ass Gwaan u ways yaw . a bet se him wouldn’t put him hand inna waan fire. Unuh tan deh put up wid foolishness an come bout he was a child at dat time.
    Not bitter talking facts.

    1. You just don’t get it do you? and I really don’t expect better from you anyways, your thought process is just off, You remind me of some females who knows about their teenage Child being abused by Her Man and you run the child because you put a man over your own flesh and blood and thinks it’s the child’s fault because you consider that child to be grown. You bring back memories of some long time illiterate Jamaican women who is very disgusting and thinks once a child is over 12 years old they should be out there having sex and it’s their fault why a grown Man abuse them. I feel sorry for your kids. Now run come curse me you disgusting Troll.

  19. This is so sad on so many levels. An older gentle man whom he has seen around his family molested him. At 15, he could not give consent, so yes its a crime, yes he was a victim. Even if he enjoyed it, he was still a victim. I have seen with my own two eyes people bash men when they have sex with under aged girls. Kid Krupt is bashed because he had a relationship with an under aged girl, she stayed with him and they had a child. I have seen people on this very site saying that she was a victim because he was older and knew better.

  20. Sender, Ricketts neva tek yuh ‘virginity.’ Dat word is reserved for ‘normal’ sex, meaning penis penetrating vagina. Batty is not synonymous for vagina. Memba dat!! Ricketts is a manipulative spirit dat prey on children. Ricketts befriended the sender’s mumma, den swoop dung pon di bwoy. I feel di bwoy didn’t talk cause di molester was feeding dem and providing for the household. Dutty battyman Ricketts convince di bwoy mind fi accept di batty sex as pleasurable. Senda, yuh mumma gwine bun inna di same eternal hell as Ricketts, cause a mother’s instinct is always on point. Dung tuh Ray Charles coulda sense seh him is ah battyman. Pray tuh Father fi cleansing, cause if yuh nuh change fi yuh end nah guh pretty.

  21. Needle mi really pre u different after today. Regardless of the situation a child is a child. If it was your son and for whatever crazy reason this reach him (never say never cause all some predators deh inna the classrooms) u would not have been behaving like this. Teenagers are confused individuals trying to find themselves. Some women when they are raped they feel a lot of shame and blame themselves after, because the body naturally reacts to sexual activities sometimes and someone actually orgasm while being raped. Research it if u don’t believe. Anal sex is pleasurable for some because all the nerve endings around the rectum, even if it wasn’t made for that. So yes it might have felt good to him and this confused him into saying how can something so wrong feel so good. Some a unuh too dawk and closed minded and love cow ppl down. Do better man. U a big woman.

  22. I believe the pastor was a pedopile sick twisted MOLESTOR who raped many of his followers , but some how, a big part of this ” confession of molestation ” b this sender sounds fabricated ( FAKE , MADE UP ) … I have NEVER met a victim of sexual abuse, male or female, that has told the tale of their abuser in such a manner.
    Where is d EMOTION and pain attached to the story ?
    WHY mention of the ” sweetness ” from d cock, more than d confused feelings and emotional pain and talk about now that he gone dead, HOW yuh feel ?

    This confession sounds to me like a person who fantasizing bout getting it up d ass one a regular… Unnatural homosexual FANTASTY … Sounds like a closeted gays man who Neva f** d pastor write this to me !


  24. This young boy at the time was a victim and why didn’t he tell his mother that this nasty man was looking him in that way… What type of talk or gift this grown ass man give this boy that he allow this man to penetrate his bottom… This boy enjoyed what the man gave him because that’s the only sexual encounter he had his first sexual encounter apparently and it was with a man and it felt good to him, he never felt the good feelings from having sex with a woman… I believe this boy is far gone there’s no turning back his going to always enjoy his bottom getting tapped by someone else… smdh These nasty older men are finding these young boys and bringing them in a nasty life style..

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