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    1. but dis irrelevant man has been so blahhh but em n em sista wid di faaaamus scawff mek di wall dis week :maho i doah noe rastah a wah gwaan roun ere

  1. Isn’t Black Ink that ghetto tv shown, with the ppl from harlem, if that’s what she talking about the I totally agree.

  2. but DEE .u know say u wrong who ugly like u :hoax2 ohhh god u are hard to look at :cd u face tuff like me grandfather donkey

  3. The show alrite..dem nah rob dem nah thief dem a mek a living doing what dem love. Me nuh see a ting wrong with the show

  4. Broad face Dee yuh want a lick a nuh all a dem ugly. Can you make people now? Pot a cuss kekkle, yuh look like man suh quit while you are ahead..KMFT!!!!

  5. unno c wen ppl a identify dem kind low dem nd b-lev dem…dee pardon dem yuh knw yuh peeps nd a chowe out warnings thanks babes :peluk

  6. Met yuh know yuh bad??? That greater than, lesser than sign a kill mi, wah mek yuh do it????????????????? Floor mi deh, a cah get up….lmao!!!! Woooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee!!!

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