LAKE MARY – George Zimmerman did so much damage to an iPad that his estranged wife was using to video-record their domestic argument that authorities cannot quickly recover images and thus he will not face arrest “any time soon,” police said today.

Police today also released their report from the incident, which occurred Monday at a house on Sprucewood Road.

Shellie Zimmerman, her father and a helper had gone to the house, where Zimmerman was living, to collect her property in the wake of her recently filed divorce.

However, an argument erupted between George Zimmerman and Shellie Zimmerman’s father, David Dean, the report states.

According to the report, Shellie Zimmerman told police on the scene that George Zimmerman had punched her father and threatened everyone inside the house with a gun.
Pictures: George Zimmerman involved in domestic violence dispute

At some point during the argument, George Zimmerman reached into his shirt and urged Dean, to “step closer,” Shellie told police. Dean said, “‘What are you going to do, shoot me?’ ”

Shellie Zimmerman told police Zimmerman took her iPad from her as she attempted to record the incident, smashed it on his leg, “then took out a knife and pried it open” before throwing it on the ground.

George Zimmerman told police that he did not brandish a gun or threaten anyone with a gun, according to the report.

Officers who responded and searched Zimmerman didn’t find a gun on him, police officials have said.

George Zimmerman said Shellie’s father confronted him in the garage, charged him and tried to attack him, according to the report. Zimmerman said a friend with him grabbed Dean to keep them separate, and Shellie smacked the former Neighborhood Watch volunteer several times on the back with her iPad.

George Zimmerman told police he grabbed the iPad “in an attempt to get her to stop hitting him” with it, the report states.

He then walked outside to end the encounter, he told an officer.

Moments earlier, George Zimmerman said he had begun video-recording the household items Shellie and her father had put into his truck and Shellie, in turn, had begun to video-record on her iPad what George was doing.

Eugene Johnson III, a helper hired by Shellie Zimmerman’s father, told police that George Zimmerman was very aggressive appeared to reach for a gun and said, ” ‘Come towards me. You are threatening me,’ ” according to the report.

A friend of Zimmerman’s who was there that day, Wesley Robinson, a 6-foot, 350-pound man, told police that Shellie’s father went after George Zimmerman, and Robinson stepped in to separate them and restrained Dean. When he let Dean loose, he said, Dean went after George Zimmerman again.

Robinson said his forearm accidentally hit Dean in the face during the altercation.

A woman in George’s truck, Samantha Scheibe, told police that there were guns in his truck but that she and George had concealed-weapons permits for them.

Sheibe, according to the report, was shaken by what had happened.

Her relationship with George Zimmerman was not immediately clear.

Lake Mary Officer Zach Hudson said today that without video corroboration to Shellie Zimmerman’s allegation that her husband threatened to harm her, there would be no arrest.


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