You are an investment
There is someone, unknowingly waiting on you to get it together, so that they can be delivered and set free from whatever it is that has imprisoned them.
We are God’s investment, and the purpose of every investment is to produce more than was initially invested. God has invested gifts and talents into your life and the purpose of this was mainly for you to be a solution to someone else’s life. In your conscious or unconscious act of not bringing a return on God’s investment not only are you violating the purpose of existence but hindering the progress of others simply because you carry the solution to their problem.
Yes! Your gifts and talents has enable you to provide what the rest of the world needs. For a quick moment just imagine the thought that folks have left this earth not having a relationship with God due to you refusing to get your act together. Have you not realize as yet that you’re a part of a bigger picture, and it’s not all about you?
So just remember the next time you decide to throw a pity party, drown yourself in depression or murmur and complain when it’s time to help someon. You are at that time causing a break in the network of God’s purpose for you and others. The reality is, you are in fact hindering someone’s progress and or solution. As a reminder folks, God isn’t so much concern about the sin in your life as oppose to the purpose of your life, he has made provision for your sin according to 1John 1:9.
In reading the scripture reference I have provided below, you’ll discover that the man with the one talent did not tell a lie, commit adultery, fornicated, or covet. Instead he did something worst, he did not bring a return on his master’s investment…………… YOUR PURPOSE WHICH IS ALSO INCLUSIVE OF YOUR GIFTS AND TALENT IS GOD’S INVESTMENT IN YOU! AND HE EXPECTS A RETURN ON HIS INVESTMENT!!!!! Matthew 25:14-29
Written by: Kevin L A Ewing
[email protected]
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Wednesday, November 21, 201


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