Seven Caribbean nationals have been apprehended following two massive drug seizures by the United States Coast Guard in the region.

On Friday, the Coast Guard said it seized contraband – with an estimated value of US$33.9 million on two separate occasions.
In the aftermath of the seizure, the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Puerto Rico will be filing a criminal complaint against the suspected smugglers – three Jamaicans, one Antiguan and three from the Dominican Republic.

The seizures were both made late last month – the first was made off the coast of Venezuela when a suspicious go-fast vessel was detected.

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On interception 525 packages of marijuana, weighing just over two thousand pounds were seized.

The Jamaicans and Antiguan were held in this operation.

In the second case, another go-fast vessel was intercepted, this time off the coast o f San Juan.

The Coast Guard found 48 bales of cocaine and held the men from the Dominican Republic.

The seven detainees and contraband shipments were transported to San Juan, where they were transferred to US Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and Customs Enforcement-Homeland Security Investigations and the Drug Enforcement Administration for further processing and investigation.

On Sunday the Coast Guard offloaded the seizure – approximately 2,367 pounds of cocaine and 2,074 pounds of marijuana in the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

2 thoughts on “3 JAMAICANS IN 33M DRUG BUST

  1. Dominicans I know for sure love to hustle. Dem smart with it. They open up a Bodega, Barber shop, Beauty salon, restaurant, Supermarket, phone stores and taxi service with their money. They be having no papers and cant speak English.

    When they come up here the first thing they do is get barber licence, business licence, and they work hard till they make.

    Just to show you how the country prospering. They have their own hair products. Tourism is way better than Jamaica. (price wise)Plastic surgery eventhough it can be risky with the wrong doctor. They have a f**g IKEA in DR. IKEA? WTF is Jamaica doing wrong. Jamaica is way more popular than any other island.

  2. Talk lqnd watch people business like you but don’t make a move. you have many Jamaicans doing well focus on the positive

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