20 thoughts on “DI LINKX

  1. Whole a dem look like teef…. tefting a show pan dem especially di one pan di right…she just a look pan mi suh like she wah teef mi comment b4 mi write it.

  2. Sender, you know you’re one of the old star teef dem too, but thru you didn’t get invite to the party you upset.
    These ladies do not go out that often or trouble anyone, they stay in their lane please leave them alone let them live. Not everything is for the WALL

  3. Anon 3:17 Rashani dutty pussy gyal we know ah you ah chat ……you thief like dem ole whore…… Bickway ah yuh friend nasty gyal you nuh married yet nasty wutless whore.????? You f**k so till you wash up you and the tiering Monique Thomas all ah unnuh ah senseless whore . if den a thief then dem ah thief like you who love thief f**k from people man you get your breast done and never have pikney yet and you full ah scar ah show Inna party you look sick like ah wah .. Bevey bickway and the frenchie she a big time thief for years you ago end up like them soon you nasty long lenky whore you! We know how you write whore I want the man you ah f**k woman fi beat your rass

    1. Anon,
      Rashani and your man really did you bad. Hush hon. The pain only last for a little while, hopefully you’ve either moved on with your life or you’ll forgive your man and forget

    2. suddy pussy rashani we all know a pluggy a f**k you,bitch that nigga will never own u up,any day him woman know,i want har buss up u bloodclaat

  4. The only mixup one in this pic is Paula dean. She need to go sit her old tired ass down somewhere and save money to send her sick child to the special needs school that he will needs to attend. She is in every young girl mixup and her business spoiling. I’m wondering if she buy Andrew a green card as yet because she buy benz and give him baby so just need to complete the deal. She can let dougie marry him now that it’s legal he will get his green card because dougie put the car in his name so he can give him the green card too. Cherry don’t trouble people so sender please to send in the people from the party that really needs to be on this wall. Like the fake person that keep the party and the strong prisoner that she is sleeping with and acting like she win the lotto when she find him. It’s the first she ever have a man to stand next to her in public. She acting like she is this perfect person and she is always sleeping with someone man.

  5. All ah dem inna di pic ah old fart obeha worker Andrea chicken teef cherry rita long time whore not to mention paula dean yuh nah dead yet?? Paula yuh still look like man

  6. Anon 8:34am, wat a way yuh wah Paula fi dead suh yuh can tek andrew stinga shitty wood, a suh yuh well wah andrew f**k yuh inna yuh dead ole? Anyway you wouldn’t stand a chance, cause all weh a gwan, a dougie him want!

  7. Mi nuh f**k batty man dutty gal dat little boy could be my son, and anything man looking paula f**k ah crosses come suck mi pussy when mi and mi man done f**k Informer paula

  8. It bun yuh eeh, cah Andrew nah lux pan a old fart like yuh. Gwey dirty gray tone ooman an keep dreaming of sucking stinga shitty wood.

  9. Bun mi when all Paula doe ah tie up any little boy wah she deh wid lmfao inna fridge inna dresser inna tree and dem still doe stay mamba Paula daughter ah man wah did f**k yuh one time suck yuh mada & kiss mi real Big Batty paula dean

  10. Mine man Paula dean,Ole foundation thief Beverly white& Shrek looking Bic way cherry we mouth run water like river

  11. Suddy pussy rashani we all know a pluggy u a f**k, but a want anytime him woman find out, she buss u bloodclaat, that deh boi deh nah go ever own up a man gal like you

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