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With picture of bandaged leg on screen Piere Rodgers, lawyer for Kahira Jones asks;
R: What does metadata say about that picture?
L: It says the pic was taken on 16 Aug 2011 at 7’09pm.

R: But you do know that call records say that Chow and Lizard were in Portmore at **7’40pm** ?
L: I cannot speak to that

R: The investigating officer didn’t tell you what to look for?
L: They told me some things and we discussed the case.

R: Did you have words about the location of the burnt out house?
L: It was on tv sir. It was not in my remit to know location
R: didn’t u prepare the map sir?
L: I prepared it from the coordinates and printed the image from Google maps sir
R: Have you ever been accused of trying to mislead a jury sir?
L: No sir! …. Google produced the map sir.

**A map showing houses in Havendale Jamaica and roads was displayed on screen**
R: Do you agree with me that green arrow on the map bears no relation to burnt out house? I don’t know of that sir.

L: I have never been there sir. I don’t know where burn out house is.
R: I have no doubt of that sir

***Rogers asks for Detective Linton’s statement and Linton also asked to see a copy***

R: Time stamp associated with the messages are the same as in statement as on CD? *Linton turns to Judge and says ” entire epoch time not shown My Lord”

The magistrate has asked for recess.


  1. Rodgers, mi nuh want yuh fi win, but even mi fi tell yuh, yuh fi tap mek di police look fool and draw fi any jugular weh yuh have!
    Met, I feel seh is kartel tell di lawyer weh fi duh. Yuh nuh see kartel like fi use “details” and insignificancy fi confuse who dem wan fi confuse? Mi feel seh dem dun know areddy, fi dem goose cook. This running around is just fi “fans”. Cah ongle dem cyan use useless details and dem amorality fi justify why Kartel and him goons fi leff courthouse, free.
    Most a dem just bawl out “Teacha fi free” inna dem most corrosive, gargamelick tones, as if dat alone why him muss “free’. Most a dem can’t come wid no clear, non fanatic reasons . Ongle mi alone recognise the pattern? Or mi juss going insane wid anticipation?

  2. at the end a di day him ago walk free bcaz di system sheg up…i still wanna know Met, if the data and text is yet proven by the providers to be factual..caaz if that is done how and why are they questioning the integrity of the data to the police?

    1. it was already proven when di digicel man did come testify so mi really nuh understand why dem a head here…das y dem a try se a di police tamper with the phone but they would have to prove intent before the case and they have not

  3. If any a oonoh a read dis, google maps update their map photos every 4-6 months so the idiot (piere Rodgers) a talk bout is total garbage bout no burnt house was seen..

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