Hmid pinky mawin!!!! Me hear one Platie friend a class her wit some other girls First of all Platie I did think u retire and sekkle dung she a 40 add and nah stop walk and f**k dung the place wid ppl man and gyal Weh she think have money and she don’t have a thing to show more than some picture with bag a filter she just want si u a drive a nice car an give r pocket change u get r still frighten when the friend dem Weh she a follow dem weh life sort out and she still live inna basement then she gwan like she better than ppl she willing fi leave di pickney any where So she can duh road until the baby father find out seh she a hide a f**k a young boy di baby father talk up a bag a things pon some voice note Wey some other friends have but she seh she have the baby father lock him cya leave one piece a clown she always seh him no ramp fi fuck pon r So a revenge time she seh him nah go no where at all girl u life sad no bbc everyday u deh pon the gram under ppl post u need a job a farrin the side man tell r delete every picture with di baby father and stop post him wid you hunch back likkle yamabella…


  1. Sender you annoying. Use a full stop nuh. Also, are di pickney dem in your care cause it a pressure you. See how me use full stop so you nuh confused?

  2. Stop talk about the fighting girl she lives here in Canada has a damn job and does not live in a basement and fuck nobody man. She loves her kids mind your business and she brings here little daughter Ming everywhere FUCK OFF

    1. She’s a dead beat!! If you can’t care for all as in have all your children are with you in Canada then you’re a loser!! She’s a loser!!!!!!!!!

    2. That’s not nice of anyone to pass judgment on others. He without sin cast the first stone, but I don’t think nobody can do that huh. Anyway what may look down just may be the bigger and better your to small minded to see huh but just saying.

  3. She’s very pretty, I came across her pg she’s seems very down to earth. Leave her alone and let her live her life it’s her front.

    1. What’s her page I’ve heard about her in years. Sender is just jealous that Platie move on and still pretty like wow

      1. Fool how you know she is not setting up herself in Canada then she will apply for her children. Is there not a pandemic now? She has beautiful children and takes care of all of them I can tell by her post leave her alone Big up God!!!

  4. The person that send this in hurt bad, so what if the girl use to tek like dog, when last you check your file, but you a dig up people own. I am sure you see say the girl change the hoe life and move on, I am sure you see say the baller boy want her else him wouldn’t help her to migrate, some of you need to get saved and stop bring down women. Badmine is active

  5. Sender her life not hers, Uno focus on being a better human being to Uno ownself and stop watch people life. Sender you are a sick person, go look a work or volunteer.

  6. Sender go have several seats and leave mi fren alone. Is your front she a use fi fck? Unuh love chat n watch people weh a live 10xs better Dan Unuh too much!!! Y’all crab Ina barrels make me sick!! U think u coming on here with ur bag a made up fuckery a go stop Platie from continuing to live her life?? When will y’all get it? We don’t caaaare. Y’all can talk all y’all want we still living hoes! Kmt

  7. Plati this is coming from inside your camp. Check your friends, watch who you hang out with, it’s one of them who sent in this post. That friend hate you so much. Just hold the faith Plati

  8. This girl is a bum!!! Who leaves all their oldest children and only take the man their with child to foreign??? I don’t care what nobody says she’s a worthless piece ah shit!!!! Man clown on 10000

    1. Worthless bad yuh lef whole a 3 young juveniles and teen daughter to shackle up with yuh last child father.
      I could never leave my kids you got to be crazy, but from she live a Jamaica she worthless nothin new.

    2. Maybe she don’t have papers to sponsor them or send for them. I’m thinking the baby father sponsor his child and she came up on a visiting visa and never went back. I think if she has papers she would go back to jamaica to visit even if its just to hype. I always wonder how she leave her kids down there and dont go back to visit or send for them especially her daughter who is now a teenager.

    3. God fi kill you , people like you are not worth living. I dont normally call down death on people, but you, GOD fi more than kill you. People who are bitter and evil and badmind like you fi dead. you are beyond evil, you are what is wrong with jamaica society, i bet my life you are a damm low life scumbag without 1 subject. u see people like you uno worse than a thief. Imagine look hwo you a behave towards a lady who it is her life, the lady nah live your life and you so bitter. God i pray you turn over this sender and kill her, she nuh fi live to be a ticks in people life. people like you work the most obeyah, bad mind people. you are a walking grave.

    4. That’s not nice of anyone to pass judgment on others. He without sin cast the first stone, but I don’t think nobody can do that huh. Anyway what may look down just may be the bigger and better your to small minded to see huh but just saying.

  9. If she not working and the babyfather alone a work how she tek care of the rest a children in Jamaica? Also from the looks of it she maybe affi sex on the baby father because he ain’t got shit. See Poochie married and a run business with her husband over America. Platinum yuh Life sad.


    1. Low mi stayyy good friend she nah trouble a soul and har kids arrite betta dan nuff a unnu weh no ave dry shit! Fuck rite off badmind pussyole unnu!

  11. Lmao lmao what about ugly ass Marsha blow fish doll I hate that bitch u see ! She can’t even chat good u ever hear the bitch in her video’s dunce bitch u never see her sitting down and reading to her kids dem yet ! All she know how to do is shake that don’t look good heavy ass in dancehall mi hear seh she recently rent a house and finally move out metro housin worthless set a bitch ! Who a fuck Marsha? I hear a tall p from bokkle pon bokkle

  12. Lawd god I thought she turn big Christian????her n mya…what mi nah understand is how dem seh dem ah christian but still ah listen to dem dancehall and ah sing out here the dancehall songs…now all of sudden short boss turn Christian but yuh weren’t no Christian wen yuh deh with short boss lmao weren’t you same one inna dance y’all are some mother f*****ers looking for love lmao the one bowleg Kim did deh with one white mon den married one next mon but look like it wasnt going good..dem make it work n she bring the man n him son..all the education she have she nah have nun bout mon…the three ooo the other two.ah talk n ah show off ring…dem love post so let’s see how it last lmao mi wan see wedding…short boss gwan collect uh two boi dem.the man deh way to.close yuh da yout

  13. Hillary poor Hillary..lmao . You’re such a sorry big woman who love attention so bad. Jeff naw gi yuh enough lady? Everyday ah di same shit wid yuh. Its not cute beca you look like a hurting woman. You are starting to act like a child. Grow up Hillary its cringing to watch.!! Is showing ur pussy eveury chance you get is ur only asset??!! Ya play yuhself and u look like a little girl craving for attention

    1. Ya mi hear few ppl a talk seh she goh true midlife crises lol . . She very childish doe. Jeff naw gi har enough attention

  14. Please people get wit it~Jeff live with his wife an 2 Pickney~jeff married de ladi N bring her back from yaad 2 Canada ~~Hilary ave a young boy in dancehall now an Jeff know an don’t care..Hilary you secret soon get expose~ Who N Hilary constantly in war ?~R Hilary just a miserable old hog ?~ Hilary move out of de government housing yet ?~ Hilary front bring a [email protected] boy on earth~cya be good ~ de likkle boy betta know wat he doin

  15. Mickey mention get marry to Trevor in Paris now Mickey getting USA paper an Trevor getting Canada paper Congratulation on your wedding Mickey you can come out the closest now

  16. come here torontonions dis need crowd Pete hype otherwise known has marc decor get sentence to 8 years in prison for importing drugs from Jamaica in curry pack an tell de judge he boy friend set him up he currently serving time in prison now jackie upsetter who obeah di African lady husband handniff to stay with her is keeping dance while pete in prison an say he do not approve using him dance name jackie boy get gun charge on he an police catch he jackie son shoot he self an go prison Jackie sleep with so man in dancehall jackie known obeah work a Jackie burns obeah candles people Jackie keeping dance an pete in prison for long time

  17. What will you guys talk about when Lady Hilly retires from being the top dancehall promoter? She’s grooming her nephew the short beard man to take over. He’s already greeting people in the front of the dance and trying to make little slangs happen… I guess you will have to find stuff on him . Bet you it will be that he eats crotches and gives that big woman he’s with bun with all the young girls….
    Big up yourself Hilly!

  18. What is a old dinosaur like Nikki Hype doing in Triston Fivestar video lol so embarrassing for you kids them to see you carrying on like that!! big old long time slip like you need to find your age paper. You is not a video Vixen you Issa long dancehall mattress.

  19. Where iz town mon and tall P ??

    They’ll run while their friend got shot up (Canadian) now their silence bottles Pon bottles a still keep ? Sleep in peace Canadian

  20. Who died the other night at gateway? Me hear say 2 man dead. Sumady confirm. Hope ano ova woman.

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