Met dis nasty dutty gal Lisa from Mobay ah talk one bag of trash pon her wall , she nah gon stop till somebody mash up her face , ah talk bout she come here wit her b****clot green card , live in har madda house wit her 4 pickney she a 44 which 44 year old live in her madda basement , have no shame

0 thoughts on “44 WITH NO CAUSE TO EXPLORE

  1. Mi no know why Sophia so hot fi Lisa. DI 2 a dem come from Dutty Mobay and it show ppl how dem live bad. She stop stress ova KC weh teck and breed fi har man now so she start war wid Lisa now. DI war neva have nothing fi do wid Soiphia ina di first place . Sophia You shoulda shame like dawg. You war wid KC during har whole pregnancy and never satisfied till di man doh even look pan him owna pickni. What kinda woma are you fi know seh you man breeed gal and you proud fi see him nah mind or look pan har pickni. Gerald is a fool and you muss a beat him wid ur draws why him ignore him owna child juss fi please you. I don’ t know how you sleep beside a man like that. Memeba seh di love no get stronger him only learn how fi cheat betta, you ah gwann like a di fuss him a cheat pon you. You are forever going to have headaches living with him because him need fi tell you bout him pickney dem weh you never find out bout. Sophia you are a problem child, cause Gerald and ur First bby fada who send fi him was fren and u hide and teck him till it almost cause death, Sophia go seek God and leave di ppl dem war alone.
    Lisa leave Sophia to har mate dem, DOh gi har no strip or recgognition. You no see she affi hide ina har house di way she love walk and fass wid ppl .

  2. Yes kc you sound hurt that is why unnu nuh fi love tek people man.. Why r u mad at sophia?? Why u never mad at ur baby fadda when him tell u seh him Neva want nuh kid from u ? Is not sophia fault mek di man Neva want you u need fi tek dat up with di man.. Low di people dem mi think seh u did happy with ur husband weh u affi a wuk hard fi tek care of… Worry about di younging weh nuh want u him only want him papers.. Kc always a stress over sophia and her baby fadda because di man Naah look pan har … Remember when u did keep big baby shower and di baby fadda never show up how u shame like dog di whole night we all was laughing at u.

  3. Veachy stop mixup KC name wid fi Sophia, the woman deh a wuk aww no memba u a rass but u still ave r name in u mouth, worry bout u tan bad self an stop worry bout the woman, she an r youngin a beat u bad dwl…..

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