Subject: Three Jamaicans in Triple-slaying in Rochester, NY: Trial set to

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More than three years after the execution-style slayings of three men in a Greece apartment, the men accused of the killings are scheduled to face trial in U.S. District Court in Rochester.

Jury selection in the trial of Richard Emanuel Anderson, 49, Andrew Wright, 43, and Aston Johnson, 41, is scheduled to begin Monday in a trial expected to last two months or more. More than 100 prospective jurors have been summoned.

The sweeping investigation, led by the Greece Police Department, took investigators across the country. The three men — all of them Jamaicans living in the country illegally — were arrested in Arizona in March 2010 in a house with 229 pounds of marijuana.

The three are accused of killing Robert Moncriffe, 29, Christopher Green, 40, and Mark Wisdom, 38, on March 9, 2010 in what was then Holyoke Park Apartments. The accused have pleaded not guilty.

One victim was found shot in the head with his hands, ankles and mouth bound with duct tape. Another was shot in the back, neck and head. The third was shot in the shoulder and chest.

A separate firearm was used in each shooting, police reports show.


  1. Sh!t like this is why every year when dem have di greencard lottery, Jamaica is never included! Mi know seh other nationality commit crime too but you truly nuh hear ’bout it like when di Jamaican dem do it! Smh

    1. I understand exactly what you’re saying but the reason why Jamaica is left outta the lottery is because the legal immigrant numbers for Jamaica are above the cut off used for the lottery. The lottery is for countries that have sent less than a certain number of legal immigrants to the US over the past 5 years or something so.

      It’s sad though because I’m sure this kinda bad press makes it harder for innocent people to get visas. Jamaica is now among the few countries whose citizens have to take fingerprints to get a canadian visa..kmt and smdh.

  2. Execution style killings by anyone is certainly broadcasted due to the heinous nature.
    What idiots though to after the crime still stay together……neatly apprehended!

  3. All three people assassinated in that Apartment were also Jamaicans. They were killed for short-changing the Dealers/Killers from Arizona. What struck me as odd is the age of the killers.

  4. I was thinking the same thing the age of thrseen one of them is damn near 50 and running around killing people.. that game is a deadly one when u dealing with people tings and drugs u know ur life spand is not that long and that’s a for dure thing, that’s ehy u must live ur life to the fullest because u never know when ur last day is going to be, spend a lot of time sit ur kids and fily… Smdh

  5. Wow finally they found the killers….I knew of 2 of the men…they lived here in Boston

  6. I live in these parts and I know they are mostly like not getting nothing less than life if not the death penalty. At least they will have lots of time to reflect back on how making bad choices can affect and become live changing forever including the families and those whose lives were lost in the process. So sad.

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