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  1. Metty, what the arrow pointing tuh? @ Love, isn’t that Rico wife and kids? You left out the likkle boy…or is he just some random kid who walked ova to the table being nosey?? Just asking (idk who they are)…

  2. Being as he was smoking a spliff, maybe he was the only one wid matches/lighter to light the candles……

      1. Yawdy, I didn’t know what that was lol… So the man ah smoke im spliff right inna the pickney dem face? Smfh…

  3. OMG that’s funny cause I seen it a couple of weeks ago and was like the WTF ! If scroll thru pics you can see the body language of the daughter look like she didn’t even want her father to touch her

  4. Ratchet behavior. Him think he much cooler than he is and did that on purpose. What an example for the kids. Smh

    1. I doubt if he did it on purpose. Some man smoke so much it’s just normal to dem fi smoke anyplace, anytime.

      1. It takes work to keep something hanging in your mouth – especially when you’re leaning down. Plus no one send anything to him while professional pix were being taken? It was done to look cool- to show him Neva let his ‘cool’ done despite how inappropriate.

    1. If you a burn ganja till you lose all sense a comportment den u nuffi a bun nutten. Low-lives nuh hab no sense a how when and where. Nutten nuh sacred no more,and dose young children should not be inhaling that.

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