Couple fist deh a road
Soon some man yeye a guh fat up like toad
Fi dem mout whey a run ovaload
Beating he shall get wid couple piece a board
From beater to beaten
What a piece a siting
When some man walk guh ina a nex man kitchin
Poke him nose ina whey nuh concern him
From beater to beaten couple teet a guh misin
A di tongue a go twistin when di lick dem fasen
Fi poke him long mouth ina adda people sinting
Fass yes, but dont lie and make a mess
Because a nuh John Tom, mek you an yuh ooman lef
Pimp you was playin
You know dat hoe wasn’t stayin
Beating you shall get
But don’t you fret
It’s just not time yet
Beater you shall be beaten
For your mouth dis is certain
John Tom nah hold di curtain
Him say hold di clip but use di butt so beater face will get a hurtin
From beater to beaten, calabash will be needed
Cuz tears it will be fed
Beater yuh is a stalker, how do you sleep in bed?
Ex-wife seh a fi har pum-pum low har mek she run it red
From beater to beaten, Guilty the streets have plead

0 thoughts on “ONE FI DI ROAD

  1. y mi feel seh some life ago loose becuz all a not necessary normal domestic dispute taking place between dis couple y ppl no juss let it go …

      1. Metty, and this is where it ain’t funny no more; why the fuhck the two ah dem cyaah jus chill and grow up and just go them separate ways? almost like whatever lick ago reach him him deserve it cause he’s asking for it…if you and yuh gal mash up, ok I understand everybody feelings are hurt and want throw stones but that shit gets old after a while…Foota should know the road code and keep people name outta im mout cause certain man nuh tolerate dem type ah disrespect deh…ah hope dem doe beat him kill him…this gone too far now; mi not even wa comment nuhmore; even mi fingas dem tyad ah unu now…

  2. So sad all because none nuh bigga dan di other, who know betta do betta, me see stacious post something pan har page bout silence an a choo, BTW sidebar she married?

      1. shani :peluk dis nuh luk gud fi di real battered ooman dem caw she did well a get baxx dung as she claim (maybe dem fight caw mi nuh tink a em alone put on) an she guh tek man as oppose to leavin puhleezeeeeee ooooo she lef wen she stawt tek di music man fi boost har career

          1. yes shani mi noe em mout run a lot dats why em did get couple baxx to…if em a guh chat she den do dat but em a call up man name to smh

          2. Someone comment here ina one post say him n she a did di two biggest mixup dem mout bad and loud wid people business

  3. met u o ave no way fi reach dem in d name of god an tell dem done pls……….me believe seh ano everybody like c peace enuh……baps man beat r fi him a she everything ago tun dung pon him cudda kill r fi real dem no love dem pickney enuh bwoy mi a tell u c …look how dem two ppl yah a mek dem foolishness lead dem astray star

  4. met a weh u get lyrics from.. me neva know a so u did lyrical, dem say kartel a lyrical genius but dem neva hear bout met. the jmg dan dada, weh write riddle inna lyrics mek bloggers head spin like cart wheeelll!!!!!! :hammer :siul

  5. certain man fi go siddung to enuh dem figot weh happen a Tivoli can donfi o long ….foota go look some place sddung man an leave d girl alone u a gwaan like u a fuss do fi woman an dem leff u …..go siddungan live fi u son weh u seh u love so much

    1. by right is foota wrong 1000000000000% and if a did u den u wudda want it defend he is really out of his mind …when him a send threat him tell lie say a people send him threat n because dat neva work him start up a bag a tings and di man dem seh dem tired a him

      1. The first rule of thuggery is: NEVER underestimate the other guy. ANY man can kill or order the death of the baddest man.

      2. Metty mi one time baby father ah go beat fooderrrrrrr…………fooder Yuh shouldn’t call up him name and deny the bax dem. You is r gonna get it! Quena

  6. Metty, who a arrange di beating, Joe? Waldy. Mi a beg peace before blood shed.
    Wasn’t his birthday wishes a peace offering? Good God done it nuh, cuz she’s no saint

  7. This a why mi deal wid him straight and she di same thing. No better herring no better barrel..I have one more fi a morning

  8. metty fi di sake a d likkle bwoy is dere anyway u can mek it reach d don seh no mek it get outta hand pls………….nasty foota stop stop ohhhhhhhh………stop call d ppl dem name go seek oouncilling hw fi get ova ishawna gud gud

  9. you know i taught about the waldy boxing them what him get. i was wondering if is because him know how much beaten ishawna get from him why him do it. maybe ishawna tell waldy the things them. all fun and joke aside if she f**k bad mind and them kill him bcd no bad man nah go take certain mix up , what will ishawna tell her child. its not fair to the likkle youth. often times we forget that the kids are and should be our main concern.

    1. No sah…if anything maybe the involvement mek him nuh get it worse..He was told not to big up bully a di dance n him still do it

    2. Sounds like he brought it on himself. Chat too much……if yuh so bad jus do…but him never jus do…him walk and chat too much. It’s unfortunate if something does happen to him, but who font hear shall feel

      1. Very devious individual u cannot feel sorry fi him because when u a feel sorry fi him he is planning to F u behind ur back ..but this time he did it to the wrong person so Ima wait this one out


    1. Me to Foota : Di fridge na’ve nuh food in a it as’cording to hoeshana so nuttin’ nah spoil papa stay a foreign Likkle longer dan di time wah immigration put in a yuh book yah me love

  11. All who can’t hear will feel and feel it bad. Footahype need fi tek a hike and lick his wounds before him a dead man. If you play like you bad real badman will deal wid you case.

  12. Come on Mettylus me cant wait fe a morning suspense r gonna kill I..boy fe get bax box bux …him chat too much him have verbal diarhea…me n dat pussy ketch up aredy..him deh a gas station a run off him stinking mouth n him did a drive one a movada car n doe aks mi how d car end up ova d piece a wall wa d gas pump deh pan n true me a laff d big hoof boy say him want when me drive off me crash n dead…a tell him some sitten..uc how him mouth fava alligator pussy..fuka Polonia

  13. lol a long time mi a think an a say how this boy a get weh so loose at the mouth him get weh wid too much things now man… anytime yuh see Dem suddy mouth ppl deh you know Dem chat to much Matterhorn mouth suddy so to …..but a deh right yah a wait fi it a hope Dem tek a pic a the face and post it mek mi see every inch a the gun butt weh him get…. buss up the suddy loose mouth boy yes dwl

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