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This girl me get to understand not only taking my man but other people man too. To send her a message the other day but she think a chatting mi in a with she. Just wait till me come a Jamaica in this month. She love party so me know me a go see her. And any one of her friend them feel them can come run in a this. A no Social media thing this a in person. And mi have a file pon them too. Them tek people pon too. Is a crew wha tek man like dog. And no body no want them.

21 thoughts on “YUH TEK DI PERSON MAN , MA’AM

  1. Sender get a life, you sound so dumb. You do not live in Jamaica so he cannot be your man, he is everybody man until you return for your turn.

  2. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Bitch! You ago Jamdung go fight oman fi cocky whey live de?!!!


    Dem fi tie you, beat out you rass and carry yu go fling you out a airport a departure!

    Unu see how easy people become a part of crime stats?!

  3. Sender – read ova wha yuh write.

    Yuh say “not only taking my man but other people man too..”

    Den yuh say “..And no body no want them”

    YUH ah EEDIAT??? Yow star, yuh make yaard woman look like dem no have no sense. And instead of telling the nigga to go fk himself, yuh waan look war wid a tekka. Dumb fk.

    Yuh a contradict yuh own self. Yuh man waan di tekka, she a tek di man.


    Hopefully wi read bout yuh inna di news when yuh go a Fort Augusta.

  4. It hot but hush. No need to put yourself in trouble over teely. Just leff him or tek a next man.

  5. Hold on deh….hold dis fimi…. senda di man deh a farrin wid yuh or him deh a yawd????? I want to help you but yuh affi send een all di evidence miss…cause yuh wee mek mi judge judy yuh and tink seh yuh left fareen an go yawd fi man an yuh supposed to know how dem ting deh go…im all about bashing dese tekkas but yuh need fi send een more.

  6. Sender ur life sound sad bad! Leave the girl alone and her friends too! A u alone a fly dung dem fe beat out yu bloodclate

  7. SENDA the cocky a Jamaica no got no GPS dem travel anyweh sen fi di man if u a sen fi him, in the meantime cocky a run the cut, an the woman look good pussy fat, galang sung go beat all a dem for a u a run a security firm fi cocky from overseas,

  8. “A gal man a run dung, a nuh fi u fault, tek him, tek him” DWL “Gal tek hiiiim” she think a everyday man ago buy 100 dalla blues and go backfist. Man waah front and u deh far n dem gal ya, as u say a nuh nuhbaddie, so him ago look a one slap or two n keep it moving. If him naah spend u WU money pon ar or carry ar inna u space luw the cocky cooler, cuss out u man n start come ya more regular. If when u fwd him a flip like woman hair end jus call mi 1800 HEAVY n mi fix u bizniz n send u up back happy from the sunshine cocky :angel

  9. sender left the man! ano the girl fault your man wrong why you a pree the girl? what happen to the man? him tie up? she have gun a him head? him sick and can’t help himself? goodie tek it up with the man and lowe the girl, she nah bubbles or lastik up har pussy she a tek anybody man weh want her.

  10. U guh leff fareeen guh a jamdung come fight fi community penis? if i never see here chile…is u man u must rope in caz it look like di lukkle money u a struggle mek him a use it pan next woman – how is it the next woman fault? chile a stay a yu yaard wid u dumb as a dyam door post self and try find a man wah nahn guh have mate wid u..

  11. It really is a damn disgrace when the cocky cleaner them cannot live INA piece, miss yu know a woman like them ya no mek man chop unu up, some a unu love tek up man an feed and clothe them like little pickney cah man dun pan unu, yu deh a farin and a stalk the man and im side chick and u not there to do yu wuk, miss why you loud up the Lady pan pink wall miss why, now every time a woman see had near them man she a go get ready fi fight…….miss she Was just doing what she does best, cho man mek the lady do har work in peace

  12. tinan, lol weh she a go find man a farrin weh no have mate if she could find one eena the fuss place she would not be in this cabaret poppyshow, and she go put up the woman.. and the woman look well clean not the roll eena dut jump off box skets, the cameraman tekk her for she can pass, u see a man propose to a teacher a champs in front a 30,000him deh wid her fi 14yrs a 7year old son, she wait pon him fi detangle, sen out oonu man a Jamaica wait……

  13. tinan LOL weh the hell she fi find man a farrin, if she could find one she would not ne in this cabaret in the fuss place, and the girl look good not the rowl eena dirt jump off box sket. see a man proposed to a teaher in champs in front a 30,000 she deh with him fi 14yrs share a 7yrold son she wait till him detangle so…. send out or left yu man/woman out a Jamaica and wait…..who no got vortex eena dem pussy have it eena dem mouth. or someweh else

  14. Dwwlllllll…this a joke to rass, man done a foreign?? The gal a tek plane come fight over man, first I’m hearing abt that one. A gal like you man love, u affi get wife position, cause u is a man clown..I have a better idea, cut off the man hood n bring it bk a foreign if u dnt want him sex

  15. Smfh!!!! Yu really woulda come fight dis skull inna belly gyal over man!!!! She don’t worth it!!!!!!stay weh yu deh n find a different man….she naah stop f**k people man she a do it fr school days

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