Ppl still do dem tings deh. Unless tings did a talk. Him need fi put up di dentist results that says “All plaque has been successfully removed”. Cause it look like dem tell him say him have nice teet an nice smile. All when him a mek video is like a smiling video. Lmao. Tanx to di zoom button mi see all a di plaque pon him bottom teet dem. Lmaoo. Mi cant bothhherrr. Dem grown an idle bad. Smh. Grown man like dat. All when it negative dat info is fi you an yuh partner. Kmt.


0 thoughts on “ZOOM IN PAN DI …………….CHAIR PLAQUE

  1. If people can showcase food and shoes, he can damn well showcase his HiIV negative status. Quite frankly, if it was a requirement for social media, nuff a dem would be nonexistent. When the plaque can be removed, dem HIV is here until death. Nuff respect to everyone wey nah walk and spread disease.
    Sender should send in their’s, or can they?

  2. Why is there still a stigma for HIV when the CDC says its the highest amongst black ppl? Even if a dirty neega post up dem status online DAT dont mean shit still use a condom ppl

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