Port St. Lucie police have arrested a 14-year-old boy for allegedly plotting to hire someone to murder his family.

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According to the report, police were notified after the boy’s father found a murder-for-hire contract in his bedroom, signed by his son and a friend.

The note said that the friend would kill his father, stepmother, and stepbrother for $1,200.

The teen told detectives that the plan was for his friend to come over and shoot his family in a burglary gone bad scenario.

He said that he would be in his room during the crime and after the shooting he would run over to a neighbor’s house and have them call 911, the report said.

Detectives then met with the friend who confirmed that he did sign the contract, but thought that it was all a joke.

The friend said that after signing the contract about two weeks ago, he forgot about it and never had any intent to carry out a plan to kill the teen’s family.

The teen was arrested and taken to the juvenile detention facility for booking.


  1. Lock him up of course and hope the parents guh right through wid it dis…..him very much state clearly him know weh him about.

    Sorry but him cuden cum back round me all trust is lost and a straight fear and no1 wants to live in fear

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

    1. Dem seh a never di first time but dem never tek him serious tip di daddy find this note.. 14 year old and heartless already

  2. Well, him nuh get dem is smaddy a road him will eventually kill. Cause once di desire is dere it will not leave. I look different pon ppl deze days who wish to remain childless, I think most of dem know exactly what dem doing.

  3. Both a dem should be arrested. I wouldn’t take him back in my house, as a matter of fact I would move far far away from there. @anonymous 12:57, I recently said the same thing recently to my mom, I said I now understand why some people said they don’t or didn’t want kids.

    1. These Kids nowadays are so self-centered, selfish and spoil, that they will not hesitate to kill even their own parents just to get a car or the latest iPhone.

  4. As parents you try your hardest to provide for them, and yet they are so ungrateful and selfish. My mother used to take hose and beat me and brother,nor simple things like not washing dishes. No way would I ever think of killing her, the most I thoughy as a child was I couldn’t wait to finish school to move out. Kids these days seem as if they have the devil in them.

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