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Ziggy Marley won mussi his 9th grammy for Reggae recently and while some are happy, many on social media are lashing out.They are saying that the Marley legacy is what keeps giving the Marleys the win rather than on merit.

Many times other artistes have put out superior work in Reggae but yet you don’t even know a song from ziggy them but a them still a win.The backlash is tremendous because they even interviewed this industry insider on news last night and he spoke out against the blatant bias to the Marley brand. They need to be careful that Jamaicans don’t get fed up to the point that they turn against the Marleys.

19 thoughts on “ZIGGY AND DI 9 GRAMMY DEM

  1. I agree, but isn’t it the artist that has to submit their work to be considered for a grammy? Cause imagine my surprise say him win an I doah know a word a any song him do lately. Clearly he’s winning because the options are limited.

  2. Ppl mind dem a turn yes!

    No one know one song on the album! From marley in the category, you get f**k!

    Ziggy wife is the one who manages his career and is currently sitting on the Grammy committee! So he basically had the award handed to him!

  3. This is major friggery cuz dem did rob buju banton’s til shiloh n Sizzla’s black woman n child albums which are legendary masterpieces of music overall.Why Bounty killa couldn’t get one for his albums especially the one with poor ppl fed up n mama she’s not in a good mood??

    All lee scratch perry won grammy to rhatid n them took forever fi give Jimmy Cliff fi him own.Beres Hammond get yet?This is a conspiracy because the music came from the heart of Jamaica, why this one bag a foreign ppl n uptown ppl a reap the benefits of ghetto ppl sacrifices?

    1. Because those artists you mentioned were blacklisted for homophobic lyrics. Those albums you mentioned did not have crossover hits. What I’ve noticed is that dancehall/reggae artists won Grammys doing collabos with commercial artists..

      I havent heard Ziggys album but I am sure that plenty white people have. His father said white people were his greatest supporters……So I and many others cannot say anything about his album if we havent heard it.

      As far as Ziggy winning, this cant be viewed as a personal snub to any other artist. Solange posted that 200 black artists have performed on the Grammy stage yet only 2 have won album of the year in the past 20 years. Lets not forget Kanye’s outcries over the same thing…Congrats to Ziggy.

      1. Well said. ..

        However dem corrupt Grammy ppl fi go Suck err ahm support dem maddas!all this jewish matsuyishi or wha him want name n even joss freaking husband teef stone ..a dominate our reggae.

        Only Yardies make authentic reggae music. We need fi have our own grammy..call it jammy n u have to up to our standards fi call ur music reggae!

  4. Chart (2016) Peak
    Belgian Albums 124
    Belgian Albums 130
    Dutch Albums 98
    US Billboard 200 99
    US Independent ) 10
    US Reggae Albums 1

    His charts stats are even worse, his albums sales are so low his father dead and gone and his album still does better than Ziggy and he keeps winning every year because of WHAT? OK his wife must have some strong pull. kartel and Alkaline were fighting all 2016 for the top spot on the reggae charts, neck and neck on the billboards, yet neither of them were nominated. Apple Music picked up both artist and ran their music on Apple all summer long. OK Ziggy who again. The power of a last name.

  5. dem a live offa bob legacy yes but as far as saying people in Jamaica a lick out gainst dem,i don’t think dem business bout dat…a farrin di whole a dem live an mek dem money.besides junior gong,when last unnu hear Jamaica radio or soundman a play dem music or si dem get bookings dung yah?

  6. This boy don’t like a bone in any woman dark and black like him mother. The only dark skin woman ever have children with anyone off one them were Lauren Hill & the brother dump Lauren hill after all those kids . The Marley’s do not like dark skin women fck them .

  7. @idiot sender.zizzy nor the Marley family is not nominating themselves for Grammys or any other awards so why unno come a talk bout them nuh deserve it. Who is unno?? Not because unno nuh know most of the songs zizzy sings that nuh mean sey the song them nuh great and deserve them award. Unno Jamaican people too badmind and nuh love to see each other success. Look how many grammy Beyonce get and all her fellow Americans them happy fi her.leave the Marley them alone and Meck them get all of the awards that they can get. The rest of artist Wey want grammy needs to work as hard has them and wait on them time fi shine. Now zizzy a shine let him and him family shine and stop try talk down tuh unno fellow Jamaican. Be happy fi the Marley at least them name keep clean fi years from all kind of violence and slack music bout woman underneath and gal fi suck cock. JUST LET ZIZZY BE .CONGRATS ZIZZY AND THE ENTIRE MARLEY FAMILY FI THE HARD WORK THAT ALL OF YOU BEEN DOING AND THANKS FI KEEP JAMAICA NAME ON THE CLEAN MAP WITH UNO MUSIC AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS. I AM PROUD OF YOU ZIZZY

    1. Actually yes that’s the process, the singers do nominate themselves. Everything you’ve said thereafter falls apart then.

    2. Real chat shut your mouth.. Beyonce works very hard for her achievements do you see the risk she took on that chair while pregnant? That to tell you beyonce is a risk taker.. Show me one risk weh ziggy tek? Show me a ziggy documentary weh him a work hard on his album or music video. Just dem father name him a live pan.. Look at junior gong? Way better than ziggy atleast we hear one and two a fi him song dem

  8. As it was mentioned many times over is that the ppl who vote for grammy isn’t doverse and it’s a binch of white men, who probably never heard ziggy album chose his name because that’s what they recognize it has nothing to do with sales and everything to do with familiarity and popularity in terms of the reggae grammy winner. A lady was onstage encouraging jamaican people to get involved in the Grammys voting process. The grammy committee is very racists look what they dod to beyonce and rhianna sunday beyonce get 9 nomination and only gave her 2 and the very mediocre of the lot she win for rhianna get 8 nomination and 0 grammy and every single of the 5 grammy adele go for she win include album of the year i mean I like adele but that lemonade album was everywhere, all tje visual album which was thought out thoroughly on beyonce part they gave it to somebody who filmed a film festival. The grammy is not a divesified awards and black people of all hues fi avoid it look how the 2 boys go onstage go drop dem pants and show off them underwear on national tv and backlash over that.

  9. Who gives a f**k? stop trying to win white people’s approval. Start making your own history and awards. Who gives a f**k what white people think? only those who want their approval. the whole grimey/grammy association can guh s##k dem mumma back way.
    Y would Jcans turn against the Marley’s? go pick a war with the people that left your asses out of the grammy’s and loh the Marleys. if unuh fool one more rawse time!

  10. U come a defend the man popularity and a call him zizzy. Countless times too so that alone make your point null and void

  11. Ziggy nuh have a hit from way back when but once he makes an album, a Grammy is handed to him. Mi devn think dem even bother waste time a listen the other nominee dem albums either

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