Chad Bryan, Staff Reporter
Thieves struck at Montego Bay’s favourite posh and fashion forward entertainment party, RIP the STRIP, as the 2014 Miss Jamaica World winner Laurie-Ann Chin was allegedly robbed of her crown.
The event, which was held at the Old Hospital Park on Montego Bay’s Hip Strip on October 23, saw more than 10 top-notch designers present to show off their designs.
A detective at the Freeport Police Station’s Criminal Investigative Branch (CIB) in Montego Bay confirmed that an incident of larceny from a motor vehicle did take place, when thieves removed the crown from Chin’s brand new Audi A3 sedan, that was awarded to her after she was crowned Miss Jamaica World 2014.
“About three weeks or so ago they broke into her car and stole the crown. It was in the case or the little box,” the detective said.
According to him, the police have no suspects, however, investigation is still being carried out into the matter.


  1. sound suspicious
    audi is a not a car easily broken into
    and secondly who steals a crown ? what they gonna do with it ..wear it ? pawn it ? cash for gold ?
    sounds like a personal vendetta

  2. Shit mi hear wan time dem did bruck shabba madda house a seview an tief him Grammy? Loll yaad thief dem nuh partial nutn dem teck all tings dem naaav a ounce a use fah smfh.

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