This gal name Monique she love walk and f**k with people and criticize everybody and she never look good yet! Met mi wah u put har pon d wall mek d bloggers see how dah gal yah look like vomit


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  1. She has midget arms, not easy on the eyes and ar ankle dem ashy nuh bumbo… Hey mi Metty Metty, JMG fammy fam fam :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk

  2. Stinking monique a try be relevant inna dancehall she want be a dancehall hot gyal an stay bad no f**k know everybody bizniz chat bad an try put dung everybody das Y kamish no want u an u affi a run bakka him

  3. Pooor u unnu put up worse pic of me
    Stinking gyal me done know who put up this
    Me sorry fi unnu stay bad like. Nuh haffi run down weh mi already have. Suck unnu modda nasty bad mind eidiot long time me a go out unnu cyaa stop me

  4. Met is a pitiful gyal weh fuxk and suck out mi bf and still cyaa hold him. Dutty francine go bk a country u stay bad. U sick me . Why run down what u own. Love is love. Bless

  5. Franni101 Frann101 when man nuh waan woman a like when him nuh waan u put u out house laugh afta u aviod u . Bitch plz me nuh have time fi run down nobody 12 yrs goin strong. U sick me . Suck hood lick batty horse bitch. Me suppose criticise u dog sgit francine c graham. U rob everyone u cotch a ravinia u bruck u borrow clothes hair shoes and man… when u ready me finish u . Done beat u back inna day u jealous and desperate good pussy speaks. Fat I was skinny love is kive. Broke vitch

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